There are some reminders that we get from moms and grandmothers, and each family keeps them very carefully.
These can be hand-embroidered icons, antique chest of drawers or family table silver. If you got a chic set of silverware, it is important to take care of it properly so that it will serve more than one generation in the house. Such expensive dishes can be special and valuable, not only because of its price tag. After all, how nice it is to get silver spoons for a family meal, which are famous for their special "soft" brilliance.

Care and its subtleties

Always put silver appliances in a special container, in any case, do not put with all the utensils. The storage box should be covered with a soft cloth that will avoid scratches on the smooth and shiny surface of the products. It is important to put the devices in this box only in a dry state.
If you find a slight darkening on the dishes, you can remove them with baking soda, only carefully. Today, there are many special tools for delicate cleaning of silver.In order for the favorite silver spoon, presented by the grandmother, to serve as long as possible, it should never be twisted or twisted.
Silver should be washed in warm water, without the addition of chemicals, as they have a very negative effect on the protective coating of the products. Damage to the protective film, which is applied to each product during its manufacture, it will lose its luster and a special ebb. In addition, silver objects can not be cleaned with any abrasive preparations, but only with soft fabrics. Silverware can not be cleaned with a brush or metal sponge to remove various contaminants. Also categorically can not be heated cutlery to a temperature in excess of 100 degrees. It is not recommended to wash products in dishwashers.

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