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Happy children: we will reap what we sow

There are no bad children, there are stupid parents who do not understand that small children, like sponges, absorb into themselves, everything they hear and see.

“Pig,” said five-year-old girl Ira, swinging on a swing.

“Who is a“ pig? ”, Asked her grandmother, who was sitting near on the bench.

“You, baba,” Ira replied. Grandma lost the gift of speech for a second, and then a stream of battle flowed.

“No, Ira,” cried little brother Nazar — a woman — not a pig. Our woman is a cow. The children began to laugh out loud at grandmother's outrage.

The children did not even understand that they said something offensive or wrong.Because since childhood, they have not heard anything good from adults. Only swear words and swearing. That's because it proves once again thatthere are no bad children, there are stupid parentswho do not understand that small children, like sponges, absorb into themselves, everything that they hear and see.

Want to know how good your parents are? Look at your children.Children are mirrors that reflect you, your views, traditions, principles and family rules!

A child is still poor You are rich or rich, if you keep your word!Here it happens that there is no opportunity to buy a child a toy or anything else that he wants. But the fact how correctly you explain the situation to the child is decisive in this problem.

Often I see such a picture. Parents come with the child to the store, at first everyone behaves calmly.And then the hurricane begins.A child rolls a tantrum to parents, because they did not buy him some kind of toy. And here comes the most unacceptable. Parents beat the child and take out of the store.

I do not blame anyone and do not blame.But I will tell you how I act in such a situation.Seriously explain to the child that while we can not afford a toy. But, as soon as such an opportunity comes, we will come and buy. And then I give him a choice in the form of yogurt or ice cream. My baby is happy, get a treat. He forgot to think about the toy.

But at the same timeI always keep my word and, if possible, buy what I promised.And my child doesn't care if I have money or not. I try to keep my promises and thereby show my love.

Learn to listen to your children!After all, we all know that sometimes children are terribly annoying, capricious, disobeying. But it depends only on us what our children will be. Parents can not live the lives of children, butin our power to give them the right start. In other words, decent education. That's why try to answer all the absurd questions of kids. Learn to listen to them from beginning to end, regardless of your employment.

Take the problems of children seriously.In any case, show the children that you take the situations with them seriously.

Praise your children.Little daughter washed dishes. "Good girl," - tell her. Accidentally broke the plate, do not worry. Say: "For good luck." I always say that to myself, if I drop something, and to children.

Teach children how to lose.When playing with your child in various games, do not give in. No matter how old the children are, theymust know that there are victories and defeats.By this you will facilitate the further life of your child.

Recently, in our city at the stadium held a children's football. Children played up to 10 years.So, one team won by a strong margin. What did the boy do from the losing side? He ran up to a strong opponent player and kicked him in the stomach with all his strength. The boy justified his act by not having liked the fact that his team was losing.

Why did this happen? Because from early childhood, parents in all games succumbed to the child and did not teach him to lose. Do not make such a mistakeLet your child learn to rejoice and victories and defeats.

Speak with the child as with an adult.By this you show the child that you perceive him as an equal. Speak to him in his language. No tricks and tricks answer all questions as honestly as possible. Show that you understand him.

It is necessary to punish, but for the offenses that your children committed.Even in my distant childhood, I remembered one episode. My mother worked in kindergarten as a teacher. At work she was an angel, all the children loved her very much. But when my mother came home, all the anger and tension accumulated during the whole day spilled over me.

One day after work, a neighbor came to my mother and said that I had cut off all the viburnum from her. Honestly, nobody listened to my explanations. I was beaten and punished.

But the saddest thing in this story is not even that. And the fact that Kalina cut off the granddaughters of this very neighbor, and blamed everything on me. I am already an adult woman, but I still remember this episode from my childhood.For myself, I clearly decided that I would always listen to my children and try to act fairly, which I wish you, dear parents!

Take the children's opinion.Recently, a mother complained to me about her child. She says she bought expensive jeans for her son. And the child refuses to wear them. But not because he does not like pants, but because his mother did not take into account his opinion when buying.

The son responded to all the indignations of the parents simply. He said that the next time they go shopping, the mother’s dress will be his own choice. It does not matter whether she likes it or not, she must wear it, tIn person, just as he is obliged to wear pants that he does not want to wear. This little male is 8 years old. And he is a great fellow, because since childhoodshows adults that someone else's opinion must be respected.And by the way, now parents are proud of their son.

You are for the child - the center of the universe!Be an example for children. Remember, they repeat everything after you, starting with words and ending with a walk.And it depends on you how the whole world will be for your baby. You cannot teach a child to live, but you can give him an understanding of all that is beautiful, kind, bright, strong in this very life.

Talk to your children about your love. Praise children for the ability to express their love. Whether words or deeds. Teach children to love themselves.

Of course, all children are different and unique. Each needs its own approach. And no one better than parents can know and understand their own children. And you decide how to raise your children. And it depends on you who you bring them up. Love your children and be happy with them.

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