How to cut a bow?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 22, 2013
How to cut a bow?

Every housewife from time to time prepares food, in which the onion is an indispensable ingredient, and is faced with the problem of cutting it correctly. So let's discuss how to cut onions for different dishes. When you cook soup, make a salad or something to fry, onions are almost always an indispensable ingredient, as it gives an additional taste and smell.

On the question of how to cut onions correctly, I will answer immediately: there are no clear instructions on this matter, since there are no specific standards for cutting this vegetable. But there are some options:

  • Usually for salads, onions are shredded with thin half-rings, they almost always do the same if they want to fry it with something (with potatoes or meat).
  • When they want to cook, for example, potatoes with meat (stew), they try to cut onions into rectangles, and chop onions for soups.

Professional chefs insist that if you want to get the desired result, you need to learn how to properly hold the knife. What is meant? You should be as comfortable as possible so that you can get smooth movements.

Also, before proceeding with the chopping of onions, it is proposed to once again “run through” the composition of the proposed dish and make sure that the onion is necessary. And when all the conventions are reviewed and resolved by you, you can proceed to the shredder itself.

Do not forget that from the bow, many people begin to "cry." To avoid this effect, experts and many housewives recommend putting the peeled onions in the fridge for a while or, at the very cutting, periodically lower them or the knife into cold water. These manipulations will reduce the risk of eye plucking.

Bon Appetit!

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