How to calculate the day of ovulation

What is a process likeovulation, today not every woman knows. Ovulation is the period of maturation and the immediate release of cells from a special follicle into the uterine cavity. This is a ready-to-fertilize egg. How do I know when ovulation should happen? This question has been given a huge number of answers. In various sources, several methods are given, with the help of which you can easily calculate the day of ovulation. However, not every one of them gives an absolute guarantee of accuracy. The error depends on the thoroughness of the work done, the correctness of the fulfillment of the conditions of this or that test, and many other factors.

The first way, through which you cancalculate the day of ovulation, is the use of a special test. It can be bought absolutely in any pharmacy. The test by which a woman can calculate the day of ovulation resembles an ordinary pregnancy test. In the package you will find five strips. The test is conducted in the middle of the menstrual cycle for five days in the morning. On the day of ovulation, one of the test strips will show the brightest lines of red or blue. There are two. This will be the end result. If the test did not show anything for all five days, then the woman incorrectly chose the period for its conduct. It is best to contact a specialist or use a different method to calculate the day of ovulation.

The second way is thatThe representative of the weaker sex daily during the whole menstrual cycle measures the basal temperature. It writes all the received values ​​to the calendar - thus, it turns out a kind of graph. The day when the basal temperature will be the highest, and will be considered the day of so-called ovulation. It is worth noting that the next day after the release of the ovum from the ovary to the abdominal cavity the basal temperature drops sharply. This method is considered the most accurate among all the tests that a woman spends at home.

Another way to know and calculate the day of ovulation- this is an appeal to a specialist. The gynecologist will observe a woman for several days, and will prescribe the necessary tests. This method gives a 100% result. The data obtained is the most accurate. In addition, the doctor will provide answers to all questions of interest to women. That is why it is better to choose this option.

A woman should always remember that ovulation isregular process. The egg ripens almost every month. However, some failures occur. For example, ovulation in some women simply does not happen. A woman most often does not even know about it until she begins to think about the birth of a child. No ovulation - no pregnancy. If you can not conceive a baby for a long time, you should immediately call a specialist for qualified help.

Ovulation is often accompanied by pain in thelower abdomen. Due to this, some girls can easily determine the exact time (and day of the cycle) of this process. In addition, during the period of ovulation, vaginal discharge increases with a special mucus. It is most often translucent, odorless. It may contain small veins of blood. However, this phenomenon is quite rare.

So, how to calculate ovulation, we now know. It must also be said that every woman who dreams of ever taking out and giving birth to a healthy baby should follow the regularity of the menstrual cycle. In addition to this, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is also worthwhile to think about determining the day of the exit to the uterus cavity ready for the fertilization of the female egg. As for the method of determining this time, everything here depends only on the person himself.

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