How to cure a fungus on the legs?

Fungal lesions of the legs (mycoses) are of different types, but in all cases a person deals with an extremely unpleasant both in symptoms and in the external manifestation of the disease. Modern methods of treatment can most effectively deal with this problem. In addition, many patients readily use various means of traditional medicine, which, although not curable, at least alleviate the course of the disease.

Treatment of nail and foot fungus: remedies


In pharmacies, you can find a large number of antifungal agents. Some of them fight simultaneously with several varieties of bacteria, others with a single species. As for the form of release, it can be tablets and capsules, sprays and ointments, solutions. All drugs have a sufficiently strong effect, and therefore it is necessary to apply (especially means for internal use) only with the permission of the doctor, especially since only he can accurately determine the type of fungus in each specific case.

Here are some of these medications:

  • "Itraconazole" ("Sporanox", "Irunin", etc.). It has a wide spectrum of action, and therefore will be used both for the treatment of the fungus of the feet, and for the treatment of, for example, depriving. Available in capsules and solution for oral administration.
  • "Clotrimazole" ("Klomezol", "Fungizid", etc.). Also effective against various types of fungi. It is applied only locally. Available in the form of ointments and creams (most popular), as well as lotion and aerosol, solution for external use.
  • "Lamisil" ("Terbinafin", "Termikon", etc.). It copes well with trichophyton, epidermofiton, Candida fungi. Available in tablets, as well as in a solution for external use, ointments, sprays.
  • Fluconazole (Mikomax, Diflucan, etc.). Highly active against Candida fungi. When treating mycosis, the effect appears after about 6 weeks of taking the drug. Available in the form of tablets, capsules, solution for infusion, syrup.
  • "Exoderil" ("Naftifina Hydrochloride", etc.). Available in the form of cream and solution for external use. Kills fungi that provoke mycosis of the feet, acts as a bactericidal, in the place of application, anti-inflammatory effect.

To cure the fungus on the legs, many doctors strongly recommend the integrated use of medicines for external and internal use. This is in many ways the right approach, since any disease must be treated from the inside, at the root of its appearance.

In addition to the means described, specialists can prescribe vitamins to the patient (for general strengthening of the body, enhancing its protective function), as well as antibiotics (if fungal formations are present against the background of the action of infection). If an allergic reaction has occurred, then anti-allergic drugs are prescribed accordingly. In severe cases, surgical intervention may be indicated.


  • Baths with salt and soda. Pour into the basin the right amount of warm water, dissolve in it 1 tbsp. a spoonful of salt and soda. Lower the foot, hold for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
  • Herbal decoction. Mix in equal proportions dried oak bark, blackberries, calendula inflorescences, medicinal vervain. Take 3 tbsp. l mixture, pour it with 1 glass of water and put on fire for 15-20 minutes. The broth is allowed to cool slightly, strain. Make lotions on fungus affected skin and nails.
  • Baths with wine vinegar (better - at night). In 2 liters of warm water, dilute 1 cup of vinegar. Hold your feet for about 6-10 minutes, then wash well, put on socks and go to bed. In some books on traditional medicine it is written that socks themselves must be moistened in vinegar. But here you have to decide. Do the procedure daily for at least 3 weeks.

Mycosis Prevention

  • Do not go barefoot in public places, starting from the sauna and swimming pool and ending with the beach (fungi can withstand temperatures from -60 degrees to +100). As an option, wear special rubber slippers for swimming - they come in different models.
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene, even within the family. Every household (and even more so a person suffering from fungal diseases) should have their own slippers, towel, manicure set, washcloth, foot grater, etc.
  • If you are sick with mycosis of the feet, do not walk around the apartment barefoot (flaky skin flakes remaining when walking, on the floor is the simplest source of the fungus), wash the bathroom with antifungal and bactericidal agents thoroughly, the inside surface of the shoe (you can use at least "Gibitan" (or analogues), 25% formaldehyde, 40% acetic acid, etc.
  • Change often, wash your socks more intensively.
  • Remember that provocateurs of fungal diseases are reduced immunity, stress, infectious and endocrine diseases, increased sweating of the legs, and therefore be sure to monitor your health.

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