Gaming Motherboards: Review of the best models and reviews

Game motherboard - device, not less thanimportant for a PC than a processor, a memory module, or a video card, which are believed to have a decisive influence on the performance of the computer. Which of the models of the corresponding type of devices can be classified as the most functional, and at the same time affordable?

Gaming Motherboards

What are the latest solutions supporting Intel and AMD chips?

The best gaming motherboards for modernPCs are more likely to be found by considering solutions that are equipped with chips from the world's leading manufacturers of the appropriate type of electronic components - Intel and AMD brands. If we talk about the latest chips from Intel - among such attention deserve such chipsets, such as, for example, H97 / Z97, as well as X99. Concerning competing products from AMD - you can consider the chips line A85 / A88X.

In turn, solutions from both brands caninstalled in the products of the widest range of world producers. Game motherboards are produced by such major companies as ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, and ASRock. Consider the peculiarities of using AMD chips in the most popular motherboard modifications, which are produced by the marked brands - in those price ranges that are acceptable for most users, as well as the key capabilities of the corresponding solutions.

Game solutions from ASUS based on AMD chipset

Among the most famous products from ASUS in the segment of gaming motherboards is the Crossblade Ranger device.

ASUS Motherboard

This device:

- Designed in ATX format;

- compatible with CrossFire technology.

Equipped with a modern network controller, as well as a high-performance audio module. The motherboard under consideration is characterized as being well overclockable.

Motherboards from MSI based on AMD chipsets

The next largest brand that producesmotherboards for gaming computers - MSI. Among the most notable of its products is the A88XM Gaming device. This device refers to those that are based, therefore, on the AMD chipset.

Motherboard MSI

The motherboard in questionis constructed, in turn, based on the microATX format. With its help, you can assemble a computer of smaller dimensions than in the case of using the previous solution from ASUS. The solution in question is notable for the CrossFire standard support, as well as the high-performance audio module. This motherboard also has an excellent quality network controller. Among other distinctive features of the device is the presence of 8 SATA ports in version 3.0. Like the solution from ASUS, it's easy to overclock.

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Another interesting product from MSI is the motherMSI 970 board. Equipped with PCI Express x16 slots, supports CrossFire standard. It can also accelerate well, thanks to the modern power subsystem of the main chip, which functions when 8 phases are used. The device is equipped with a high-performance audio module, which is supplemented by capacitors and amplifiers. The motherboard also has a technological network controller.

Solutions from ASRock based on AMD chipsets

Another well-known brand that produces gamingmotherboards - company ASRock. If we consider modern models of devices manufactured by him, then we can pay attention to the product FM2A88X. It is also based on the AMD chipset. It is executed, in turn, in miniATX format. Among the most noteworthy features of this motherboard is the availability of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Motherboards gaming prices

The next known product from ASRock is the 990FX. Also based on the AMD chipset. Equipped with a PCI Express 2.0 bus. It has 8 SATA ports in version 3.0, as well as a high-performance network controller. After reviewing motherboards based on AMD chipsets, we will now study the specifics of the products in which the chips from Intel are installed.

Solutions from ASUS based on Intel chips

ASUS is among the brands thatsuccessfully produce devices that function both on the basis of chips from Intel, and with the use of those that are released by the main competitor of this brand - AMD. An example of a similar product is the H97-PRO motherboard. It is based on the ATX format. It is noteworthy that this motherboard, in spite of the fact that it is equipped with an Intel chip, can support the CrossFire standard, which is considered typical for AMD products.

Among the main competitive advantages thatcharacterize the solution in question - support for standards such as SATA Express, as well as M2. Also, the device is equipped with a high-tech network controller and sound processing system, in which there are capacitors, operational amplification modules, as well as screening from noise.

The market has gaming motherboards ASUS,which are based on another modern chipset from Intel - Z97. Among them - the product MAXIMUS VII FORMULA. It is based on the ATX format. Equipped with 3 slots such as PCI Express x16 and x1. Supports CrossFire and SLI standards. The considered motherboard is characterized as one of the most optimal, in terms of overclocking.

The most powerful of the products manufactured by Intelchips today - X99. It is designed for use with 8-core chips based on Haswell-E microarchitecture, as well as using DDR4 RAM modules. ASUS also produces motherboards that support X99 chips.

Among such products is the device RAMPAGE VEXTREME. This motherboard has large dimensions, because it is based on the E-ATX format. The device is equipped with 5 connectors like PCI Express x16, a high-tech network controller. The device supports wireless standards Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The motherboard is equipped with a high-performance audio subsystem.

Solutions from ASRock with support for Intel chips

Motherboards for gaming computers withSupport for modern chipsets Intel is also produced by MSI. Among the most notable solutions produced by this brand in the corresponding segment are the product Z97M. It is performed in the format of microATX. In this motherboard there are 4 expansion slots, there are connectors such as SATA Express, as well as high-speed M2. There is a high-tech sound module, as well as a powerful controller.

Solutions from GIGABYTE with support for Intel chipsets

Excellent gaming motherboards with support for chips produced by Intel, produces another well-known brand - GIGABYTE. Among the most notable of its solutions is the product GA-H97M.

Good gaming motherboard

It is equipped with a high-performance networkprocessor and optimized by the use of operational amplifiers sound codec. It can be noted that in the bundle of the device comes a disk with a special program for working with sound. The product is based on the microATX format.

