Help in losing weight: Milk Diet

milk-milk diet

Many young girls and older ladies, inclinedto fullness, constantly looking for ways to look slimmer, choosing different options: low-calorie diets, exercise, counting calories and much more. We will tell you about the milk milk unloading day. Milk tea diet - easy and safe - was developed by the model Marina Blinovskaya, who in her eighty years was able to preserve beauty and youth. Arranging days off for milking, you can saturate the body with useful substances that are contained in milk, and lose weight due to the presence of caffeine in the drink.

Milk tea diet is perfect for people,which have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, tk. milk, which is used with tea, is absorbed much better by the body thanks to tannin, a substance that forms part of the tea and blocks the fermentation process in the stomach of milk. In addition, the substances contained in tea contribute to the improvement of metabolism and immunity.

milk-milk diet reviewsThere are so many options for correctcooking milk. For example, the British add tea to the milk in order to preserve the taste and pleasant aroma, and in Buryatia - on the contrary. For today it is accepted to allocate two kinds of such diet.

The first milk-based diet, reviews about whichmeet less often, is based on the division of drinks: milk and tea. During a single fasting day, one cup of strong tea with a small amount of sugar should be drunk. And already in the intervals between tea pauses to drink milk. Distribute the entire amount of tea and milk so that you drank no more than 8 cups of tea and a half liter of milk per day. A cup of tea is a capacity of 200 ml. Preference is given to green tea, because it is most useful for the body.

The second milk-milk diet is based on mixingmilk and tea, when a drink is made according to the following recipe: one should take one and a half tablespoons of strong green tea and fill it with one and a half liters of milk with 2.5% fat content. Then it is necessary that the drink is infused for a third of an hour, after which it is ready for use. This mixture should be drunk throughout the day with two liters of mineral water, not mixing the drink with water.

milokocha reviewsMilk tea diet is most suitable forunloading day, which must be conducted no more than once a week. The result is a weight loss of up to 2 kg per week. Also, the diet can be combined with any other. However, do not forget that not all people are equally absorbing dairy products, so when discomfort during milk days it is necessary to stop and consult with a doctor.

Improve the figure, immunity and general conditionorganism can be quite simple - only once a week using milk. Reviews about this diet are very diverse: some people began to lose extra pounds at once, and some - a month later, while not too limiting themselves in food. Either way, a milk-based diet is useful and effective as a fasting day for people who want to adjust their forms.

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