How to cut the corner of the plinth?

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How to cut the corner of the plinth?

The final stage of repair work is the installation of floor and ceiling plinths. From our article you will learn how to cut a corner of the plinth.

How to make a corner

The simplest option is to purchase special decorative corners in a specialized shop, which are mounted in the inside or outside corners of the room, and the plinth itself is inserted inside.

The second way is to trim the edges of the plinth at an angle. You can trim the corners with the help of a special tool - the miter box, although you can do without it.

Use of the vessel

For cutting corners often used carpentry device, called mash. This device will help cut the baseboard at the required angle.

The design of the device is a tray made of wood, plastic or iron with holes in the walls intended for a hacksaw. With this carpentry fixture, you can cut the baseboard at 90, 60 and 45 degrees.

Cutting technology

  • Install the plinth in the device tray in a horizontal position at the desired angle;
  • With one hand, hold the workpiece, and the other with a sharp knife or a hacksaw, cut off the end of the plinth.

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Cutting the corner with markup

Usually, the help of the vessel is resorted to, if the baseboard is mounted in a room with flat walls and corners. However, often the corners have irregularities.

In this case, you need to resort to the markup method.

  • Cut off the ends of baseboards under 90 degrees;
  • Attach the plinth to the corner and mark the junction to the wall;
  • Then attach the second plinth adjacent to the corner on the other side and make a similar note;
  • Mark the point of intersection of the two canvases;
  • Mark the point of intersection on the baseboards;
  • Draw a line through the point at the end of the plinth and make a cut: the more accurate the markup, the more inconspicuous the junction will be.

Cutting a corner with a drawing

  • Draw two parallel straight lines at a distance of 85 millimeters from each other;
  • Using the protractor, draw two diagonals to get the desired angle;
  • Align the end of the baseboard along the corner line and trim.

Cardboard blank

Another way to trim the corner of the plinth is a blank of cardboard or heavy paper.

  • Make a paper stencil that repeats the outline of the inner or outer corner of the wall;
  • Put the end of the plinth into the prepared blank and cut.

Cut rounded corners

  • Cut a part of the plinth into several small pieces;
  • The length of each part should be approximately equal to 3-5 centimeters: the smaller the piece, the smoother the angle;
  • Glue the cooked baseboard pieces into a rounded corner.

Types of plinths and their features

  1. Plinth from polyurethane foam. Very often, such a plinth has patterns that allows you to choose the canvas to any design of the room. The advantage of the material is low cost, but the quality is short-lived.
  2. Aluminum baseboard. It has a fairly convenient mounting system. It is the most practical material, but does not differ in the variety of shapes and colors. Does not give in to corrosion and fading.
  3. Plinth from metal. On properties it is similar to an aluminum plinth.
  4. Plinth made of wood. Such a plinth has a low cost and gives the room a special comfort, but the material does not tolerate moisture.
  5. Plinth from fiberboard.This type of plinth is cheap and has different colors. It does not require much effort during installation.
  6. Plinth made of polyvinyl chloride. Resistant to moisture, has a wide color palette.

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