Wrinkle gel "Kuriozin": reviews of cosmetologists, application features and composition

The arsenal of cosmetics designed to combat the first signs of aging of the skin, may consist of not quite familiar creams, serums and masks. Widely used in cosmetology found gel "Kuriozin". Reviews of this wonderful product testify to its effectiveness. What is included in the composition of the drug and why is it able to eliminate small wrinkles and pimples? Let's figure it out.


The drug "Curiosin" is a transparent gel, placed in a tube with a capacity of 15 ml.

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The active substances are hyaluronic acid and zinc. In the instructions for use of the wrinkle gel “Curiozin”, reviews of which confirm the fact that the product works, it is indicated that it is indicated for:

  • initial forms of acne, comedones, blackheads;
  • the presence of trophic wounds;
  • with fistulas and bedsores.

However, this list of indications does not end there. With this tool you can lighten the skin, make it smoother, reduce the number of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid provides fast recovery of damaged tissue. Additional components of the drug are potassium sorbate, zinc chloride and sodium hydroxide.

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Getting into the skin cells, zinc hyaluronate replenishes reserves of hyaluronic acid. In places of inflammation it may not be enough, therefore, microbes begin active reproduction. This entails the appearance of acne, redness, swelling.

"Curiosin" for wrinkles: what is the power?

As mentioned above, the means are based on substances that are characterized by anti-age effect. In the reviews about the wrinkle gel “Kuriozin” it is said that its regular use improves the condition of the skin, smoothes small wrinkles, makes it more elastic. The gel is instantly absorbed, does not stain the skin and clothing. The tool can not lead to photosensitivity, so the course of skin restoration can be carried out in the summer time. Staying in the sun after its application is not prohibited.

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The drug is not addictive, even after prolonged use. Reviews of "Kuriozin", the price of which is quite acceptable, suggests that this gel gives good results, provided its regular use. Hyaluronic acid, which is represented in the preparation in the form of zinc hyalurate, improves microcirculation in tissues, activates their regeneration, and fills cells with moisture. Together with zinc, it has a positive effect on the rate of cell division in the epidermis. Due to these properties, skin turgor increases, it becomes smooth and no longer suffers from dehydration.

From the reviews of "Kuriozin" we can conclude that this tool is a good alternative to injections of hyaluronic acid, which involve large financial investments.

Gel benefits

The gel "Kuriozin" has many advantages. First of all, it is worth noting that the tool is non-comedogenic. Many cosmetic products that focus on skin rejuvenation can clog pores and cause acne. With this gel such troubles can be avoided.

curiosin instructions for use reviews

The tool has a pleasant structure, it does not leave after applying a sticky film, does not stain clothes, does not lead to dehydration of the skin.Within a month after the regular application of the gel, the skin smoothes noticeably, puffiness disappears, the complexion becomes smoother and fresher.

In the reviews of the gel "Kuriozin" it is repeatedly mentioned that it is not addictive, even after a long course of use.

A big plus of this gel is its availability in financial terms. Many creams with anti-age effect are difficult to call a budget option due to high prices. The same applies to cosmetological procedures in beauty salons. If there are no funds for the purchase of expensive cosmetic products, and the skin needs to be visibly rejuvenated and refreshed, the gel “Kuriozin” will become a real find.

It is important to remember that the effect of this tool will be noticeable only if it is applied regularly. The use of gel is not a reason to refuse moisturizers, nourishing masks. All these tools should be used in the complex. This will enhance the effect of "Kuriozin" and a positive effect on the skin.

How to use "Curiosin" for wrinkles?

Apply gel "Kuriozin", the reviews about which in most cases are positive, you can separately or combine it with a cream suitable for skin type.Beauticians advise to use gel courses: after a month of use should be a break for three to four months, after which the procedures are resumed again.

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On the basis of the gel, you can prepare a mask with a rejuvenating effect. Apply in its pure form on his face is also possible. It is important to rub it into the skin with light movements, and apply a moisturizer over it.

Wrinkle Cream Recipe with Curiosin

Gel "Kuriozin" may also act as a component of homemade cream. The recipe for its preparation is quite simple: the gel must be combined with vitamins A and E and a few drops of orange essential oil. These vitamins are most useful for fading skin that needs nourishing. The mixture should be applied along the massage lines over the entire face, avoiding the area around the eyes. This procedure should be carried out twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The gel can also be added to skin serums and hand creams.


Before using this or that tool, it is necessary to study its composition and instruction. Reviews of kurozin indicate that its components are not capable of harm.However, in case of individual intolerance of one of them, the course of skin restoration should not be carried out. Pregnant and lactating women should also refrain from using the drug, since no studies have been conducted on its effect on the fetus and baby.

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The list of contraindications also include:

  • allergic to one of the components of the tool;
  • the presence of open wounds on the face;
  • skin hypersensitivity;
  • purulent skin lesions;
  • acute skin diseases;
  • recent surgeries on the face.

The use of gel "Kuriozin", reviews of which confirm its positive effect on the skin, will be an excellent alternative to salon procedures. But relying only on this tool in the struggle for the youth of the skin is impractical. It is also necessary to use other cosmetic products for face care, which are aimed at cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing.

