How to check ping?

Natalia Kozlova
Natalia Kozlova
August 19, 2014
How to check ping?

Sometimes it is necessary to check the quality of the Internet connection or the speed of information transfer in the network. This happens when setting up a connection to the Internet, to a router or to a local network.

To do this, refer to the ping utility (Packet InterNet Grouper), which is built into the operating system. The ping program sends to the specified address and receives a test packet of information, while measuring the signal transit time. The norm is considered to be ping about 100 ms.

How to check ping via command line

You can check Internet ping in the same way as ping any local network. This can be done by typing the command "ping" and the address of the computer with which you are connected. This may be the address of the computer on the local network, the provider's server or a website on the Internet.

  1. Click the "Start" button - "Standard" - "Command line".
  2. In the console window that opens, type a command like “ping address”. For example, “ping”, where the IP provider is specified, or “ping” when checking the connection to the Yandex server.

Ping will send and receive 4 packets of information, and the screen displays the time they pass through the network.

What influences ping

The article What determines the ping describes in detail what affects the quality of communication. First of all it is a kind of connection. Satellite connection and Dial up can not provide ping less than 200 ms. The best speed is shown by high-speed fiber optic cabling.

Ping is also affected by the signal path. The closer is the final address (server with a game, for example), the lower the ping will be.

How to change the ping is described in the article How to lower the ping. Let us say briefly: to abandon satellite Internet and dial-up in favor of more efficient means of communication and to choose for the game and server operation, located as close as possible geographically.

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