Heliotropic stones: properties, value, photo

Since ancient times, heliotropic stones have been considered magical, with healing properties. They were used not only for the production of jewelry, amulets, talismans, but also as decorations for the clothing of priests and church inventory. It has several names: heliotrope, bloody jasper, plasma, bloodstone, eastern jasper, St. Stephen's stone, meat agate.


Heliotrope - a stone (photo in the text), belonging to one of the varieties of chalcedony (a group of quartz). The main color of the mineral is green in various shades. It has a unique glass or matte luster, which can not be repeated in the manufacture of artificial samples.heliotrope stone value

A distinctive feature of the mineral is the presence of bright red blotches. The color of bright droplets on a green background can be yellow, then the stone is called a plasma. The number and size of the patches are different, there is a heliotrope and a pure green color.


Heliotrope is a stone, the properties (photo of the mineral in the section) of which can be called a structural variety of quartz that can change depending on impurities. Characterized by the following indicators:heliotrope stones

  • chemical formula SiO2;;
  • hardness within 7 points (on the Mohs scale);
  • density 2.5 g / cm3;
  • opaque;
  • color - deep shades of green with patches of red, yellow or white;
  • glass or matte shine.


There is a beautiful legend about how heliotropic stones appeared. It was believed that the scarlet blood of Christ at crucifixion fell on an emerald grass and became petrified. So heliotrope received another name - bloody jasper or bloodstone.

But the Greeks knew about the stone much earlier, it was from them went the modern name - heliotrope. Mention of it dates from the 1st century AD. In their opinion, with the help of this mineral it was possible to control the sun itself (hence the name sun - "helios" and turn - "path").

Scientists believe that heliotrope, like most quartz, is the result of volcanic activity. Its formation occurs in lava flows - effusive. To heliotrope born, need water.That is why more often it is found on the coastlines, near volcanoes. Another place where a mineral can form is hydrothermal veins. Red blotches are formed due to the oxidation of hematite, it is he who turns red against a dark green stone background.heliotrope stone decoration

BC heliotropic stones were mined in Calcutta and Egypt. Now these deposits are depleted. The main reserves of heliotrope are located in the USA, India, Russia, Australia. The listed states deliver it for export. The PRC, Brazil and a number of countries in Central Asia, although they are developing stone mining, but in limited quantities, meeting only domestic needs.


The value of the heliotrope stone as magical has not been doubted since its discovery. It was believed that the owner of the gem could have power over the consciousness of other people, to command inanimate and living nature. A person can open the gift of foresight.

This is a talisman for strong-willed people, self-confident and stubbornly heading towards their goal. No wonder he has the glory of the stone winners. It helps to activate the flow of energy around its owner, move up the career ladder, attract the attention and patronage of high-ranking people.

But the ancient sages warned: the mineral should "accept" its owner.Only then will all his amazing magical properties be revealed to the full. Moreover, he can change a person’s attitude towards others - heighten his sense of altruism, readiness for self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

Heliotrope is able to enhance certain qualities for people in a particular profession:

  • military - courage, luck and courage;
  • priests - unselfishness and tolerance;
  • lawyers - increased attentiveness, concentration and concentration;
  • for students it is easier and faster to master such subjects as psychology, foreign languages, medicine.

It will not help people who are weak in spirit, without a definite life goal, fussy and insecure. In love magic, it is also not used, he would rather condemn to loneliness, and not to a happy family life.heliotrope stone properties photo

There are certain rules for wearing a stone:

  • the ring is worn on the index or ring fingers;
  • brooch should be in the middle of the chest;
  • bracelets are worn on both hands;
  • beads and pendants are necessarily long, reaching to the level of the solar plexus.

As a talisman, he “works” to preserve health and ensures longevity to his master.Can bring wealth, fame and respect.

Ancient sources claim that heliotrope was widely used in magical rituals, in alchemy and witchcraft. Priests, shamans used the mineral to unleash their foresight abilities. Indian sages attributed to him the power to help uncover for understanding the mysteries of the universe.


Healers widely used heliotropic stones as a therapeutic agent. It is most widely used to stop bleeding. It was believed that the water in which the heliotrope was lowered, acquires healing properties.

According to healers, the mineral:

  • eliminates stomach pain;
  • helps with infections;
  • stops the development of inflammatory purulent processes;
  • normalizes hemoglobin level;
  • regulates the lymphatic system;
  • treats lung diseases;
  • helps with visual impairment;
  • It has a beneficial effect on the psyche, helps to maintain composure and suppress aggression.

It was believed that heliotrope can save from poison and even make a person invisible. In powder form, it was mixed with honey and used to treat tumors, rescued from the bites of poisonous snakes.


The rarity and unusual color gamut allowed to determine heliotrope in the category of precious and semi-precious stones. Not only jewelry is made from it, but also luxurious interior items: jewelry boxes, vases, figurines.heliotrope stone photo

Heliotrope is a stone, decorations from which can please with its unique pattern. There are no two exactly identical samples in nature. Each piece of jewelery, be it a ring, necklace, pendant or brooch, is unique. The cost of a rare, processed and decorated with precious metals mineral can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

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