How to be beautiful?

Typically, men are valued not for beauty, but for other qualities: willpower, determination, courage, responsibility. However, men also often think about how to be beautiful. No matter what they say, appearance does matter. For men, probably less so than for women. However, today there is such a trend: men tend to be more and more well-groomed, follow the fashion and visit beauty salons. Already irrelevant is the view that if a man is "a bit nicer than a devil, then he is already handsome."

However, there is no consensus about male beauty. For women, the standard of beauty has been formed more clearly: the notorious 90x60x90, long hair and legs, well-groomed skin, etc. With men, everything is more complicated. Let's speculate what the ideal of male beauty exists in our time.

Men's beauty today

Today there are two main types of male beauty:

  • brutal man - never losing popularity type. Stretched arms, broad shoulders, athletic physique, strong legs - all with him. From it emanate vibes of male power, confidence, decisiveness.Such a man can always substitute a strong shoulder for his companion. He will protect against hooligans and carry heavy bags effortlessly. Men of this type usually choose a strict style of clothing and short sports haircuts. This may be a sports athlete or macho. The cult of body and strength.
  • sophisticated handsome - this type is gaining increasing popularity today. Some women are tired of the brutality and rigidity of men. Sometimes brutal men are perceived as insensible, unable to express their emotions. I want to communicate with more emotional, gentle and sensual men. Such men are well-groomed, they have a slender physique, often long beautiful hair, deep eyes, elegant lips. How not to fall in love with such a character. Remember the images of Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Robert Pattinson.

How to be a handsome guy

To get started, choose yourself an image that you like best, which suits you and in which you will feel most natural. Both of these options are popular with women, so listen to yourself and your inner voice. If you choose the image of a brutal man, then engage in physical fitness.Go to the gym, eat right, run and so on. Make a suitable short cut, pick up clothes.

If the second image suits you, it is not necessary to develop your muscles, but it will not hurt to pump up a little. Watch your skin, you can grow hair. All men, without exception, need to be well-groomed, if they dream to be beautiful. Do not allow dirty hair, dirty socks, unpleasant body odor, problem skin, bitten nails. All these are trifles, but from such trifles your ideal image is created. How to be a handsome man? Most importantly - be yourself, do not try to imitate someone, and then you will definitely become irresistible!

Men's beauty in different eras

Standards for male beauty are constantly changing. Many great men from ancient times were inherent concern for their own appearance.

  • Ancient Rome: the Romans appreciated the inspired, serious face and aquiline nose.
  • In ancient Greece, proportions were most appreciated. A proportional body, developed muscles, quick and sharp movements, a clear look - this is the perfect Greek. This image is widespread in ancient sculpture and painting.
  • In medieval Europe, chivalry was considered an ideal. The noble knight had a slightly feminine appearance, long curls, slim figure. The knight was inherent gallantry and sophistication. However, this appearance did not cancel his courage and decisiveness.
  • In the Renaissance, grace was still valued, but men became more manly.
  • In the epoch of baroque and rococo, dandies in repaired wigs, with front sights and other decorations were in fashion.
  • The epoch of romanticism attached great importance to the inner world of man. In the fashion were pale, sometimes painful young men, inspired, sensitive, suffering.
  • In the nineteenth century, financiers, politicians, and writers were the legislators of male beauty. A short haircut, a trim look, a scant expression of emotions - these were the men of the nineteenth century.
  • From the beginning of the twentieth century to this day, Hollywood stars and other public figures dictate fashion.

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