How to build a farm?

For residents of rural areas who own their own land, as well as large entrepreneurs, one of the options for a profitable business is the organization of their own farming. Despite significant initial investment, the dairy farm can pay off in 3-4 years. How to build a farm for cows, you will learn from this article.

Land and building construction

The first step is to choose a place. This may be a large plot of land on the territory of a large settlement, or maybe in a remote corner. For the organization of livestock farms, experts do not recommend building buildings from scratch. Can be purchased abandoned. In the future, you will be able to repair and upgrade existing buildings. It will cost you less than building from scratch. If you still decide to build a farm in a new place, find out in addition how to buy land, how to get land for free or how to arrange land for rent.

Custom construction

You can contact the specialized companies that organize the construction of "turnkey". Paying for the services of such companies, you receive a finished project after a specified period.This way, you get rid of the need to visit multiple authorities to obtain all the necessary permits. But before signing a contract, familiarize yourself with the company's reputation and experience of similar construction.

Independent construction

You already have land and you decided to build a farm on your own? First you need to make a plan of the premises and the territory and get all the documents allowing the construction.

Farm Documentation

It is necessary to collect a number of documents:

  • land purchase or lease agreement;
  • permits for the construction and commissioning of buildings;
  • permission of the Rospotrebnadzor for management
  • fire inspection permit.

Having registered as an individual entrepreneur, issue certificates of quality and safety for products, as well as go through a veterinary examination of meat products.

So, you have received all the documents and now you can start building. In addition to the barn itself, your farm should contain a whole set of different buildings (for storing feed, a water tower, a manure store,administrative building, etc.). In addition, the organization of a dairy farm involves the purchase of various equipment.


Required are:

  • stalls;
  • feeders;
  • drinking bowls;
  • milk cooling and storage systems.

It is desirable to create an automated line for feeding, harvesting and milking, which will significantly reduce the labor costs for the operation of the farm. You should choose suppliers with a good reputation. It will not be superfluous to consult with people who have a similar household and work with the same equipment. There are companies that, along with the construction of farms, are engaged in the sale of equipment for their projects, for example, Agromoltechnika offers such services.

In order to accelerate the payback period of construction, and further increase the income, it is necessary to consider the possibility of building additional facilities that allow producing various dairy and fermented milk products without resorting to the services of intermediaries.

Mini farm

A mini farm is a farm that contains from 20 to 120 heads of livestock. This is a great option for a family business.In addition to the size, such an enterprise differs from a large farm by the absence or small number of wage workers. Most often on the mini-farm as members of the family involved workers. Also, the farm usually includes one building, which contains premises for animals and economic departments. If you are going to build a mini-farm, at first it will be possible to do without automating its work (or partial automation).

Whichever option you choose, we wish you good luck!

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