How to cut glass?

The reasons that lead to the need to self-insert glass are different for everyone. It can be stitching children and bad weather. But, when, nevertheless, the glass is broken, it must be replaced.

Glazing of large surfaces, such as loggias or balconies, glass in doors or roof windows, should be done by professionals. First, it is related to the size of such glass surfaces. They are big, and you need to know how to cut the glass and use force so that they do not burst. And in the case when you need to replace damaged glass of a small size, for example window glass, then you will be able to carry out all the work yourself.

Glass cutting rules

Consider how to cut the glass properly. Since few people are engaged in professional glass cutting at home, you can only have a glass cutter from specialized equipment and tools. This is a fairly portable and convenient tool, but even here you should know how to cut glass with a glass cutter. It must be remembered that for cutting ordinary glass a diamond glass cutter is better suited. And for corrugated - roller.

  • Before starting work, the glass should be washed with water and wiped with a soft cloth until it is completely dry. After you need to place the glass on a completely flat surface. It can be any suitable for the size of the table, previously covered with a cloth so that the glass does not slide.
  • First you need to measure the window opening and move the measurements on the glass. This is best done with a marker, it is quite easily washed off and the tags are clearly visible.
  • It is worth remembering that the ideal frame can be even when they are new. If your window frames have been standing on the windows for some time, then they already have a certain bevel, so you should measure the glass 5 mm smaller than the size of the frame. So it will be easier to insert and there will be no need to cut off the excess at the edges. This is difficult, because the glass cutter does not cut too narrow strip of glass.
  • Glass is cut only under the ruler. In order for the cut to turn out to be even, the ruler must be of sufficient width and must be firmly fixed on the glass surface. You can pre-buy a special ruler, which has a number of rubber inserts that fix it. Or make one yourself, gluing parts of rubber to the edges of the ruler.
  • Before you cut the glass, you need to properly position the ruler. It should not be located exactly on the marks, but taking into account the protrusion of the glass cutter and its width.
  • You need to know that if you are going to work with frosted or patterned glass, then it is cut from the smooth back side.
  • If you have unnecessary small pieces of glass, you first need to practice on them, because to handle the glass cutter need some skill.

Technique work glass cutter

  • The secret of how to cut glass with a glass cutter is to position the glass cutter correctly. From the far edge of the glass, the glass cutter lead along the ruler along the marks towards itself.
  • The tool should be in a nearly vertical position, just as a pencil is usually held. The diamond cutter should be directed toward the ruler.
  • The main thing that the glass does not burst, all movements must be performed without pressure. No need to put pressure on the glass cutter itself, or on the ruler with your hand.
  • When you already bring the cutting line to the edge of the glass, then for 3-5 mm it is better to weaken the pressing force even more so that the glass does not break off along the edge.
  • After you draw the line, make sure that it is thin and colorless.If it has a certain thickness and a pale white color, this means that the position of the glass cutter was incorrect, and the pressing force was large.
  • After the line has already been drawn, in no case, even with an unsatisfactory result, do not run a glass cutter along the same line again.
  • If the need for re-cutting is, then a new line is carried out in 1 mm from the first line.
  • When the line is finally finished and has the desired size and color, the glass must be broken.
  • This is done on the edge of the table. On the back of the cut line, tap the glass cutter head to dislodge the glass at the beginning and end of the cut. This is done until the appearance of a light crack. After, you need to break the glass on the corner of the table very carefully, applying force only to the cut points, otherwise the glass may crack.

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