How to beat out "Macmillan" in the game "Warfyus"?

Often in "Warfyce" you can see gamers,which are held in the hands of incredible guns, not sold in any store. But how then can they be obtained? In fact, everything is quite simple - you can get such weapons if you buy and open boxes of luck - special objects that offer you in fact a cat in a poke. For each box, a rare type of weapon is indicated, which can fall out of it, as well as a number of other items that are much less valuable. For each of these types of weapons gamers have developed special schemes, which need to open boxes to increase the chance of obtaining the desired object. From this article you will learn all the known methods of how to knock out "Macmillan" - one of the most powerful and effective sniper rifles in the game.

By increase

how to beat out makmillan

Immediately it is worth saying that in most casesthe methods of obtaining are based on the purchase and opening of boxes of luck with blocks. For example, you can take the most popular method, in which you need to act on the increase. How to beat out "Macmillan" in this way? It's very simple - first you need to buy and open one box, then two, and so on, until you reach the number of five boxes at a time. By this time, you could have already dropped out McMillan, but if that did not happen, do not worry, just repeat the procedure a couple of times, but not more than three. If luck is not on your side, then do not test it for too long - try another time or another method of how to knock out "Macmillan".

Four blocks

how to knock out makmillan in warfare

If you can not get the coveted weapon withusing the previous method, then you should not despair. In fact, there are quite a few ways to get rid of "Macmillan", and in this article only the most popular and proven ones will be listed. You can if you want to explore others or even try to work out your own pattern. So, the next method is called 3-5-5-4, that is now you will need to purchase boxes with specific blocks and open them as well. If this does not seem clear to you, then it is worthwhile to explain: first you buy three boxes, open them, then buy five - open them, repeat the step, and in the end get four boxes and end everything with the opening of these four pieces. As a result, you will most likely get the right gun. Now you know the two main block methods of how to knock out "Macmillan" in "Warfare".

Post Mortem

warfyus review on makmillan

But not every gamer believes in a blockmodel, so you should consider other options. For "Warfyus," a review of "Macmillan" and ways to get it is a very popular topic, so you should definitely think about getting this gun, even if you do not often use sniper rifles. This method is a bit unusual and can be used immediately for all types of weapons. Its essence lies in the fact that you need to buy boxes of luck right after you were killed from the weapons that you want to knock out. So, as soon as you see the opponent with "McMillan" - immediately jump out to him under the shelling and hope that no one else will kill you before. After that, immediately go to the store and start buying and opening boxes - you can just do it, and you can use the above described block diagrams.

Early bird

Among other things, you can tryuse the so-called gap in the game, which is formed once a week at four in the morning Moscow time. This is the time period immediately after updating the server's scheduled update, and if you have time in this small window, you can use the process of reconfiguring the variance counters that are responsible for random actions in the game - including dropping weapons from boxes of luck.

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