How to be better than the former?

Sometimes in the relationship of a man and a womanzip a shadow from a past life. Many girls in this situation are thinking about how to be better than the former. The presence of the shadow of the former causes many different sensations, but the most important of them is jealousy. We must not forget that jealousy kills relationships. Jealousy to past relationships is one of the most pernicious. After all, each of the partners has behind their baggage of life experience. Do not dig in your partner's past life. Live in the present and watch the future of your relationship safely with love!

You are waiting for a new happiness

Remember that past, especially pleasant andjoyful moments of life, can not just take and evaporate from our memory in an instant! At the beginning of your relationship, be prepared for the fact that for some time your partner will mentally return to former relations. Be wiser. If you notice that he still remembers about past relationships, try to have patience. Yes, it really says that he was serious about her and loved her, but does not mean that he loves you less. Believe me, there will not be much time left, and he will gradually forget about it. His memory will accumulate with new sensations, experiences, moments from your shared personal history, and they will supplant the old past.

If he compares you to the former, talk to him about it, tell him that you are displeased with such conversations and they need to be stopped.

Do not remind him of a past life, do not provoke, do not take the wound. Fill your life with pleasures, joy, happiness, warmth, coziness, novelty, love!

Appreciate and love yourself

Do not look for a way to be better than the former. Remain yourself, because if he chose you, then he needs you, and not an improved copy of the former girl. It is a mistake to think that you can be closer to him if you are better than her. He has completed past relationships, now in his life and in his heart the main place belongs only to you. And how you will build your happy life together, depends only on you two. Nothing positive zealous attitude to the "former" will not bring. On the contrary, a reminder of it can cause irritation to your partner and conflict in the relationship. Therefore, comparing yourself with the former is stupid! Also, by raising the topic of the former, you may not notice how some seemingly innocuous memories of your partner can hurt your pride painfully, lead you to samoyedstvo, to uncertainty, to lower your self-esteem, to spoil your mood, to overwhelm you with feelings of resentment . Think about this before starting a conversation about a past life. Well, if it can not be avoided, try to quietly change the topic of conversation that is unpleasant to you.

Worthy accept his past

Of course, it is difficult, he has children from the previousmarriage. In this case, you just need to accept the fact that children, like a little invisible thread, will forever bind your soul mate to the former. You must find the right place for them in your life, thus showing your man in dignity that you do not reproach him for a past life, that you recognize his right to communicate with children, to care for them, that you appreciate and respect his choice . Humble yourself and accept them. Remember that this does not mean that he will still belong to the former one. In wisely constructed relationships, there is always a clear line between permissible and unlawful.

Do not look for a dirty trick in a relationship

If your partner does not remember about the pastlife, do not look for a dirty trick. After all, most likely, he really sincerely and infinitely loves you, so that in his thoughts there is simply no place for memories of the former. Especially do not dig in his past, asking common friends or relatives. He obviously does not like all this when he finds out. Be reasonable. Trust your partner, love him. With gratitude, treat the past of your second half, because it was what he experienced that enabled him to become what you loved him.

Take care of your happiness. Everything depends on you. Do not look back, live in the present, make plans for the future!

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