How to choose detergents for home

Sticky kitchen table, stains on the walls, dirty stove and tile stains constantly require cleaning. It so happened that they had not yet created a universal remedy that could remove all the pollution in the house at once. In addition, we all know that cleanliness is a guarantee of health. And help in cleaning the whole house will help special tools.

Now on the market is a large abundance of cleaning products that are designed for different purposes. Some can easily clean glasses and mirrors, and others can get tough stains on furniture or flooring. In order to effectively fulfill all the functions assigned to them, the following recommendations should be followed:

1. You should buy cleaning products only in trusted stores where you will not be offered a fake.

2. First of all, you need to pay attention to the label, because only there you can find out what exactly is in the jar, and what it is intended for.

3. In order not to harm the surface, it is best to first test it on a small area, and after that remove everything you need.

4.In order not to scratch the surface of the dishes, it is better to use gel or liquid, which will allow you to organize a lot of foam from just a few drops and rewash lots of dishes.

5. For the cooker, it is more profitable to choose gel products that will not scratch the surface and at that very time will be able to clean even burnt fat.

6. To wash the refrigerator, it is better to choose disinfectants, which can not only quickly remove any pollution, but also give them freshness and protection from the spread of germs.

7. If a person has sensitive skin, it is better to use rubber gloves or tested products.

8. To remove scale in a coffee grinder and an electric kettle, you should use special powdered preparations that quickly remove scale when boiling.

9. For varnished surfaces, it is necessary to buy special polishes that will add shine to the furniture and protect against further sticking of dust.

10. Various window sprays allow not only to clear the window of stains, but also give them shine and protect them from further sticking of dust.

11. It is necessary to use each tool only for its intended purpose, because otherwise it may even harm the surface.

12.For metal surfaces, sprays and gels from limestone deposits and rust should be selected. It should be remembered that even though powders are effective, they can damage surfaces and form scratches.

By sticking to these recommendations you can always have an apartment clean and tidy.

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