How to become a stalker?

November 4, 2014
How to become a stalker?

After the release of a computer game and a book about Stalkers, some people wanted to experience how to be this stalker. There were several groups of people on this interest, who began to explore abandoned cities, houses and other places, playing the role of a stalker. However, those who want to become a stalker, can not always understand how to do it.

Let us consider in more detail below how to become a stalker in real life and what advantages and disadvantages this pastime gives.

How can you become a stalker

In fact, becoming a stalker is easy if you find online communities that do it. However, some of these communities may be engaged in climbing around forbidden closed areas. If they are caught, they can take them to the police station and write out a fine or something worse.

There are groups of stalkers who specifically find abandoned places of interest and go there with a group to climb. Such groups are highly organized and quite professional. This is the best option for a newbie.


To become a stalker, you also need to understand what equipment you need. Here is a sample list of what a newbie might need:

  1. Special clothes, overalls or camouflage that do not mind soiling, tearing or somehow spoil. This category includes gloves that will save in many cases when climbing in abandoned places. You also need special shoes that will withstand walking in abandoned places, where there may be broken glass, nails and other things dangerous for the feet.
  2. Flashlight, respirator, useful tools like scrap.
  3. Walkie-talkie to communicate with the group and messages about the threat to life and health.
  4. Some groups use the dosimeter in certain places with the threat of radiation or other hazardous substances. A gas mask can also be used. Sometimes these things are taken for better atmosphere and immersion in role-playing game for a stalker.
  5. Money and food.
  6. First aid kit for cases of cuts, fractures and other injuries in place.

All these things are used for a successful trip to abandoned places where the floor may fall or many other troubles happen.

Advantages and disadvantages

Being a stalker is the same pastime for entertainment of interest.It's like going hiking. And the skills are about the same. This will help you to better navigate the terrain, as well as follow the simplest safety rules at such facilities and work in a team.

However, there are downsides. Such an exercise is not at all safe and can lead to serious injuries. Also, engaging in stalkering takes time and appropriate equipment, and it costs money.

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