Galettes - what is it and how to cook it?

Galettes - what is it? You will receive an exhaustive answer to this question in the article submitted. In addition, we will talk about how you can prepare yourself a delicious dessert, which will never give up either a child or an adult.

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General information

Galettes - what is it? This word was formed from the old French "gal", which literally means "boulder" or "naked". Thus, biscuits are a crispy light puff-dry biscuit, which is in great demand among modern consumers. The popularity of this dessert is due, first of all, to the fact that it is very convenient to store and transport.

Composition and types of cookies

Galettes - what is it? Answering the question left, it should be said that such a dessert is prepared only from high-grade wheat flour with the addition of ordinary water, salt, baking powder, sugar and yeast (sometimes). Today you can buy two main types of biscuits. They differ among themselves in composition. Thus, the confectionery factories produce simple dry biscuits (that is, crackers) and fatty ones, in which margarine or butter is added.

Shelf life

Galettes - what is it? This is a dry biscuit that retains its nutritional qualities for up to 24 months. That is why they are widely popular in the navy, in the army, in expeditions, as well as among tourists, climbers and speleologists.

It should be noted that dry salted biscuits(or crackers) are often served to beer. By the way, for this purpose, a cookie with cheese is ideal. As for fatty biscuits, their properties persist for about 6 months. According to the culinary experts, any kind of such dessert should have only a layered structure, it is easy to crack and quickly get wet in the water.biscuits recipe

Army biscuits: a recipe for cooking

For the preparation of dry products we will need the following ingredients:

  • high-grade flour - 4 glasses;
  • soda food - pinch;
  • drinking water at room temperature - 1-2 cups;
  • salt shallow - 1 large spoon;
  • any filler (for example, ground cumin seeds) - to taste.

Kneading test

Before baking dry biscuits, biscuits should becarefully knead the base. For this, it is required to combine high-grade flour, baking soda, fine table salt and a small amount of filler in one bowl. Next, you need to pour in a little water and knead a tight dough that does not stick to your hands.

Process of formation and baking

Once the base is implicated, it follows thatroll it into a thin layer (3 mm) and cut into small squares. Each product is recommended to pierce several times with a fork, and then put it on a dry baking tray, which must be pre-veneered with parchment paper.

Bake army biscuits in the oven should beabout half an hour. After that, the cookies need to be turned over and maintained the same amount of time. Ready-made salted crackers should have a brownish tinge. If they are well dried, then they will maintain their nutritional quality for a long time.cookies biscuits

Cooking fatty biscuits

For the preparation of high-calorie cookies, the following products are required:

  • eggs large - 2 pcs .;
  • granulated sugar - ½ cup;
  • margarine for baking - 160 g;
  • soda canteen - a small pinch;
  • wheat flour high-grade - about 3 glasses.

Preparation of the dough

To make the basis for fatty biscuits,strongly beat up eggs of chicken, and then add sugar to them and mix thoroughly. Further, it is required to melt the cooking oil, slightly cool it and pour it to the egg mass. There it is also necessary to add baking soda and gradually pour in high-grade flour. As a result of these actions, you should get an elastic and fairly thick dough, which very well falls apart from the fingers. To make it convenient to roll it, it is recommended to put it in a bag and leave it in the freezer for 25 minutes.

Formation and heat treatment

After the indicated time, the mixedthe base should be removed from the freezer and thinly rolled into a sheet, pre-sprinkling flour dough. The resulting layer is cut into slices with a glass, and then put on baking paper and sent to a preheated oven. Bake such products should be about 50 minutes.

army biscuits

Correct feed to the table

Dry biscuits cooked at home,it is recommended to serve to the table in a cooled state. But fatty biscuits can be presented immediately after baking. By the way, dessert on margarine turns out a little softer and tastier than ordinary crackers. But such a biscuit take a long trip will not work, because its food quality it does not last long.

Useful advice to housewives

If you want to make biscuits yourself,then it is not necessary to adhere to the above recipes. Today, these cookies are made in different ways. Someone adds nuts and candied fruit to it, and someone uses sunflower kernels and ground cinnamon.

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Galettes - what is it and how to cook it Galettes - what is it and how to cook it Galettes - what is it and how to cook it Galettes - what is it and how to cook it Galettes - what is it and how to cook it Galettes - what is it and how to cook it