Adverse reactions

The instructions for use of the gel "Kuriozin" and reviews mention that its use can provoke a number of adverse reactions. This happens very rarely, and, as a rule, the reason lies in the incorrect use of the gel or ignoring contraindications. The list of side effects includes:

  • rash and itching;
  • burning and redness of the skin in places where the remedy was applied;
  • feeling of tightness.

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If, after using the gel, such discomfort appears, it is worth getting a consultation with a dermatologist. After examining the patient, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate antiallergic drugs. In any case, it is not necessary to continue applying the agent when negative reactions appear.

Can I apply the gel under the eyes?

The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, so the gel "Kuriozin" in its pure form is not suitable for it. To moisturize the skin, remove puffiness and smooth fine wrinkles, the product can be diluted with a regular cream. Even in such a combination, the gel is capable of provoking an allergic reaction, so before using it, you need to carry out a small test: apply a product to the skin of the wrist and observe how the skin will react. If redness and itching does not occur, the gel can be added to creams.

"Curiosin" for acne

The great advantage of this tool is not only its effectiveness in the struggle for the youth of the skin and reasonable price. In the reviews and in the instructions for use "Curiosin" said that the gel has worked well as an ointment against acne and acne. The gel treats skin diseases of various origins.

To get rid of inflammatory elements on the face, you need to regularly apply the tool to the affected places. This drug can also be a good prevention of rashes. In this case, it should be applied to the skin twice a day. If there is a feeling of tightness, the gel should be applied more thinly.

The appearance of skin problems is most often caused by internal diseases, hormonal disorders. In this case, eliminate acne and acne with the use of cosmetic products is not always possible. The tool can work in the complex. Rely on its effect in acute skin diseases should not be.

Opinions of dermatologists

Doctors-dermatologists confirm the effectiveness of the gel "Kuriozin", since it contains hyaluronic acid. However, physicians do not recommend relying on only one such remedy, since the skin should produce this substance on its own. If there are no contraindications and the gel does not cause adverse reactions, dermatologists do not call for a refusal of the procedures. If there are deep wrinkles, experts advise to look at the more radical methods of rejuvenation.

Recommendations cosmetologists

Reviews of beauticians on the gel against wrinkles "Kuriozin" suggests that the tool is not for all women. The appearance of adverse reactions in most cases is a consequence of improper use of the gel. Neglect of contraindications also leads to unpleasant consequences - the skin begins to redden, itching, peeling and excessive dryness appear.

If there are no contraindications, the effect of regular application of the gel will not take long. After a few days, the skin will become hydrated, swelling will go away, mimic wrinkles will begin to smooth out. To enhance the effect of the gel, cosmetologists advise you to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. On an ongoing basis to use moisturizers that correspond to the type of skin.
  2. Do not forget about two equally important rules: properly clean the skin and tone it.
  3. To apply on the skin nourishing and moisturizing masks, in particular, on the basis of "Curiosin".
  4. Monitor nutrition. The menu should contain vegetables, fruits, cereals, greens and dairy products in abundance. Additionally, you can use vitamin complexes.
  5. To give up bad habits that not only worsen the state of health, but also are destructive for the skin of the face.
  6. Drink plenty of clean water daily.
  7. Spend as much time as possible in the fresh air and do not forget about physical activity.

Before using non-professional means for skin rejuvenation, you should consult with a beautician to study the reviews. Gel "Kuriozin", the price of which is considered quite affordable, is the drug that is able to improve the condition of the skin, but for its effect to be extremely positive, it is important to take all these recommendations into account.

Reviews of the gel "Kuriozin"

There are more than enough reviews about this tool. Many women note that after applying the gel, a burning sensation and swelling appeared on the skin. Most likely, such adverse reactions appeared due to individual intolerance of one of the components of the drug. Positive reviews of the gel - the phenomenon is not uncommon. Consumers say that after several days of regular use of the product, the skin has become much fresher, dryness has gone.Some girls are sure that the gel will show itself better if you apply a moisturizer on top of it.

With regard to smoothing wrinkles, then here opinions differ. Someone managed to get rid of the first signs of aging skin, and someone did not see a positive result. From the best side gel has proved itself as a remedy for problem skin. The girls note that after applying the ointment to the sites with rashes, the skin condition has noticeably improved. The positive effect is most noticeable in the initial forms of acne. Gel could not cope with serious skin diseases.


The youth of the skin depends on many factors, so relying on the use of a miracle gel with a wonderful composition is not appropriate. In order for the skin to shine with health and stay fresh as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of cosmetologists and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The gel itself is an aid that can be used in combination with other procedures. Before you start a course of rejuvenation, you should study the instructions and reviews about "Kuriozin".The price of this drug is about 300 rubles. Compared with other anti-wrinkle products, gel is easy to access. Noticeable improvements will not be visible immediately.

Regular application of the gel, mixing it with creams and adding to the mask will help to fill the skin with moisture, remove facial wrinkles, give elasticity. You can buy this gel in any pharmacy.

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