Solutions from MSI with support for Intel chips

MSI gaming motherboards also come withto the market in the modifications that support the chipsets from Intel. Among these are the H97I AC device. With the help of this motherboard it is possible to assemble a computer in a particularly compact format. The device is equipped with a wireless module, as well as a high-performance PCI Express x16 connector.

As for devices supporting the chipset Z97 -MSI also successfully produces them. An example of such a solution is the motherboard Z97 XPOWER. First of all, it is worth noting the size of the corresponding model - it corresponds to the format of E-ATX. Therefore, its location is assumed in a large enough PC case. The device is equipped with a high-tech cooling system. The motherboard has 5 slots such as PCI Express x16, as well as 2 PCI Express x1. Each of them can operate within the limits of the speeds guaranteed by the third verity of the corresponding data transmission standard. Technology CrossFire device also supports.

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The MSI brand also produces devices that are compatible withchip X99. Among these are the X99S MPOWER product. This device is also considered as one of those that are best optimized for overclocking. As some experts note, in the appropriate mode of operation the device functions stably, without significant disruptions. The device is equipped with a powerful controller and a high-tech audio codec.

Choosing a motherboard for games: the main criteria

How to choose a motherboard for a computer designed for games? The main criteria that experts recommend orienting themselves when buying the appropriate type of devices are as follows.

First, it is worth determining for whichspecifically games are supposed to assemble a PC. The fact is that even the most inexpensive computers are able to run games with average requirements with almost the same speed as do the devices assembled from premium components. Therefore, perhaps it makes no sense to purchase a motherboard that supports the latest standards - for example, DDR 4. It may well be sufficient for its compatibility with traditional for the segment of gaming solutions technologies. Such as, for example, support for DDR3 memory, the ability to connect devices through the SATA interface in version 3.0. Likewise, the user does not always use all the ports available on the device - for connecting RAM or video card modules. It may be more optimal to purchase a motherboard with fewer connectors. It is desirable that the device is equipped with a high-performance network controller, as well as a technological sound module. Optionally, it may be preferable to support the device with wireless modules.

Secondly, you need to look at the form factor of the motherboard, which determines, in fact, its size. It is undesirable that it exceeds the dimensions of the used PC chassis. Best of all, if its form factor and the corresponding performance standard of the motherboard will completely coincide.

Thirdly, the user needs to decide,whether it needs additional options on the motherboard - such as, for example, support for wireless modules. Even the best gaming motherboards - if you consider their performance and functionality in terms of supporting various connectors, may not be compatible with the corresponding technologies.

The device, of course, must be fullycompatible with other electronic components, which is supposed to be placed on it. There are 2 main brands that produce chipsets for such devices as game motherboards - Intel and AMD. If the device is designed to work with a chip from Intel, it is practically impossible to install AMD processors into it. Also, you should check whether other devices are compatible with the connectors of the motherboard being purchased. Such as, for example, a video card and an audio card.

So, a modern mother game board for games:

- Supports the required chipset;

- has a sufficient number of ports;

- Supports traditional or advanced memory modules - respectively, DDR3 and DDR4;

- equipped with a modern network controller, sound module, optional - support for wireless standards;

- balanced in terms of technology support and price.

The specifics of the last paragraph can be considered in more detail.

How much do modern motherboards for gaming PCs cost?

We will study, therefore, the price aspect of the choicesuch devices as game motherboards. The prices for them are predetermined by the degree of novelty, compatibility with the chip from a particular brand, and also by supported standards. Concerning the solutions that are based on AMD chips in the A88X version, their price is in the range between 4 500 - 12 000 rubles. The cost of motherboards, in which the newest chips from Intel - X99 are installed, is much higher - reaches 20 000 rubles and more.

In this case, among the brands we examined, there is noThose that can be unambiguously described as budgetary or bonus. A good gaming motherboard, in principle, can not be cheap. However, from the whole spectrum of devices on the market it is quite possible to find one that will have the optimal price, in terms of user requirements and performance.

Reviews about devaysah

How to choose a motherboard for a computer, wenow we know. It will also be useful to learn what the users themselves say about their experience of operating a PC in which devices based on a particular chip are installed.

Motherboards for gaming computers

Enthusiasts of gambling devices admit thatThe motherboards that support the latest chips from AMD and Intel are really well suited for overclocking - even if they are installed on inexpensive computers, in terms of their equipment with the type of processor, RAM modules and video card. This feature many users consider one of the main aspects of the consumer qualities of gaming motherboards. The game may need to overclock any hardware component.

Increase in appropriate wayThe performance of the motherboard can significantly accelerate and improve the launch of certain games. The devices considered by us are characterized by users as sufficiently stable and functional. In terms of technology support among them, of course, there are devices that can be called explicit leaders, but there are those devices that are somewhat behind in the level of compatibility with modern solutions.

However, the acquisition of the second, as a rule,allows you to save considerably, and at the same time be able to run games with high-quality graphics - if they involve not the most advanced standards. As for the attendant, not directly related to the performance in the games, the functions of motherboards - in particular, sound processing or Wi-Fi communication - specific complaints from users are not considered by the users. The corresponding modules, as noted by fans of electronics, work stably and are installed very easily due to the availability of drivers.

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