How to care for expensive furniture?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
November 5, 2015
How to care for expensive furniture?

High-quality furniture will create a feeling of comfort in the house and at the same time will look chic. When choosing, be sure to take into account the overall style, strive to create a harmonious and comfortable space in the room. You can buy beautiful, as well as practical and functional furniture in the online store If you want to furnish your kitchen, bedroom, dining room or study, you will surely find everything you need in this store: the high quality of the furniture is combined with an acceptable price.

In order for the new beautiful furniture to please you with beauty and convenience over the years, you need to properly care for it.

Care for expensive furniture: general recommendations

  1. For wooden furniture, use dry cleaning with soft wipes. If desired, you can use an antistatic agent that will protect against new dust.
  2. It is better to clean patterns and decorative parts with a soft brush.
  3. You can clean the pens and decorative metal parts using a tampon moistened with liquid ammonia. But this method is not suitable for gold-plated parts, as ammonia will destroy the coating.
  4. To keep the sofa in top condition, regularly vacuum it.
  5. Spots on upholstered furniture can be divided into three large groups: fat, liquid and mixed. Grease stains are cleaned with a sponge moistened with a solvent suitable for fabric. Get rid of liquid stains using a sponge and water, a soft brush will help remove excess fat.
  6. Traces of wine, lipstick or juice can be removed with ethyl alcohol, and it is easy to get rid of coffee, chocolate or tea using detergent.
  7. You can remove the usual stain on the leather surface by soaking it with a sponge or a suitable cloth. If necessary, use a soap solution. More resistant traces - from markers, drugs and wine - are cleaned with a suitable stain remover or alcohol, which is applied to a stearin sponge. Leather furniture is not afraid of traces of vegetable or animal fat, because they penetrate through the skin and then disappear.You just need to wipe the tracks with a dry wool cloth.
  8. A dry, clean cloth that can absorb liquid is suitable for cleansing the skin. You can not use a hair dryer or other heating devices to dry such furniture, also it should be protected from direct sunlight.
  9. For upholstered furniture, solvents and chemical stain removers that are not suitable for cleansing, abrasives are contraindicated - they can ruin the structure, surface and color. Make sure that light skin does not come into contact with molting fabric.
  10. Twice a year, do the prevention of aging of leather furniture - treat the surface with a caring composition.

By following these simple recommendations, you will preserve the freshness, quality and pleasant appearance of your furniture for a long time.

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