How can spoiling?

If things are not glued, health is shaken, and onwork and in your personal life, problems often arise, then you do not have to think long after that someone has jinxed or caused damage. But before you come to this conclusion, you need to make sure of this for sure, and for this it is useful to find out how to spoil, in what ways, and how the person feels in such a situation.

Methods of spoiling

What is damage in its essence? This is a powerful negative energy "push" that invades the energy of a particular person, destroys it and thereby causes in the life of the victim a series of unpleasant consequences and problems of a different nature and severity. How to bring damage? There are a lot of ways of spoiling, we will single out the most basic and often occurring ones.

  1. Through food and drink. For example, they can speak food or something (such plots suggest negative energy for food), which they then add to the food or drink to the victim. A person eats such food, and its negative energy spreads in the victim from the inside, destroying the aura.
  2. Through personal things of a person and gifts that are hispresented. To do this, either use personal items of a person, which he often uses, or in the guise of a presentation, they present a charmed thing. By touching a charmed object, using it, a person transfers to himself negative energy, which, in turn, begins to slowly destroy his energy.
  3. How can spoilage with the use of dolls? This includes many well-known voodoo dolls. The point is that the magician creates a rag doll, which personifies the victim, energetically connects it to her and uses it to influence the person in the way that he needs.
  4. By photo. One of the most commonly used methods of spoiling. A photo of a person bears his powerful energy imprint, which is what magicians use, talking a photo and thus negatively affecting a person. One of the most terrible ways is this: the ill-wisher wants a serious illness or the death of the victim, therefore, slandering the photograph, puts it at the funeral in the coffin of the deceased, so that later it is buried with it.
  5. Through the nails, hair, menstrual blood. To establish damage to a person, his biomaterials are often used. The most suitable for this are the hair, nails and blood, which are subsequently also endowed with negative energy, then passed on to the victim.
  6. And how can spoilage through candles? Candles can be both an accompanying attribute in the process of spoiling, and the main subject in this action. So, the ill-wishers can come to church, buy a candle and put it for the rest to a living person, while uttering a conspiracy.
  7. Through sharp objects. It is also a popular way of spoiling. The essence of it is to speak a sharp object (a needle, a pin, a pair of scissors, a knife) and to leave it unnoticed in the victim's house. Until the object is found and eliminated, its negative energy will poison a person's life.
  8. Through the earth from the cemetery. The consecrated cemetery land is also often used for the ritual of spoilage. Usually, they try to throw it unnoticed to the door of the victim's house.

You can spoil the damage either consciously orunconsciously. So, for example, you can offend someone with your words or actions so much that he simply "pierces" your energy with your negative emotions and thereby spoils you. This happens when a person is hurt for living things and he is very offended and angry. Exactly the same action has a very evil, envious and hateful person. Therefore, it is better to try not to hurt others and not to communicate with unpleasant people.

Of course, damage can be caused intentionally. Usually it's an enemy who wants to ruin his victim's life, or a black magician, who was asked for help. And any person can turn to him for help, whether it's a very jealous woman who decides to annoy her rival, or a businessman who thus wants to eliminate a competitor.

Signs of spoilage

We figured out how to bring damage, now we will identify the signs by which it can be recognized. If a person has been damaged, the following can happen to him:

  1. The woman is healthy, but she still has constant problems with the menstrual cycle or she can not get pregnant.
  2. The presence of a large number of pigmented spots for no apparent reason.
  3. Sharp weight loss or a strong replenishment for no apparent reason.
  4. A girl meets a young man and they are all right in a relationship, but her name is not married.
  5. The person is sick, doctors put various diagnoses, treat, but there are no positive results of treatment.
  6. It's hard and unpleasant for a person to look at himself in the mirror.
  7. One pupil is larger than the other, or the pupils often "run around".
  8. In the church, a person begins to feel bad, and the cross is lost or you want to take it off.
  9. A person is in a long depressive state, he does not want anything, nothing pleases, a complete decline in strength.
  10. Sharply began to happen troubles and problems one after another.
  11. People do not like pets.
  12. In a dream or while resting to a person, the impure appear.

It is also possible to recognize spoilage on certain grounds of the house:

  1. There were cockroaches or ants in the house, but their neighbors do not.
  2. Before the door, at the door or in the house, a person findsstrange objects (needles, pins and other sharp objects that do not belong to a person and / or are in strange places, sand, earth, blood, feathers, etc.). In the pillows, the man who was spoiled can find corn, wheat, knitted feathers, sharp objects, some strange threads.
  3. One or more photos are pierced with a needle.
  4. Animals in the house feel uncomfortable: cats want to go out, and dogs bark.
  5. They do not want to visit you.
  6. Problems in the family: incurable alcoholism, persistent illness of the household, a sense of fear and anxiety in the family, constant scandals and quarrels.
  7. On the walls there are strange fuzzy or very clear drawings.

Whether to believe in spoilage?

Everyone decides for himself, believes in spoilage orno. But is it worth taking this seriously and winding yourself up? So, if you feel unwell, get sick, work has problems, and at home nothing pleases, not the fact that someone has caused damage to you. Calmly analyze the situation. Perhaps you did not pay attention to your health at all, did not get enough sleep, did not eat well, because you feel bad. You work not so qualitatively and efficiently, that's why the bosses are picky. At home nothing pleases, because it is associated exclusively with domestic matters (wash, wash, etc.), it is uncomfortable and ugly. Look at your problems objectively, from the outside. Perhaps you are to blame for what is happening to you.

And by the way, there is one more type of spoiling, -when a person "pushes" himself: constantly everywhere waits for dirty tricks and problems, does not value himself with dignity, does not believe in himself and his strength, considers himself worse than others. That's how to impose a spoil you can even unconsciously. In this way, a person programs himself for constant failures and problems, and then he is surprised why everything is so bad in his life. In addition, it is proved that a strong energy protection against damage to a person is ensured by unbelief in it, because it is quite difficult to bring damage to someone who simply does not recognize it.

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