How to choose an air gun for sports training?

All men are not indifferent to the weapon. Feeling a gun in hand, shooting at it from targets, proving to yourself and those around you that there is still powder in the old boxers is a great pleasure. Of course, it is rather difficult to acquire military weapons in order to be ready to meet danger and be able to protect yourself and your loved ones at any moment. You can be content with pneumatics, especially since it is quite affordable and does not require bureaucratic red tape to obtain permits. About how to choose a pneumatic pistol and then not to be disappointed in his choice, thinks everyone who decided to join such weapons. The range of pneumatics is very large. There are piston, and there are compression. Or maybe it is worth buying a “toy” with cartridges filled with carbon dioxide?

how to choose a pneumatic gun

What questions should I ask myself before buying a pneumatic gun?

How to choose a pneumatic gun?


  • the piston is the most unpretentious model in circulation: with each breakthrough of the barrel the spring is compressed, the pellet of any suitable sample is inserted inside;
  • compression — here, before shooting, it is necessary to pump a small receiver with a pump, install bullets, and only then shoot;
  • balloon - in these pistols a shot is carried out by carbon dioxide, filled into small cartridges, and the balls are charged into the store.

For what price are you ready to buy a gun?

Here we need to proceed from our priorities:

  • piston pistols will be the cheapest, but their bullet speed is also extremely small;
  • compression pistols and gas cartridges are more expensive, the difference in models and manufacturers is very large;
  • an inexpensive cylinder pistol can only look like a prototype externally, and its mechanisms do not simulate the actions of a real construction;
  • a high-quality pistol is quite expensive, but it fully corresponds to the replicated model in size, weight and work of the main mechanisms;
  • what additional accessories for the gun are you ready to purchase: different types of holsters, spare cans and balls are offered,targets and many different extras.

    how to choose a pneumatic gun

How to choose a pneumatic gun for a gift to a man?

There are many subtleties. For a young man enough to buy an inexpensive model. Having mastered it, he will decide himself whether he will strive to acquire a more expensive pistol. For a souvenir, you can pick up an inlaid gun, from which, if they shoot, it is extremely rare. For a manager (chief), you should not be a trifle, you need to purchase an expensive (reasonably) model. He himself will decide how to use it further. In this case, the weapon manufacturer must ensure that it does not have to be finalized.

What air gun to choose as a gift for a girl (woman)?

Militaristic inclinations are more and more common among the fair sex. They are already so emancipated that they are ready to go to serve in the army together with men. There are individuals who grew up in families where they were raised according to boy criteria. Such ladies with pleasure will receive as a gift an air gun. You cannot save money on a gift for a woman (girl), only from the outside it seems that they have little knowledge of weapons.They also have access to the Internet, from which they will find out exactly how dear they are to their admirers, in order to then draw certain conclusions regarding their attitude to themselves.

which air gun to choose

How to choose a pneumatic gun for sports?

If this is the first gun, then any model will suit you first. Usually bought an inexpensive gas pistol. He can learn to handle, properly maintain and acquire basic shooting skills. For advanced shooters, a more expensive model may be required, which will ensure a high rate of bullet (ball) departure, will have a smaller spread. Top-class athletes purchase custom-made weapons. Here the handle will be completely matched to the hand, the balancing is selected individually, the barrel and sight are adjusted for each person taking into account the characteristics of shooting.

What air gun to choose for self-defense?

Pneumatics can not serve as a means of self-defense. The speed of bullet departure is not too high, so the clothes “extinguish” the energy of impact on the body. Air gun only looks like a real one.If you do not shoot, but only to imitate the possibility of its use, you can scare the attacker. The sound of the shot is too weak to scare. If there is a need to simulate a real weapon, then it is better to get a signal pistol that gives a real sound, and the sleeves fly out of the chamber after each shot. From it flies a real flame, similar to what comes out of the military barrel.

How to choose a pneumatic gun for hunting rodents?

A bullet from a pneumatic pistol takes off at a speed of 90-120 m / s. At a distance of up to 10 m, if it hits the rodent’s head accurately, it will be injured, and small rodents like house mice and voles will be killed. If a bullet hits the body, they will experience shock shock. For some time may be paralyzed.

Which air gun to choose in order to hang on the wall?

Any model that is fully consistent with the real model, decorate the interior. The greater the similarity, the better.

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