How clever to answer?

Any person from time to time encountersrudeness, insults and caustic remarks. It is only natural that this whole situation causes a storm of indignation and I want to repay the boor with the same coin. However, this should not be done, because he is only waiting for the interlocutor to lose his temper. It is best in this situation to learn how to respond intelligently to rudeness. Undoubtedly, you need time to develop this skill, but in the future you will be able to avoid conflicts.

How to answer frank rudeness?

If you are rude, you should trycalm down and get away from the answer. Silence will serve as proof that you will not get involved in a conflict that can turn into a fight. A person in good spirits will never be rude to other people. And the one who makes caustic remarks, just wants to pour negative on the interlocutor. For this reason, it is not necessary to conduct a dialogue with him, at least in the manner in which he wants.

How clever to respond to an insult?

If a person insults you, how to answer smartwords, so that he calms down and lags behind? In this case, it will be correct to remain silent, but there are situations when it is simply impossible to do so. For example, when a colleague is insulting. It is necessary to show the wonders of diplomacy. If he says that you disgustingly do your job, you can praise his work and ask him to give you useful advice.

Also try to start asking him howHe would solve this problem, what methods and tools he used. Most likely, such questions will put him at a dead end, because he was preparing for a completely different conversation. Moreover, no one will blame you for stirring up the conflict, since you did not insult anyone, on the contrary, they asked your colleague for advice. And this is usually encouraged in companies, so if necessary, witnesses will be able to support you, telling the boss that you did not start the conversation, but your colleague tried to hurt you.

But the insults of the native man is cleveranswer is not easy. To begin with, it is important to find out the reason for this behavior. In this case, you need to call a relative to a frank conversation and listen quietly to all of his claims. After this, you can give reasons that justify you in front of him. Just do not interrupt him, let him speak out, he will feel better.

How clever to answer a stupid question?

Often people ask stupid, offensive, and sometimescompromising questions. It is important for them to humiliate the interlocutor, showing their own superiority. How should you answer these questions? In such a situation, you should try to translate the conversation into another topic, and it is better to act by the same methods. For example, if a friend praised your new bag, but quipped you, and if you did not take it to the Chinese market, you can answer what she knows better, as she is constantly being cooked there.

How to respond in an intelligent way to an insult to the boss?

Often the boss tells his subordinatesunpleasant things and offends them. If you respond the same, you can immediately write a statement of dismissal. However, there is a way out. Since it is rather difficult to answer in an intelligent way to your boss, you just need to admit your mistakes and praise him for his vision and deep vision of the situation. These words elevate your interlocutor to heaven, and he will stop yelling and insulting. And to back up your compliments, you need to ask the head of the council later. For sure he will no longer pick and insult you, on the contrary, praise at the next meeting.

How clever to respond to insult and rudeness of a neighbor?

If the neighbor is always dissatisfied with something, oftenscandalous and offends you, you need to be able to respond to the rudeness of such an unpleasant person, since later you can also face minor tricks. It is important to understand the situation and to prove in your polite words that you are right. It can also be inadvertently mentioned that your relative works in the relevant bodies and will certainly conduct an investigation of the situation. As a rule, after such a phrase the neighbor will noticeably become more mature, which means that she will lag behind you for a while.

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