How to age yourself?

Youth is a great time, however, there are situations when you need to get a little older. In order to visually age yourself, you can change the hair and make the appropriate makeup, as well as choose the right clothes. If you need to make yourself older in the photo, you can use special online services. Recommendations for all these methods are given below in the article.


  1. Haircut, color and hair styling can dramatically change the image. If you need to add yourself a couple of years, you should not dye your hair white. Light shades always make the face look younger. New color does not have to be dark shades. Hair color can be chestnut, dark blonde, chocolate and even deep red. It may be enough to simply choose a paint that is several tones darker than the current color.
  2. Long hair or overly short hair is also not the best option. Ask a hairdresser to choose a hairstyle of medium or moderately short length, preferably without a bang. If you still do not want to part with their long hair, you must now collect them in a neat bunch.


  1. Preference should be given to things of classic style.To work in the office fit a trouser suit or a combination of a skirt, blouse, shirt or sweater. The skirt should not be short or excessively long. It is necessary to avoid youthful bright prints, an abundance of ruche, frank styles. Try to choose clothes calm colors.
  2. From the use of jewelry, especially bright, should be abandoned. You can complement your image with an elegant scarf, a scarf, a chain, a string of medium-sized pearls. The ideal option would be small gold earrings. Properly chosen glasses and stylish watches will help you to look more solid. To create an elegant look, you can order glasses with ordinary glasses for yourself.


  1. Daily makeup should be harmonious and not defiant.
  2. It is necessary to follow the rule: you should focus on the eyes or lips.
  3. Do not forget about black mascara and eyeliner, they help to create the right image.
  4. Blush should not be pink or peach.
  5. It is necessary to give preference to dark or bronze shades or to abandon them.

Online programs

Modern technology allows you to age your face on the photo.For example, with the help of the service, you can see not only how a person will look like in old age, but also what a person would look like if he belonged to a different race. If there is a suitable photo, it is very easy to make. Necessary:

  1. Go to the site and upload your portrait. For this purpose, well suited photos for documents. Choose your gender, current age group and most similar face type.
  2. Click the "Submit" button.
  3. Use the red frame to mark the borders of your face and use the Next button to go to the next step.
  4. Now it is necessary to mark the location of the eyes and mouth in green circles and click “Next”.
  5. It remains to choose the function "Older Adult" and evaluate the result.

If there is no suitable photo, but there is a webcam, you should visit the site where you can make your face look old online.

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