How to connect WiFi router Asus?

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How to connect WiFi router Asus?

Nowadays, many people install a router with wireless Internet in their homes. Usually a wizard comes in for the installation, which does all the work of drawing the necessary wires, connecting the router and setting it up. However, it so happens that installing and configuring a router is a paid service and the landlord is not ready to pay extra money for it. In this case, he wants to connect a Wi-Fi router on his own, but often does not know how.

Let's consider together how to connect and configure the Asus Wi-Fi router on your own.

How to connect Asus router

All routers today are made basically according to one standard. Therefore, to connect the router is not difficult. For this you need:

  1. Connect the wire from the provider to the WAN port to the router. It is only necessary to hold the wire from the front door to the router.
  2. Then we connect the wire from the LAN port of the router to the computer so that the router can be configured later.
  3. We connect the router to the mains.

Other computers, laptops, printers and any equipment that can work with the router can be connected to the remaining LAN ports.After turning on the router, a wireless network will appear, but you still need to configure the router.

How to set up an Asus router correctly

Having connected the router to the computer through the wire, we begin the setup of the router. However, if the computer does not see the connected router, you must first install the necessary drivers, which can be found on the disk to the router or downloaded from the Internet drivers for the network card.

After that we start the setup:

  1. Open any browser and enter "" in the address bar. The router configuration menu will open.
  2. In the window, enter the username and password to get into the menu of the router. You can see the login and password in the documentation for the router or on the back cover on the router itself. Usually login and password is the word "admin". If after entering the correct login and password nothing happens, then you can reset all the settings of the router to the factory settings. To do this, hold down the reset button on the router for ten seconds.
  3. In the menu of the router will be several sections. In the provider data section, you must enter all the data that the provider provided for the connection. You can find them in the documentation, on the website of the provider or clarify by calling the provider.However, usually the settings are determined by the router automatically and there is no such need.
  4. In the section with wireless network settings, you need to set a new network name and a new password that only you will know. This is done so that the neighbors cannot use your Internet.
  5. You can also change the login and password to access the settings of the router itself in the settings of the router.
  6. Save the new values ​​and reboot the router.

Now Asus router can be used.

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