How to clean the crystal at home

Products from crystal gradually begin to go out of fashion. A pity, they sometimes look more presentable than modern glass items. And yet, over time, the surface begins to darken, dim, become covered with dust, lose its original luster. How to return objects from crystal initial brilliance and beauty?

Safety and precautions


When cleaning dishes and chandeliers of crystal using chemical means, you should open the window. When using aerosols, it is strictly forbidden to smoke. If possible, do not allow children.

To remove dust, you can use special wipes without a nap. Fingerprints may remain on the surface of crystal products during processing. To avoid this, rubber gloves should be worn.

It is not recommended to wash chandeliers and floor lamps with soap and water. This is due to the fact that soap is difficult to wash off, and if it is allowed to harden, a film forms on the surface that accumulates the heat of the operating light bulbs.Gradually, the crystal begins to heat up, which can lead to cracks. Also it is worth considering that the product loses shine.

Why does the crystal turn yellow?

During operation or due to improper care, the crystal turns yellow. In this case, every hostess should know the secret that will help to return the products to their original appearance.

There is another simple rule: crystal glassware is afraid of hot water. Under its influence the surface fades and turns yellow, in some cases cracks may appear.

RECOMMENDED! Do not use aggressive detergents and use force to remove dirt.

Water should be cool or warm. After cleaning the crystal should be rinsed with cool water. If dried in the open air, there will be stains. To avoid this, you need to wipe things with a clean dry cloth.

Wash, clean and wipe should be holding the bottom. Use the dishwasher only by setting the appropriate mode, after removing the fragile products that can be easily damaged.

Popular folk remedies

Before proceeding with the purification, you need to consider the following features.

  1. It is possible to get rid of stains and dust by means of dry fabric with which the product is wiped.
  2. It is recommended to wash the crystal in cool water, because of the hot water it begins to fade, turn yellow.
  3. In order to avoid damaging or breaking the product during the process of removing contaminants, cover the bottom of the container with a rag.
  4. Do not use cleaning products that contain abrasives - this will avoid scratches.
  5. Dishes hold the bottom.
  6. After the procedure, wipe the dishes thoroughly with a dry cloth and not wait until the water runs out.

Washing crystal dishes at home is easy if you approach the process correctly. In advance it is necessary to prepare the necessary inventory, and perform actions sequentially.

Minor pollution

A soap solution will help to cope with them:

  1. Add some liquid detergent to cool water;
  2. In the solution of washing dishes;
  3. Rinsed with running cool water;
  4. Rubbed with a dry cloth.

Slight pollution

Cleaned too easy:

  1. Dishes cleaned in a chalk based solution.
  2. On 2 tablespoons of cool water add 2 tablespoons of crushed chalk and a fourth of a teaspoon of blue.
  3. The resulting mixture is applied to the product.
  4. It is wiped.
  5. After the dishes are wiped with flannel to remove blue bloom.

Starch copes well with it:

  1. Starch is poured on a velvet cloth.
  2. The surface is rubbed until the stain disappears.

Green color

This method is suitable for dishes in which plaque has formed and requires careful processing. In this case, vinegar and salt help:

  1. In 2 liters of water, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt.
  2. In the solution, leave the dishes for a couple of minutes.
  3. After rinsed with cool water.
  4. The surface is wiped with a dry cloth.

Sediment at the bottom of the vase

You can use sea salt to remove green or brown traces of flowers from the bottom:

  1. Salt is mixed with vinegar.
  2. Pour into a container.
  3. Wait a few minutes.
  4. Rinse with cool water.

Dishes with gold leaf

For cleansing you will need:

  1. Place the dishes in warm water for a while.
  2. Wipe the place without gilding.
  3. In 2 liters of water, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Wipe the surface dry.

Heavy pollution

This problem is handled by potatoes, which not only removes dirt, but also fat:

  1. Potatoes are boiled.
  2. Water is drained and cooled.
  3. Crystal is placed in a warm liquid.
  4. Left for a couple of minutes.
  5. After being cleaned with detergent.
  6. Rinsed.
  7. Dry with a dry cloth.

Traces of wine

Traces of juice or wine are removed by soda:

  1. Prepare a solution based on soda.
  2. Crystal is placed in it for several hours.
  3. Wash with a weak solution of vinegar.
  4. Wipe with a cloth.

Yellowness removal

This problem will cope raw potatoes:

  1. Potatoes are cut in small pieces or rubbed on a coarse grater.
  2. Massa rub crystal.
  3. Leave for a while.
  4. Prepare a weak solution on the basis of blue.
  5. Rinse the dishes in it.
  6. Wipe with a cloth to remove stains.
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How to make the crystal surface shine

It is not always enough to remove the dirt and properly dry the dishes. So that the products from crystal could surprise the guests, they should be processed additionally, which will give them shine.

Give shine

To do this, use alcohol:

  1. Dishes cleaned.
  2. Alcohol is applied to the napkin and the surface is wiped.
  3. After rubbed with a cloth.


This is done in the following way:

  1. Prepare a solution based on vinegar.
  2. In 2 liters of water add 4 tablespoons of vinegar.
  3. In the resulting solution rinsed dishes.
  4. The surface is rubbed with a woolen cloth.

