How and where can I find out the debt on the rent?

A lot of problems for the population can berent. If the citizen is in arrears, he can be disconnected from certain public services, as well as impose certain sanctions. Therefore, it is always important to pay on time for the issued receipts. But sometimes there are cases in which a citizen intentionally or for reasons beyond his control does not pay a fee for utilities. Then a debt is formed.

How can you find out about him? How much by law does the tenant have the right not to pay on the exhibited receipts? What features should everyone know about? Having understood all this, it is possible to say with certainty how much the arrears for the rent are dangerous.debt on rent

What you need to check

Initially, it is important to understand what things and data can be useful for verifying data on debt for "communal". Not everyone knows about this feature.

In fact, in order to find out the debt on rent and other bills lodged with tenants for an apartment, it will be required:

  1. Account number. It is written on the receipt in the "Account" section.
  2. Mobile or landline phone.
  3. Computer and internet connection.
  4. Receipts and payments for the apartment. They come monthly by mail.
  5. Requisites of the service organization. The one that provides a particular service.
  6. Address of the apartment in question.

All this will be enough toget information about debt by all possible methods. What advice and recommendations will help to translate the idea into reality? What is necessary to obtain information on arrears of public utilities and rent?how much you can pay for rent

On the limitation period

It is important to realize that, like any debt,the situation under study has a so-called limitation period. This component is important for hard-core non-payers for an apartment. The management company has the right to apply to the court with the accumulation of a large debt to recover from the citizens of certain funds.

Debt on rent, the limitation period has exactlythe same as most of the debts. He is 3 years old. This means that it is possible to collect from the debtor only the amount that he owes for the last 36 months. And it is during this period that the Criminal Code is able to apply to the court with an appropriate suit.

By receipt

Now you can talk about howa citizen can find out that he has a debt on rent for these or other services. The first method is to study the receipts that came in the next month.duty on rent

The fact is that in payments for todayComplete information about the state of the account is written. And, if at the time of receipt of the next receipt for utility services there is a debt, this will be said. To look it is necessary on the column "Debt on ...".

Unfortunately, such a scenario is notallows you to determine with maximum accuracy how much a citizen owes. He indicates only the debt that was accumulated by the time the receipts were sent out. Therefore, it is recommended to use other methods of verification.

By account number

The most common method of actionis to obtain information about the status of the personal account of the apartment. A citizen (owner or tenant of housing) must necessarily go to the management company. There he will be able to find out the debt on the rent on the personal account.

To translate the idea into reality, it is required:

  1. Take with them a passport and any document that establishes the right to use the apartment.
  2. Go to the management company that serves the house.
  3. Contact the accountant. Inform him of his intentions and name the account number of the apartment.
  4. Obtain information about debts.

Typically, the owner will make a printout. This is a kind of personal account statement, where it will be written about what kind of debt on rent is available on the day of applying to the management company.debt on rent as pay off

By the address

The next step is to find out the debt athelp address the apartment. The algorithm of action is approximately the same as in the previous case. A citizen must come to the Criminal Code and inform about his intentions. At the request of a person must provide all information about the state of the personal account of the apartment.

The only difference is that the employee of the management company is not called the personal account number, but the address of the citizen's residence. There is nothing difficult or special in the process.

Internet for help

This is how it is proposed to clarify the debt on the rent. How can I find out this information online? Is it possible to do this with 100% probability?

Yes, today the population has the rightto turn to specialized Internet services for obtaining information on arrears on utility bills. Not always, but a similar method takes place.debt on rent for personal account

To implement the task, you need to follow some instructions. It looks something like this:

  1. Visit the site of the management company. You can open the page of the service organization that provides these or other services.
  2. Find the item "Checking the account" or something like that. Different companies have inscriptions, but the general meaning remains clear and unified.
  3. Enter the apartment details and personal account number.
  4. Confirm the operation and look at the information provided by the system.

No more manipulation is needed. It is noted that it is best to work only with official pages of certain companies. Third-party services are often fraudulent.

By phone

Debt on the rent can be learned by himselfphone. To do this, simply call the service provider, name the account number or apartment address and obtain the relevant information.

As practice shows, recentlystaff are increasingly advised to use the Internet to check the arrears of public services. On the phone, such information is provided without enthusiasm.

About payment

In any case, get the status informationThe personal account of an apartment is not as difficult as it seems. After the citizen will be aware of the debt, you need to pay bills and penalties. Not everyone understands how to act in such a case.debt on rent when buying an apartment

Suppose a citizen has a certain debt on the rent. How to pay it off? You just need to make a certain amount of money for certain services.

To date, the debt is repaid by the following methods:

  1. By paying the billed. As already mentioned, in the receipts write a debt at one time or another.
  2. You can make cash through the cashier of any bank.
  3. Use the cash machine or payment terminal. It is important to remember the details of an organization. It is advisable to have a receipt for payment.
  4. Translate money with electronic wallets.
  5. Fill up the personal account of the apartment through the use of Internet banking. For example, through "Sberbank Online".

In other words, you just need to pay the bills, but with the accrued penalties. In just a few minutes a citizen is able to find out about debts, and also pay off with them.


In fact, there are no difficulties in the task posed. The owner or tenant has the right to receive all information about the apartment in the management company. Failure to provide information is a violation of the know arrears of wages

If you want to know the debt on rent atbuying an apartment, you need to ask the seller for an extract from the BTI, as well as a copy of the statement of the personal account of the property. In practice, transactions with apartments that have a debt are not carried out.

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