"Garnier" series "Clean skin" (3 in 1): reviews, composition, instruction

If you have oily skin that causes permanent problems, you should not be upset. You will help the special series Garnier "Clean Skin". Clogged pores, shine, black spots, permanent rashes - these are the tasks solved by these means. We offer to get acquainted with the most effective product of the series "Garnier" "Clean Skin" (3 in 1). Reviews show that the skin after its application becomes radiant and smooth.garnier clean skin 3 in 1 reviews

Advanced and Affordable Cosmetics Garnier

Who is the manufacturer of "Garnier" "Clean Skin" (3 in 1)? For over a hundred years, the Garnier brand from L'Oreal has been producing cosmetics that meet the needs of body care. She is the second in a row in this well-known group, whose cosmetics are distributed in 65 countries of the world. New peaks Garnier achieves thanks to its optimism and dynamic mood.

Mark was created at the beginning of the XX century by the Frenchman Alfred Amour Garnier. The name of the brand is connected with his name. As a hairdresser, perfumer and haberdasher, he created a great hair lotion.Today, Garnier has many subsidiary brands that offer a huge range of cosmetics.

Initially, the company became famous in the field of home hair dyeing. Later, the brand Garnier began to offer face care products. Particularly popular sunscreen series. The company receives high-quality ingredients from natural raw materials.

The values ​​of the brand is nobility, solidarity and respect. The motto of the company is also appropriate: "Take care of yourself." All products Garnier is 100% natural ingredients, has a rich texture and has a pleasant aroma.garnier clean skin 3 in 1 price

Tasks solved by "Clean Skin"

Adolescence is accompanied by not only changes in behavior, but also often unpleasant rash on the face. There is a restructuring of the hormonal system, internal organs, all this is reflected on the skin. Many seek the help of cosmetologists to keep a clean face. Daily care with the Clean Skin series will also help combat these unpleasant symptoms.

Cleansing, toning, renewing, moisturizing products of this line significantly improve the condition of the skin with acne.They fight comedones, narrow pores, protect the skin from inflammation. This series of products is contained in blue packages, bottles are white and have tubes with blue caps.

Garnier Gel Scrub Mask is a cosmetic product of a renowned manufacturer with triple action. The result depends on the method of application. Three cosmetic forms allow you to achieve perfect skin radiance. Preservation of youth of the epidermis begins with its purification. Reviews of "Garnier" "Clean skin" (3 in 1) indicate the solution of the following tasks:

  • Cleansing the surface of the skin from dead particles that impede cell renewal.
  • Removal of accumulated dirt, cleansing the face from dust and lipids.
  • Normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduction of sebum and the formation of unsightly luster.
  • Elimination of blackheads, blackheads, acne.
  • Deep pore cleaning, dirt accumulation warning.
  • Refreshing effect, restoring the natural color and radiance of the epidermis.
  • Giving skin tone, stimulation of microcirculation of blood and metabolism.
  • Prevention of early aging of the skin, the preservation of their youth and beauty.
  • Elimination of irritation from inflamed skin.
  • Disposal of pigments, rough surfaces.
  • Giving a dull skin.

White clay

Triple action

Today, the rating "Garnier" "Clean Skin" (3 in 1), which is described in the article, is quite high. The triple function of the tool allows you to save on cosmetics and buy a universal product in one package. The basis of this cosmetic product includes three products: gel, scrub, mask.

The gel provides daily cleansing of the skin. It reduces sebum secretion, prevents shine, removes dirt accumulated during the day. It removes 89% of excess sebum.

Tiny exfoliating abrasive scrub particles remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis. The scrub fights black spots and accumulated pollution.

Due to its healing qualities, the mask improves the condition of the problem skin, normalizes the functions of the epidermis, restores its health. The ingredients in this product soothe and regenerate the epidermis, even out the complexion and give it a natural glow and dullness.

Means "Garnier" "Clean Skin" (3 in 1): composition

The basis of cosmetic products include active substances of various actions. We offer you its description. The main component is zinc oxide. White clay is responsible for the cleansing effect. Moisturizing takes on hyaluronic acid. Pumice particles are used as an abrasive. They clean the top layer of the skin from dead cells and promote metabolic processes.

For the normalization of the secretion of the sebaceous glands is responsible extract of Smithsonite, which has a keratoregulatory action. Under his influence, the face becomes dull and acquires a natural color. Salicylic acid and a complex of minerals play a huge role in this cosmetic product.Garnier clean skin 3 in 1 description

Zinc Oxide Value

Many cosmetic and hygiene products are composed of zinc oxide. He is present in the "Garnier" "Clean Skin" (3 in 1). Reviews of the tool prove that it helps protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Zinc oxide acts as an antiseptic, heals wounds, dries the skin.

It is completely harmless to the epidermis and is an inert mineral that does not irritate the skin. With him, the skin quickly recovers from acne.This is a reliable protection against the penetration of bacteria and scarring. Zinc minimizes acne formation, tightens enlarged pores.

White clay

There are many wonderful natural products that help keep your face in top condition. One of them is white clay, which is very widely used in cosmetology. It was her and included experts in the "Garnier" "Clean Skin" (3 in 1). Reviews show its effectiveness.

Scientifically white clay is called kaolin. This type of clay is universal. It contains small particles, which are excellent absorbents. They absorb toxins, poisons, gases. Clay use for burns, wounds. On its basis, make heat packs. It is even suitable for baby powders and toothpastes.

White clay dries the skin of the face, cleanses and whitens. It perfectly cleans and tightens pores, relieves inflammation and irritation. It is an indispensable ingredient for combating rashes, inflammations and fat. Its long-term use evens out skin color, improves collagen production. Over time, the skin becomes elastic, elastic, the contours of the face are tightened and fine wrinkles disappear.