Giving initial shine with ammonia:

cool water is mixed with ammonia in a ratio of 3 to 1;
put the dishes in the solution for a while:
rub with a cloth.


To clean the crystal surface from contamination will help special detergents for glassware. But there is commercially available chemistry, which is intended exclusively for crystal. Such substances help out when bringing the chandeliers in order.

Crystal decorations on the lamp can be washed without removing from the ceiling. To do this, there are preparations for contactless washing, use them easily and simply. You only need to spray on all sides of the product. If required, the procedure is repeated several times.

Features cleaning crystal chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier

There are many ways to clean a chandelier. Choose one that is more suitable for contamination. The easiest option is when you want to remove dust. To do this, use special brushes.When working, wear gloves, as fingerprints remain on the surface, which negatively affects the appearance.

When on the chandelier there are other spots, they resort to wet cleaning. If possible, the chandelier should be disassembled and rinsed each element.

If you can not get to the lamp (high ceilings), you need to get up on a stepladder. It is necessary to clean each part by weight.

Do not forget that any chandelier, even a crystal one, has metal parts that are susceptible to corrosion during prolonged contact with water. Such items should be wiped dry.

In addition to special tools, you can use traditional methods for cleaning crystal.

How to clean the chandelier without removing from the ceiling

Wash the chandelier without removing is not easy. The most important thing is to adhere to the instructions, which are performed in stages:

  1. The first step is to turn off the electricity, do not touch the wires with your hands. To avoid possible closure in the presence of water, it is better to turn off the shield.
  2. All work is required to perform gloves. This will help avoid finger marks.
  3. Prepare the solution in advance. For this purpose, ammonia is added to cool water.Soap is better to exclude to prevent the formation of a film.
  4. In the prepared liquid is dipped crystal parts in turn. Carefully, work is carried out at height. Then clean the places of dirt and wipe with a dry cloth.
  5. If oily stains have formed on the surface, a solution based on vodka or alcohol is applied. It moistened with a clean cloth and wipe the chandelier.
  6. If the stain has not disappeared, alcohol is left for a while. After the residues are removed with a clean cloth.
  7. You can connect electricity after a few hours, not earlier. During this time, all the details, even the smallest, will have time to dry.

How to clean a disassembled chandelier

It is necessary to begin to wash the chandelier only after it has been removed from the ceiling and taken apart. All work needs to be done consistently:

  1. If the product is washed for the first time, and there is no instruction on how to assemble it, it is better to take a photo of the parsing stage from all sides.
  2. Just in case, lay a blanket or a blanket under the chandelier. In the event of a part falling, damage can be avoided.
  3. Preparing in advance and the place where the cleaning will be carried out.
  4. If a sink is chosen for work, a towel is laid on the bottom, this will help not to break the fragile parts.
  5. It is recommended to turn off the electricity and unscrew the light bulbs.
  6. Suspended parts are removed and disassembled.
  7. Each part is washed separately, the frame is wiped. To avoid rust, it must be dried well.
  8. You can polish the suspension with a lint-free cloth.
  9. You can dry the chandelier with a hair dryer.
  10. After all the details of the chandelier are cleaned and dried, proceed to the assembly.
  11. After returning the chandelier to its original place, connect the electricity and screw in the light bulb.

How to care for crystal

Crystal glasses

During operation, crystal products lose their original luster, tarnish, and a raid appears. Avoid this is impossible, but most importantly, to know how to properly care for them.

  • If the pollution is minor, you can use detergent, and then rub the surface with a dry and soft cloth.
  • To restore shine, vinegar is added to water in the following proportions: 2 tablespoons of vinegar for 2 liters of cool water. Rub the surface with a solution. After the alcohol dries, there is no smell, the dishes begin to shine.
  • When heavily soiled, the dishes are placed in water after the potatoes have been boiled. After surface wipe dry.
  • If the product has gilding, warm water without detergent is used. It is rinsed in a weak solution of vinegar and blue.
  • To preserve the original appearance, it is recommended to periodically wipe the products with starch, then remove the residue with a cloth from wool.
  • Crystal is afraid of hot water, begins to dim and turn yellow.
  • Glasses of crystal are stored separately from each other and do not put the pyramid. If they get stuck, a crack may form.
  • To avoid finger marks, use gloves.
  • Do not use aggressive substances with abrasive components. Crystal wash in cool water with detergents designed for dishes.
  • Using soap when cleaning the surface, you need to be prepared for the appearance of a film, which can damage the chandelier when heated.
  • If the chandelier can be disassembled and removed, it is better to do so. This will greatly simplify the work.
  • Metal products can not be left for a long time in water, it can lead to the appearance of rust spots.
  • If the chandelier has a lot of hanging elements, it is very difficult to remove dust with a cloth. It is best to use aerosols.
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Useful tips

  • Ideal - the use of special tools.
  • When removing dirt, soap cannot be used, since a film forms on the surface, which leads to heating of the chandelier elements and the appearance of cracks.
  • To avoid corrosion on metal surfaces, it is not recommended to leave the elements in water for a long time.
  • Get rid of the dust will help spray for processing glass surfaces.

After the refinement of crystal has become known, the procedure will be performed qualitatively and in a short time.

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