How to be the only one?

How to become the only one for a man? How to ensure that your loved one does not pay attention to other women? These questions disturb many women. Let's talk about how to be the only one.


First of all, keep in mind that any man wants to be independent. Do not forbid him to meet with friends. A man is also a man, he wants to rest. Let your other half do it yourself. Let him have his hobby. But do not forget to spend the weekend together. Find something that will appeal to both. For example, skiing, trekking, just meeting with common friends. Sharing time is very close. But this does not mean that everything should be done together.


Do not pester the man with your jealousy. Do not constantly call him, write sms. Do not suspect every woman you know that she is dating your partner. Your man can quite communicate with women, nothing special is not here. And in general, jealousy indicates that you have low self-esteem.And what kind of man will love a woman with complexes? Remember that your beloved chose you, which means that he loves you. Therefore, trust your soul mate more.


There is an opinion that women constantly want to talk, and men do not want to talk or listen. But it is not always the case. In this case, a woman should listen to a man. Let him tell you about your fears, dreams and desires. Learn to listen. Usually, a woman begins to talk about her affairs, and yet a man also has something to say. So ask him how the work day went, how he would like to spend the weekend. And just listen to him, even if you are not very interested in conversation.


Do not forget about your appearance, even if the partner says that he loves you in any way. You should still take care of yourself. Any man is pleased if there is a well-groomed, beautiful woman nearby. Therefore, take time for yourself every day: visit the hairdresser, beauty salon, gym. At home, make facials. Do not forget about good clothes. Even at home you should look neat. Buy beautiful homemade clothes - stylish shorts and a T-shirt, homemade cute dress.Believe me, a man will appreciate it, and look at you with different eyes.


Any woman knows that a man loves to eat. Therefore, it is necessary to cook deliciously. Even if you do not like to cook, master some tasty and light dishes. And on weekends, after all, treat your soulmate to your favorite dishes. If you like to spend time in the kitchen, explore the cuisines of different nations of the world and experiment at least every day.

It is not necessary to nag a man constantly if he does not perform household chores. Just notify him in advance about what he will need to do. And then put before the fact - now he takes out the garbage, for example. And don't give too many responsibilities at once. One duty at a time.

Be interesting

You should be interesting to your man. Do not be intrusive. Have your say, but be diplomatic. Get your hobby. Meet girlfriends and friends. In general, you should have your own life, do not live the life of your man.

And, most importantly, sincerely love your soul mate, and then you will not have to look for the answer to the question of how to become the only one for him.

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