How to build a chandelier?

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How to build a chandelier?

When buying a new chandelier, the question often arises how to assemble it. After all, in fact, it is a set of "do it yourself." In the store, the seller hands the box, where all the parts of the future chandelier are neatly folded and you have to make an effort to have this beautiful piece of furniture take its rightful place. To facilitate the task, we decided to offer you a ready-made instruction that will help to assemble an ordinary Chinese chandelier with our own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists.

Before you assemble the chandelier, you need to prepare the tools.

Tools for work

  • construction knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • wrench adjustable wrench.

Phased chandelier assembly

  1. The box with the purchased chandelier is carefully removed from the packing tape, using a construction knife.
  2. All parts, including small ones (bolts, nuts and other spare parts), are laid out in front of them. It is important to check the completeness here, because if in the process it turns out that something is missing, the work will have to be interrupted, and storing an unfinished chandelier is more difficult than a well-packed one.Chandelier
  3. Each part of the future chandelier should be removed from the individual packaging, except for the shades and the console (if you bought a chandelier with a remote control). They will be needed at the very end of the assembly, so in order not to damage them accidentally, they are best left packed.
  4. In the next stage, horns are attached to the body, there may be a different number of them. There are single-hinged chandeliers, two-horned, three-hinged, etc. The mounting technology is the same. It is necessary to disassemble the body by unscrewing the decorative nut and removing the protective cover from it. A horn is inserted into the body hole and secured with a nut and washer. The same is repeated with each horn.
  5. After all the horns are in place, check their symmetry with respect to the central horn, and then tighten the fixing nuts using a wrench. If this is not done, then the symmetry can be broken, since the horns can move.
  6. Now came the turn of electrical wires. At this stage we will not connect them, but only group them. It is necessary to divide wires into groups according to color. If not a single switch is planned, but a double one, then not two, but three groups are made, dividing the number of wires in one of them in the required ratio. For example, in your chandelier there are twoHow to build a chandelier?colors: blue and brown. We separate the brown wires into one group, and the blue ones are divisible or 3: 1 (we get 3 light bulbs when one switch is turned on, 1 light when the other is turned on, and all 4 when turned on). If you divide the blue wires 2: 2, then, respectively, when you press each switch, two light bulbs will work, and when you turn on both, everything. The scheme may vary depending on the number of bulbs in the chandelier.
  7. Dividing the wires into groups, they should be connected with each other and with the central wires (brown - with the first, blue - with the second), using a special connector (it comes complete with a chandelier). The ends of the wires are stripped of insulation, stripped by 1-2 cm, twisted among themselves, and then the connector is screwed in clockwise, protecting the place of twisting.
  8. The housing cover, removed at the beginning of the work, is returned to its place and secured with a decorative nut.
  9. To the top of the chandelier attach the outlet, which will mask the place of attachment of the lighting device to the ceiling.

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