How to connect a laptop to the Internet?

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How to connect a laptop to the Internet?

Today, any computer - an integral part of our lives. It is both a means of entertainment and a tool for work and study. Of course, one of the most important elements of a computer is the presence of the Internet in it.

Let's look at the main ways to connect a laptop to the Internet.

Ways to connect a laptop to the Internet

Today there are several ways to connect your device to the Internet:

  1. USB modem.
  2. Wired Ethernet network.
  3. Wi-Fi.
  4. Through the telephone line.

How to connect a laptop to the Internet via USB-modem

First of all, it is worth noting that this is a fairly common technology. You can purchase such a modem in the stores of mobile network providers.

Such a modem can be taken all the time with you, since it is slightly larger than a flash drive in size. Thus, the Internet will be with you anywhere.

The modem works on 3G technology. The speed of the Internet also depends on the provider, but it is much lower than, for example, the speed of data transmission via Wi-Fi.Special drivers, installation disks and programs will not be needed, the 3G modem has everything you need.

To connect to the 3G Internet:

  1. plug the modem into any free port on your laptop;
  2. wait until the computer searches for and connects new devices;
  3. auto start window opens to perform the required action. If the window does not open, go to the “My Computer” folder and double-click on the icon of the new device (modem);
  4. perform the installation of auxiliary programs - this will help the installation wizard, which will start when you open the modem installation file;
  5. after installation, an icon will appear on the desktop, launch the program;
  6. Click the "Connect" button;
  7. can use the Internet.

How to connect a laptop to a wired network

About this connection, we can say that it is the most inconvenient, but the fastest. The inconvenience is that you are tied to one place. Therefore, for such a portable device as a laptop, this is not the most current way. But if you do not need to go with a laptop from home or from work, then such a connection is fine.

The speed of the Internet in this case will depend on the provider and the package of services that it provides you.

To connect the Internet we connect the cable to the laptop. The input for such a cable is indicated by the icon of three computers connected by one line. Further, the situation can develop in three directions:

  • You can immediately use the Internet without additional operations;
  • it may be necessary to register the IP address, DNS server and other settings for your computer;
  • You may need to create a separate VPN network connection and enter the data that your provider offers (login, password, and others). To do this, go on the path: "Start-Control Panel-Network and Sharing Center-Configure a new connection or network-Connect to the Internet." Next, enter all the data that the PC requests.

How to connect a laptop via Wi-Fi

This type of Internet connection is considered to be the most convenient, fast and comfortable. The disadvantages can, again, include attachment to the place. But in this case, you can move in a certain area (depending on the area of ​​the router) and not be "on the wire."

For such a connection will need a wi-fi-router and a laptop. The connection procedure is as follows:

  1. When you are within Wi-Fi coverage, make sure your wireless network module (in the laptop) is connected. To do this, go to the network management center and check if it is turned on. You can also turn it on using the Fn + F3 key combination. You can not worry about the presence of this module in a laptop - all modern laptops have a built-in wireless network module. Also check that the Wi-Fi router is turned on.
  2. Next, making sure that everything is connected, we search for available connections.
  3. In the tray (in the lower right corner) you will find the monitor icon or communication bars (as in a mobile phone). We click on the icon and see all the connections available for your laptop.
  4. Connect to the router - we find our router in the list of connections and enter the password from it.
  5. Click the "Connect" button.

Internet connection via telephone line

This is a very old way to connect to the Internet, and its speed is very, very low, but you can also use it. To do this, the laptop must have a built-in modem. And the quality of the connection depends on your telephone company (service provider).

Also another important disadvantage is that the phone in the mode of using the Internet will be busy. You will need a wire to connect to a telephone jack. Everything will be connected in the same way as with a standard connection using a modem, only here it is built into the computer, and the connection will be made directly via the computer-to-phone system.

To connect you need to go along the path: Network Control Center - Set up a new connection - Set up a telephone connection - Create a dial-up connection. We fill in all the necessary data and perform the connection.

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