How to change the language on the keyboard

If you regularly have to work on a computer and, basically, you deal with texts, then you may have come across the fact that the Russian keyboard alone is not enough for you. In this case, be sure to know how to change the language to English or, conversely, to Russian. Of course, now we are talking only about the most popular languages, but if necessary we can change them to any other language.

Today we decided to talk in detail about how to change the language, because at present there are many options for how this can be done, and we will further examine each of them. This information is, of course, most of all intended for novice users who have only recently begun to get acquainted with such a technique as a computer.

The task and its simple solution

how to change languageSo, let's go straight to the question, how to change the language? When you work with text editors on a computer, you communicate via the Internet, in which case it may sometimes be necessary to switch the language.The first thing you should pay attention to the lower right corner of the desktop. There you can notice a lot of icons of various applications that are currently running. But you need to find the language icon, it will show which language is currently installed. Now you should click on it with the right mouse button, and then select the "Parameters" tab. After this action, you should open a small panel called “Languages ​​and Text Services”. By the way, if you need to learn how to change the language in the game, then this option may also be suitable for some games.

Instructions for changing the keyboard language

how to change language to russianNext, you need to find the General tab, where the default language will be set, but if you need to replace the language that you plan to use in the future, then you should install it. Then by default this language will always be the first in various applications.

For example, if you set English as the default, then after switching to the text editor, it will be immediately turned on. Pay your attention to the column “Installed services”, this is where you can add another language that you plan to use in your work.There is also a tab "Language panel", here you can customize the location of the panel of the same name, but in the standard version it goes in the taskbar, where the clock is located.


In this tab, the keyboard switch you need to click on the "Change keyboard shortcut". You should open a new menu in which you can independently switch languages ​​at your to change language to english

If you want to set your own keyboard settings for changing the language, then you should visit the “Change Input Language” tab, where you can assign keys that, when pressed, will replace the language. You can set a convenient keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift on the left side of the keyboard, in fact, this is the best option, since it can be done with your left hand and continue typing. By the way, this combination is already installed by default in almost all operating systems.

Native speech using a special program

If you want to learn how to change the language in Russian and back to English using the program, then you should read the instructions that will be written below.We will now review the PuntoSwitcher program, which is currently very popular, and it is really convenient to use it. In the program "PuntoSwitcher" there is a special function with which you can set the automatic recognition of the language, or rather, you do not need to manually switch the language. Of course, this program also has its drawbacks - it may not work at the time when it is required, but it happens very rarely, therefore there are more positive reviews than negative ones about this program. In addition, eon is presented to users in a free mode.

Special applications

how to change the language in the gameIf you still want to learn how to change the language using the PuntoSwitcher program, then first of all you need to download and install it. We recommend that you download the program from the official website of the developer. Installing the program should not cause you any difficulties. But you will need to show your care when downloading if you use the Yandex browser. The manufacturer of the program is "Yandex", respectively, together with the program you may accidentally download other add-ons that you absolutely do not need. There is absolutely nothing to configure in the program itself.Now you probably learned how to change the language with the help of the PuntoSwitcher program, and, as you can see, there is nothing complicated about this, and even a beginner can figure it out.

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