Her Majesty, lasagna is a recipe for cooking

Another dish of Italian cuisine, sofond of Russia, is lasagna. And here, not without the innovations of Russian owners. In principle, that pizza, that lasagna - this is a dish with which you can and need to experiment. However, there is still an original lasagna cooking recipe which comes from Italy itself.

Regarding the preparation of this dish, alwaysmany disputes. Someone thinks that the main thing is a sauce, someone is sure that the main thing is the dough. And everyone is right in his own way. After all, the exquisitely prepared sauce can give the dish a special piquancy, and the ingredients that make up can make several independent interesting dishes from one ordinary lasagna.

Of course, there is also a traditional dish orlasagna is a classic recipe that all Italian chefs know from the cradle. But it can also be cooked according to an individual recipe. the main thing here is still the sauce. And first I want to suggest recipes for two types of sauce for the preparation of classical lasagna. For example, it's meat sauce and Béchamel sauce.

For meat sauce you will need:

4 tbsp.olive oil, 1l onion, 1 garlic clove, 400gr tomato in own juice, 300gr ground beef, 1 carrot, 150gr ham (it is better to cut into thin strips), 2 stalks of celery, 1 tbsp. dry red wine and spices to taste.

For Béchamel sauce:

2st. milk, 2 tbsp. flour, 1 bay leaf, parmesan cheese, 100gr sl. Oils, a little nutmeg, 250gr of lasagna leaves and salt to taste.


Béchamel sauce.On the melted butter in a frying pan, lightly fry the flour. Milk must first be boiled and add bay leaf and nutmeg to it, then let it brew for 10 minutes. Then pour the milk into a flour with a thin trickle (the bay leaf before it is taken out), stirring constantly, while the frying pan continues to heat up and bring the mixture to a boil , you can consider it ready.

Meat sauce.Take a small bowl or saucepan with a thick bottom and heat the oil in it. In this oil, add the garlic and onions (chop finely) and simmer it all over low heat until the onion becomes transparent. Then you need to add chopped straws, celery and carrots and simmer for about 5 minutes. Then add the ham and minced meat and stew until the weight is light brown. The next step, add wine and stew for 10 more minutes. Finally, at the very end, add chopped tomatoes (along with the juice). Stew it all until ready on low heat, no more than 40 minutes.

And finally, the very process of cooking.And so, the lasagna cooking recipe is very simple. Take the dishes in which you will bake lasagna, at the bottom pour a little meat sauce and cover with lasagna sheets (dry). Next layer again meat sauce, then béchamel sauce and grated parmesan. Then again, lasagna, and so on until the meat sauce comes to an end. The last layers it is desirable to lay lasagna, beshamel and parmesan. The cooking time is about 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Bon Appetit! It turns out a very tasty dish.

Not everyone knows that a dish like lasagnathe recipe of preparation can be different and it can be prepared with vegetables, and with seafood and with meat - for every taste. However for me the most delicious and satisfying is still lasagna meat recipe which I want to offer to your attention.

As in the previous version, two types of sauce, already known to us Béchamel and Bolognese, will be used here. How to cook Béchamel, we already know, but with Bolognese a separate conversation.

This sauce is one of the most popular in Italy, withthey often cook not only lasagna, but also pizza, pasta and much more. Of course, there is no single recipe for its preparation, but still the foundations are always maintained. I offer one of the most traditional options for making this sauce.

To do this you will need:900 gr of minced meat (better than beef), 700gr of tomato puree, 1 carrot, 0.5 large onion, 100gr of bacon, 450gr of cheese (preferably Mozzarella), half a glass of red wine, olive oil and Parmesan cheese.


Let's start with Bolognese. Given that he will languish for about 4 hours, then everything else we can do during this time. So, Bolognese.

Cut the bacon into cubes and fry together withcarrots and onions, then add minced meat and wine and carefully mix everything (cook all over low heat). Add the tomato puree and salt. Then the resulting mass is covered with a lid and stewed for 2 hours. The sauce is considered ready when all the liquid has evaporated.

Well, the most important moment is the gathering of the dish.

Sheets of lasagne must first be boiled beforesemi-prepared and dried. Well, as in the previous recipe: In a greased form, we lay layers of Béchamel sauce, lasagne sheets, Bolognese. It is desirable to lay all these layers with grated cheese and shed a small amount of white sauce. In the end, a layer of cheese and in the oven for 30 minutes, at a temperature of 180 degrees. And now, the delicious lasagna recipe of which you already know is ready! Try to cook, you will not regret.

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