A runny nose poisons the joy of life - the food becomes tasteless and odorless, the head is heavy and constrained, sleep is poor and intermittent. I want to quickly throw off this nasty state. In the opinion of the majority, this is an unserious disease that can be eliminated without even making any effort - a runny nose will just go away by itself. If you have a great immunity - this is true. But the rest is still worth taking the ailment more seriously in order to avoid chronic manifestations or the occurrence of antritis.

What is a runny nose?

A runny nose is an inflammatory process of the nasal mucosa. Most often it appears on the background of ARVI, ORZ. If a runny nose has arisen from the common cold - it is called rhinitis (from the Greek. "Rhinos" - nose, "itis" - inflammation). There is also an allergic type of the disease, but all types of the common cold are united by the same manifestation - inflammation of the nasal mucosa. It increases in volume and edema occurs - we feel stuffy, making it difficult to breathe.Many people think that nasal congestion is caused by a congestion of mucus, but this is not true - the nasal passages are closed by swollen mucous tissue.
Symptoms of rhinitisSymptoms of rhinitis
What causes sputum? This is the reaction of the epithelium and blood vessels to inflammation - a kind of protection against germs or allergens that the body is trying to remove with the help of mucus. Help yourself in this neat blowing.

How to wash your nose?

Reduce the swelling, as well as the number of germs and mucus, to relieve the symptoms of a runny nose rinse well helps. For this use salt water. If there is sea salt - great, but in the absence of a kitchen salt with the addition of a drop of iodine. To prepare the mixture dissolve 1-2 tsp. salt in a glass of boiled warm water and strain the solution.
Then lean over the tub or sink and clamp one nostril. Turn the head of the open nostril to the top and slowly pour fluid into it. It should pour through the mouth. You can flush the nose without closing the second nostril. In this case, the fluid poured through one nostril, should be poured through the other. Leave half of the solution for the second nostril, having done the same for it.
In pharmacies, special teapots with a spout are sold for this purpose, making washing quite convenient. You can use the syringe. At first, you may be experiencing the discomfort of tingling, but you can quickly get used to them. Rinse the nose 2-3 times a day until complete recovery.

How to cure a cold in one day

Flushing the nose to quickly get rid of a cold - the most effective means. The use of natural mineral non-carbonated water has proven itself very well. If you do the washing with mineral water quite often, - once every half hour, starting with the first signs of a cold, it is quite possible to get up the next morning almost healthy. Be sure to keep your feet warm, and it would be nice to warm the nasal sinuses - for this use hot boiled eggs, attached on both sides of the nose.
Runny nose prevents enjoy lifeRunny nose prevents enjoy life
Very quickly help to overcome the cold onions. It is important not to miss the first symptoms in which I will beat a compress for 15 to 20 minutes from finely grated fresh onions. Vegetable phytoncides will kill all germs, and the runny nose will not develop any further.It is also useful to drink a glass of warm water with five drops of iodine.
After quickly getting rid of a cold, save yourself from hypothermia and drafts for a few more days. This will help fix the results so that the disease does not return. Our editors at uznayvse.ru wish you good health and a quick victory over the bothering cold.

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