The skin under the influence of white clay becomes matte and clean. Available in its composition silicon contributes to the strength and elasticity of the skin. Manganese and aluminum are struggling with excess sebum. Kaolin still plays the role of a soft scrub. This is a very effective peeling and mask for the skin with inflamed acne.garnier clean skin 3 in 1 manufacturer

Action of hyaluronic acid and glycerin

Gilauronic acid, part of the "Garnier", is very widely used in cosmetology. It is actively used for subcutaneous injections in such methods as biorevitalization, mesotherapy, redermalization. This acid is a hydrocolloid, which is included in the intercellular substance of tissues and is involved in cell division and nutrition, providing moisturizing of the skin.

Gilauronic acid in the composition of "Clean Skin" gently dries the epidermis and promotes a complete metabolism. It acts in four directions: rejuvenating, moisturizing, smoothing, anti-inflammatory. Hyaluronic acid cosmetics never cause allergies.

Component number one in many cosmetics is glycerin. He is present in the Garnier. Its main task is to keep the skin moist and soft.In appearance, glycerin (to moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out, it is used most often) resembles a colorless viscous mass. This substance is absolutely safe.

Mode of application

Get acquainted with the instruction "Garnier" "Clean skin" (3 in 1). Since this cosmetic product has three directions, you need to know the sequence of actions. If you want to use the product as a gel for washing, then apply a small portion of the product to wet skin. Then, with a light massaging motion, foam the gel and remove accumulations of dirt. Carefully wash the foam from your face. As a gel product can be used every day.

Means of the series "Garnier" "Clean Skin" will serve you as a wonderful scrub. Squeeze a small amount out of the vial and massage it into the moist skin of the face with a massaging movement. Pay special attention to the chin, forehead and nose. Spend the procedure for 3-4 minutes. Then rinse with water. As a scrub, use the product every other day.

If you need a mask, squeeze more money and apply it with a thick layer on the face. To absorb the active substances, leave the mask for 5 minutes. Then rinse everything.Enough double application per week. You can apply a mask with a special brush.Garnier clean skin 3 in 1 instruction

Little tips

Many on the shelf can find a wonderful tool from the Garnier series "Clean Skin" (3 in 1). Most often it is acquired in connection with the appearance of black spots, acne. Acquaintance with the gel-scrub mask "Clean Skin" begins in adolescence.

If you do not know the cost of this tool, how long it lasts, we will tell you. Price "Garnier" "Clean Skin" (3 in 1) is 350 rubles per 50 ml tube. You can buy a large bottle of funds - 150 ml, it will be enough for six months of use.

This tool has a rather thick texture, very smoothly squeezed out of a tube, has a snow-white color with small bluish inclusions. The texture of the gel-scrub-mask resembles a clay mask that foams well.

This Garnier remedy (3 in 1) smells like sea with a hint of menthol and cucumber. If necessary, use it to remove makeup. A special brush improves blood flow, the skin becomes matte, the complexion evens out.

When applied as a mask, you can wait for it to dry.Then wet your fingers and remove it in the form of peeling-roll. Black dots will disappear completely, and the skin will become very smooth. Here are the advantages due to which it is worth acquiring such a remedy from Garnier (3 in 1):

  • deep cleansing of the epidermis;
  • alignment and matting of the skin;
  • removal of black points;
  • economy and affordability;
  • ease of use;
  • triple action.Garnier clean skin 3 in 1 composition

Consumer reviews

Reviews about "Garnier" "Clean skin" (3 in 1) mostly positive. Some customers purchased a gel-scrub mask after seeing ads. Many did not understand how a triple product could be placed in one tube. Grateful consumers liked this idea. It is a pleasure to wash them, the skin creaks from purity. It becomes soft and tender, like a peach.

Consumers note the good quality of the scrub: the particles in it are very small, so do not cause any harm to delicate skin. Exfoliation is very delicate, horny scales are removed. Small changes are observed after the first application.

Most consumers like the triple product as a mask. At first, she tingles a little pleasantly, and then gives it a chill.The mask is beneficial in that it can be applied in the morning before work. 3 minutes is enough, and the skin will shine!

Buyers call the Garnier brand one of the high-profile European brands, which they like very much, it is a pleasure to use it! The aroma of the gel-scrub-mask refreshes and invigorates.

This product is very affordable, you can buy it at any supermarket or cosmetic store.

The owners of the problem skin have written the “Garnier” series “Clean Skin” (3 in 1) into long-livers on their cosmetic shelves. After all, to deal with problem skin is very difficult. Some teenagers do not resort to anything until they find a curative remedy suitable for them! In the course are skins, lotions, gels, scrubs. For many, they cause allergic reactions, redness and spots appear on the skin. For the same tool nothing like was observed.

It is also perfectly suited for combination skin. In this case, a large tube of gel-scrub-mask lasts for a whole year. Consumers are satisfied with the main beneficial components in the form of white clay, zinc and salicylic acid. Those who bought the product for several years, noticed a change in the design of packaging and composition.Price "Garnier" "Clean skin" (3 in 1) is quite affordable.

Some buyers call this product from the Garnier series (3 in 1) an express assistant for getting rid of unpleasant surprises on the skin of the face. If suddenly there is a painful pimple, rashes and redness, it is enough to put a little product on them, smear and leave until morning. The inflamed skin for the night calms down and takes on a familiar look.

It is important to remember that there is no miracle in the fight against problem skin, but with proper care using the “Garnier” series “Clean Skin” (3 in 1) you can visibly clean, nourish and moisturize the epidermis.

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