How to call a girl?

We like to invent unusual tender names for our loved ones, however not every “nickname” sounds equally pleasant. Let's see how you can affectionately name a girl, and how you shouldn't call her.

By your name

Using the girl's name to make her affectionate nickname, coming up with various diminutive analogs (Olyusha, Olenka, Lyolya, etc.) is the most banal version, but he is probably the most neutral one. It is unlikely that someone will be offended when he heard his name in the diminutive version.

In the animal world

Surely, each of you heard a couple, “cooing,” using the diminutive names of various animals for each other, for example, “pussy”, “hare”, “fish”, etc. However, not everyone likes this “in the animal world”. A young man should definitely not use this kind of “nickname” at the initial stage of a relationship, when he still doesn’t know exactly how his girlfriend will perceive it. However, if the girl first began to use something like that, of course, you can support the "baton."However, it is important that these requests be acceptable to you.

My dear, the sun of the forest

"Sunny", "asterisk", as well as the use of other heavenly bodies to gently address a girl - this is a separate topic, despite the fact that these are inanimate objects, these names are always very gentle and cute. Hearing something similar, the girl thinks that she makes the life of her beloved brighter and brighter.

Good old classic

Do not forget about the words that were specially created in order to gently and tenderly call their loved ones: "Honey", "Honey", "Honey", "Honey" - these words will definitely please every girl.

Individual traits

Of course, if by a gentle "nickname" you want to highlight the individual traits of your girlfriend, thereby demonstrating her uniqueness, all of the above options will not work. However, finding the right name is not difficult, just take a look at your girlfriend and you will understand everything. A girl with a bright fiery mop of hair can be called a "camelina", of course, if she was not teased in childhood, a girl of small stature - "baby" (again, only if she doesn’t pack on this score!), If your beloved loves to cook , call her "hostess", "Cinderella", etc.

Purely personal

Surely, everyone has a familiar couple who use completely incomprehensible words as names for each other. These same words are usually born as it were in the course of a relationship, and couples with experience do always have them. Interestingly, some of them may even sound at first glance insulting, for example, "topotusha" or "pinhole", but if for two these words mean something important and pleasant, do not hesitate to use them.

Do not forget about the name

No matter how many gentle nicknames you come up with for your girlfriend, do not forget to at least sometimes call her by name, because psychologists say: the name of a person is the most pleasant sound for him.

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