Headlamps H7 halogen and xenon

Safety depends on the quality of road lighting when driving. The sooner the driver can notice the various obstacles, the more time will be for the correct reaction and decision. In order to avoid any problems in the dark, you need to carefully select the headlights. Let's find out what are the best H7 low beam lamps.

Standard H7

Such single-filament lamps are used more often for low beam.

low beam bulbs H7

For the long distance it is much preferable to use older instruments of the H1 standard. H7 can be safely attributed to the group of flange lamps. They differ in a fixed distance from the flange to the spiral. This ensures that the filament is in the focus of the reflector. This is important in order for the lighting to be correct. H7 low beam lamps must have accurate geometric characteristics - this is the key to the best quality result.

Today, several types of various devices are manufactured with such a base. They are different among themselves by production technologies, technical and light characteristics, and also indicators of power. Standard power, which has the usual H7 dipped beam, is not more than 55 W. But there are manufacturers who produce models with higher power. For example, the well-known company Narva produces high-value products. However, it is better to use them outside roads and highways. The use of such high-power lighting devices in the headlights of ordinary cars can overload the power supply system of a car and disable it.

H7 low beam bulbs

Among the variety, three types of lighting fixtures can be distinguished.

H7 dipped beam which is better

So, it is halogen lighting, metal halide or xenon, as well as LED lamps. Each technology has both advantages and disadvantages. We will look at them in more detail.

Halogen light

H7 halogen bulbs are inexpensive, have good performance and do not need any additional equipment.By design, it is a flask of solid or quartz glass. It is filled with neutral gases, as well as halogen vapors. Also in the design there is a filament. Today, these devices are among the most sought after. But with all its high characteristics and excellent qualities, there are also disadvantages. These are high operating temperatures that give acceleration during the aging process. Among the advantages can be identified excellent value for money.


During the tests, the lamp in the headlamp was installed in a dark room. Experts measured the illumination, and also compared it with the existing requirements and rules. It was checked whether the headlights will blind other road users. Only halogen passing lamps H7 participated in the test.

Bosch Plus 90 H7

This line of lamps from a well-known manufacturer was presented at the end of 2009. These devices are considered to be one of the brightest low beam sources from this manufacturer. Their light output is as much as 90% higher than that of many standard devices. Due to the use in the production of modern innovations and technologies, the products of this series give longer and wider cones of light.

h7 dipped beam

So, the roadbed is illuminated much more efficiently than regular lighting equipment. The use of such lamps makes it possible to increase the time to make a decision on the commission of a particular maneuver, because with them you can quickly see the obstacle.

The light emitted by these H7 dipped-beam bulbs differs in more white glow from standard products. With these devices, driving a car in the dark is much easier. This is a great result.


This company is one of the divisions of Phillips. Trademark introduced for products sold at more budget value. Lighting devices of this series showed the average level of a light stream. And the right shoulder this H7 low beam lamp illuminates the best. This device is one of the most optimal. Its value for money is just great. Offered at affordable prices, this product illuminates the road well and does not blind oncoming drivers.


According to the manufacturer, this product is able to create a light beam with a range of 40 meters more, compared to standard devices. The spectrum of the glow is more white.Drivers can recognize road hazards earlier.

In the test, this device proved to be one of the best. Although its characteristics are on the verge of permissible - this is the best choice and maximum brightness.


This light source gives a glow with an intensity 60% higher than standard light sources. The beam of light is 20 m longer in comparison with standard dipped beam lighting. The manufacturer managed to double the service life of this product. The lamp showed low results. It only slightly exceeds the ratio shown by standard light bulbs.

H7 dipped beam (xenon)

These metal halide products give off luminosity due to an electric arc that is passed between two electrodes. The flask is filled with xenon. These modern lighting fixtures are almost immune to different vibrations. The light they give out is much more powerful and better, with a high color temperature.

What xenon install on the car?

Owners of cars in which the xenon light is not provided by the manufacturer, mount the so-called pseudo-xenon or xenon lamps in the PTF.Well, others who have such a light can be installed regularly, often wondering what kind of instruments and kits to choose.

This beam cannot be made handicraft. For the manufacture and installation of these elements using high-quality equipment and modern technology. You must also have special optics.

In the domestic H7 market, the xenon low beam lamp is available in two forms.

H7 halogen bulbs

So, they distinguish factory products from well-known and leading manufacturers and devices manufactured by specialists from Central Asia and the brothers from China.

It is best to trust already well-established brands. Here, the consumer receives a guarantee of high quality, high brightness, protection against short circuits or open circuits, and the rapid response time of the lamp.

What xenon choose?

This choice depends on several factors. The first is the budget. And here there are two options: the minimum set of the lamp and the ignition unit, or full, consisting of optics, headlights and everything else.

Tests were conducted, which resulted in several brands that are distinguished by high quality products and light efficiency.

MTF Light Kit

There are several automotive parts included, including H7 low beam lamps. There is also an ignition unit. Optics have a high level of coherence. There is practically no scattered light effect during rain.


This product compares favorably with its competitors by a wide range of emission spectra.

H7 low beam xenon

Lighting devices that are produced under this brand are suitable for any car. Included lamps for the H7 auto dipped beam, as well as for the product under other bases.

APP Digital Ultra Slim

These are devices made in Japan. Here you can select the ignition unit with a compact size, high quality lamps, reliability, as well as the long service life of the bulb.

These are only the highest quality samples of equipment for xenon. Making a choice, you need to take into account all the nuances of the market.

Bulbs for cars H7 dipped beam

It is best to purchase this equipment from direct dealers. This is the only way to get a quality product. Presented brands give a strong and high-quality glow, and when properly configured, these lamps will not blind other road users.

The best of the best

If we consider the standard base H7, which dipped beam is better, then everything depends on the brand of car and financial costs.So, as a result of numerous tests and analysis of user feedback, only three leaders meet all the requirements. These are Osram products, products from the German company "Bosch" of the Plus 90 series and Hella lamps + 90.

best H7 low beam headlamps

But the life of these lamps is very, very small. He is only seven months old. Those who paid attention to the Koito brand should know that they do not meet the requirements stated by the manufacturer. They are much overstated than they really are.

So, we have considered the features of the H7 low beam lamp and their main manufacturers. We hope this review will be useful to you.

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