How to draw a dog in stages?

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How to draw a dog in stages?

If you need to draw a dog, but you have never done this before, do not despair! We hope that our article will help any novice artist to cope with this difficult task. We will detail, not only tell, but show you how to draw a dog in stages using the example of an African wild dog - a typical member of the canine family, at the same time similar to a wolf and to our large outbred mongrels. Its only difference from them is the unusual motley color of the fur, transferring it to paper, you will understand how to properly depict spots on the skin of an animal. Prepare a piece of paper, a nice soft pencil and start drawing!

Drawing process

  • Step 1. Draw two ellipses, one large for the top of the hind limbs and one smaller for the head. Do not forget to give them the necessary inclination, so that our future dog would look down, bending its front paws. Connect the ellipses with a curved line below, outlining the neck, chest and groin of the animal, and almost a straight line from above, marking the contour of the back with a slight bend at the withers.
  • Step 2.Draw the upper and lower jaws, throws the location of the hind legs.
  • Step 3. We continue to work with the details: finish the hind limbs, working through the tips of the paws, draw the contours of the ears and tail, controlling their correct position relative to other parts of the body, and proceed to the front paws. To give the figure of the dog dynamism and vitality over them you need to work hard. Try to give the required angle of flexion to the elbow joints so that the dog looks crouched on its front paws.
  • Step 4. We remove the auxiliary lines and start working on the details. We draw the cheekbone, eyes, ears, outline of the tail, tendons of the paws.
  • Step 5. Go to drawing wool. We outline the contours of color spots on the dog's skin and work with them.
  • Step 6. After all the color accents are placed, we begin to work with the texture of fur - the dog should look fluffy. We draw a long and dense fur under the chin and on the neck of the animal. For this, it is best to use a very soft pencil that makes rich, saturated lines. Short, staccato strokes, applied perpendicular to the skin, would best convey the thickness of the fur in this place.
  • Step 7.Especially not zealous, shade face.
  • Step 8. Similarly, add hairs behind the ears, on the chest and belly.
  • Step 9. We put the shadows on the inner surface of the hind paw and proceed to the design of the tail, as shown in the figure.
  • Step 10. At this stage, our lesson is how to draw a dog step by step with a pencil smoothly coming to an end. Work with the tail, highlighting its white tip and adding fluffiness. Draw small parts of paws, mark the claws. Turn on the imagination and try to realistic depict what your dog eats.
  • Step 11. Carefully look at the picture, eliminate minor defects, add shading where necessary.
  • Step 12. Draw a dog shadow.
  • Step 13. Under the paws of the dog for greater realism, we depict grass.

All! The dog is ready.

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