How do I clean a frying pan?

Every mistress has to face every daywith washing dishes. But if you can wash the dishes with a special tool in a few minutes, then it is not so easy to clean a pan with the remains of burnt food to a shine. In order to understand how to clean a frying pan, you need to know some secrets.

Cleaning rules for the frying pan

Undoubtedly, every mistress should know howClean the frying pan from the soiling, so that the quality of the frying pan does not deteriorate. Many of us know that with the help of such commonplace products as baking soda, salt, vinegar, you can clean the frying pan from the sludge.

The material from which the frying pan is made affects the way it is cleaned.

Cleaning a cast-iron frying pan

Answering the question about how to clean cast-ironfrying pan, first of all I want to pay attention to the fact that for this you will need salt and vinegar, as well as baking soda. First you need to pour a couple tablespoons of salt and add a small amount of vinegar. The bottom of the frying pan must be covered. Then put the frying pan on medium heat and boil this mixture, then add baking soda (? Glass). When all the liquid has evaporated, we will wash the frying pan. After such a procedure, the deposit did not occur, however, if your frying pan was heavily soiled, then all of the above should be done again. If you want your cast-iron frying pan to be in good condition and there was no carbon deposits on it, then carefully wash it after every cooking so that no oil remains on the surface. Otherwise, the oil will accumulate and turn into fat. To clean such a frying pan use a special nylon washcloth. It is important to remember that a cast-iron frying pan should not be washed in a dishwasher.

Cleaning the Teflon Pans

If you do not know how to clean Teflonfrying pan, then the first advice that we will give is in no case to wash it with powdered preparations and tin washcloths. You will damage the coating, and the frying pan will become unusable.

If you are wondering how to cleannon-stick frying pan, then first try to soak it in hot water with detergent and leave for a few hours. Non-stick surface can not be washed with a rough brush. However, you can safely wash the outside of the frying pan with a coarse washcloth and cleaning powder. Take care of your dishes!

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