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My mom's birthday is coming soon - an anniversary. I really want to give something unusual, memorable. Who can tell what ideas or advise a good gift shop in Moscow?
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Answered on January 29, 18:26
Give her a ticket to some exotic country where she was not. I think she will like to rest and spend time away from the city rush. She may want to go with you or dad with you.
Answered on January 29, 6:30 pm
Remember what your mother is interested in, what her hobby is. Perhaps she would like a picture or jewelry. It is very important that the gift was useful and necessary. But you can always ask her what she would like.
Answered on January 29, 18:36
At such celebrations as anniversaries, it is better to give memorable gifts that will stay forever with the birthday girl. Alternatively, you can donate a gem. It is a small, and at the same time expensive gift. You will only need to pick up a stone corresponding to the sign of your mother's zodiac.Here, for example, you can choose gems here. You may like this gift idea for mom.
Answered on February 4 23:07
I liked the idea with the gem, but I just can’t imagine what a person’s income level should be, so that he could afford it, can he choose something from semi-precious stones?
Answered on February 4 23:18
We have already proposed a lot of options, but it would be easier to advise if you could give the approximate budget you have. I usually give my mother a big bouquet of flowers, she loves daisies, and something for the soul. Recently I looked after gifts, I liked this diamond mosaic full layout. For example, my mother likes to do handicrafts, collect puzzles, I think she would be very pleased, and then this picture can decorate the interior.

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