How to create a local network

Availability in the office of the local network has long beenone of the most important tasks for all organizations that use computers in their activities. In addition, the number of computers has increased in many households. That is why a very important question may arise: how to create a local network? To begin with, you can consider what you might need for this.

A prerequisite is availability of networkcards from all computers. Now they are built into most models, and for their proper operation it is enough to install the appropriate drivers. If you have a problem with the network card, then you can buy a new one. In addition to the network card, you need a certain set of components.

If you are interested in the question of how to create a localnetwork, then you should be aware of the need for a network hub. This device is intended for switching between all network devices. Sometimes it is called a switch or a hub. There are also such devices that combine the functions of several immediately, for example, ADSL modems are equipped with several network connectors. If you buy such a modem, then the need for a separate hub will disappear. When choosing a switch, it is necessary to focus on the number of computers that should be on the public network. If you plan to use more than four computers, you will need a separate network hub to create a connection over the local network. A network hub must have a larger number of ports than the computers currently connected, since the local network can gradually grow.

If you continue to talk about how to create a localnetwork, it is worth mentioning the need for connecting cables. On a local network, each device must be connected with separate network cables to the hub. It is not allowed that the length of the cable exceeds one hundred meters, but this is quite enough for most offices and apartments. There are two types of cables: crossover and straight. Crossover is applicable for connecting computers to each other, but direct to connect to a hub. If your local network is created with a hub, then you must use only a straight cable. You need to imagine where the hub will be placed, then measure the distance from it to the computers. It is better to take the network cables with a margin, in order to be able to move the computer if necessary.

Now that all the components you need arethere is a question, how to create a local network, becomes almost open. All computers must be connected to the hub, and it must be connected to the electrical network. On the hub, when the computer is connected, the indicator corresponding to the connection port lights up, indicating the operating status. If the light does not light, you need to use a different cable.

Now it's time to configure the networkparameters on each of the computers. Set up network cards to receive addresses should be done manually. Each computer needs to assign network addresses so that their start is 192.168.2.x, and in place x put each computer a new number. Now all the machines need to assign a working group. It should be the same at all. Machine names must be chosen different. After such manipulations, you must restart the computers. Now you can go into the network environment, click "Show workgroup computers" there. In the event that in the early stages you have done everything right, there should be no problems.

There are modern applications that alloworganize the creation of a local network via the Internet, that is, two computers will be removed a considerable distance, but will perceive each other as in a normal home group. For example, Hamachi.

That's all, as for how to create a local network.

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