"Fulflex": instructions for use, price, analogues and reviews

Gout - a disease of the joints, tormenting more than one thousand people. It is characterized by severe pains that intensify at the peak of the exacerbation of the disease. There is a disease from malnutrition, drinking alcohol, overeating and accumulation due to this in the body uric acid, which eventually turns into salts, affecting the joints. The main symptom of gout is inflammation of the joint of the first phalanx of the big toe, which is accompanied by obvious redness, swelling and severe pain. There may also be pain in other joints.

Fulfeks instructions for useFor the treatment of gout, you should use a diet in which products that provoke the development of this disease are excluded. These include:

  • red meat;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • coffee;
  • cocoa and chocolate;
  • salty and sweet products in large quantities in the daily diet.

In addition, in the case of frequent exacerbations, special preparations are taken to suppress the inflammatory process, which also includes Fullex.Instructions for use of the drug is simple and accessible.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Available "Fulflex" in the form of cream and ointment for topical use or capsules for oral administration.

The main active ingredients of the drug are natural plant substances: fragrant martini root, as well as white willow bark. Both elements are indispensable for people suffering from joint disease at any stage. Martiniia is designed to bind uric acid and remove it from the body, and the bark serves to reduce inflammation in the affected areas, relieves pain and reduces swelling, thereby ensuring joint mobility.

Cream "Fulfeks" (instructions for use in this case differs from the instructions for capsules) contains a number of additional components. Among them:Cream fulflex instruction manual

  • D-panthenol;

  • various essential oils (eucalyptus, juniper, fir, sage, etc.);

  • royal jelly and a few more bee products;

  • a large amount of vitamins;

  • stearin, glycerin and other saturated fats;

  • A large number of extracts of various medicinal plants.

The drug, which contains so many natural elements, is really indispensable for those who have been tortured with problems and pain in the joints.

Indications for use

Initially, the drug is recommended for the treatment of gout and, of course, copes well with this function, however, "Fulflex" instructions for use allows you to take and for such diseases as:Fulfeks instructions for use price

  • myalgia;

  • lumbago;

  • rheumatism;

  • osteochondrosis;

  • arthritis.

Also, “Fulflex” (capsules, instructions for use of which indicate that they are more likely to belong to the category of dietary supplements) in some cases helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the patient’s blood and acts as a diuretic.

Mode of application

If we talk about the use of the drug, then the Fullex ointment, the instructions for use, advises rubbing into the areas of the inflamed joints twice a day (preferably in the morning, immediately after waking up, and at night). To use the ointment is necessary to reduce inflammation, the disappearance of acute pain and improve the condition of the joints.

Capsules "Fulflex" take as an additive to the diet once a day, the duration of reception is one month. If necessary, after a while the course can be repeated.Fulflex capsules instructions for use

The best treatment is a combination of ointment, capsules and proper nutrition. Then the result from the use of drugs will come faster, and the effect will be much higher, because it is the poor diet that is the main cause of the disease, and the drug only helps to stabilize the situation in the patient's body.


Due to the fact that the drug is made on the basis of natural herbal ingredients, it has only a few contraindications, but you should definitely pay attention to them in order not to cause even greater harm to health. It is undesirable to take "Fulflex" from gout (instructions for use, reviews and expert opinion confirm this) if the following conditions and conditions are present:

  • sensitivity or intolerance of at least one of the plant components, as well as allergic reactions to them;

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;

  • patient age up to 14 years.

Side Effects and Overdose

In the case of preparations of the Fulfex series, the instructions for use (tablets, cream, ointment) do not describe any cases of overdose or side effects.At the same time, some patients may experience allergic reactions due to the use of the drug, as herbal ingredients, unfortunately, are not suitable for use by all. If such reactions began to manifest themselves, the use of the drug should be abandoned and an analogue should be found that does not contain substances that provoke an allergy directly in this patient.

Features of the drug

Ointment fulfks instructions for use

The drug "Fulfex", instructions for use, the price and reviews of which are an incentive for a quick purchase, does not apply to radical drugs, and therefore is available in pharmacies and various retail chains, of course, without a prescription. At the same time, both patients and doctors speak very positively of the drug, because already in the first days, patients suffering from gout for years feel relief from pain and a decrease in inflammation.

Despite all the described benefits of Fulflex, the instructions for use of which and a number of reviews describe the drug as very effective, does not provide a 100% guarantee of cure. Even after a full course of therapy, an attack may recur after a while, if the patient does not change his usual way of life.After all, in order to overcome the diseases of the joints, it is necessary to radically review their daily food menu, eradicate harmful habits, etc. Only in this case can we expect relief from pain forever.

Analogs of "Fulflex"

The drug has a fairly large number of analogues, but not all of them have been properly tested and have the same positive feedback from physicians. Among the alternative means can be found as dietary supplements, and directly medicines, the origin of which may be plant or chemical. Each of the drugs acts in its own way: some relieve pain, some help cleanse the body of uric acid, which is the cause of all suffering. Then, perhaps, another relapse will come soon.

The most popular among the analogues of the drug "Allopurinol" and "Colchicine". They are prescribed mainly by doctors, and an independent decision on the beginning of patient use is made quite rarely.

"Colchicine": abstract

Gulf fulflex instructions for use reviews"Colchicine" as well as "Fulfex" (the instructions for use confirm this), refers to herbal preparations.The main active component is autumn crocus. Form release - pills. The main effect of the remedy is anesthesia, so it is often prescribed for an acute attack of gout. The effect occurs 3 hours after application, but without another dose can not last more than 12 hours. The maximum number of tablets per day can not exceed 10 pcs., Otherwise overdose may occur, accompanied by such side effects as:

  • decrease in the patient's blood neutrophil and leukocyte count;

  • nausea, in some cases turning into vomiting, diarrhea;

  • allergic skin reactions;

  • in men, sperm cell reproduction may be significantly reduced;

  • muscle dystrophy.

Contraindications for the drug a little more. In addition to those mentioned in the instructions for Fulflex, renal and hepatic insufficiency is also added, and the drug may be prescribed to pregnant women under the constant supervision of the attending physician.

"Allopurinol": use, contraindications, side effects

Fulfeks tablet instructions"Allopurinol" is a synthetic drug that, by its composition, allows direct treatment of gout.It promotes the removal of harmful acids from the patient's body, while performing a diuretic function. The drug has no analgesic effect, therefore, the additional use of other medicines is recommended. The dosage is determined by the doctor individually for each patient, depending on the severity of the disease. A decrease in the level of uric acid in the body is observed already after two days.

The drug can be used only in a clinical setting with constant supervision by the attending physician, whose main focus is on the functions of the kidneys and liver.

The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects of drug treatment:

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, vomiting;

  • urticaria and other skin rashes;

  • impaired sleep, depression, severe headaches and dizziness;

  • stomatitis;

  • arterial hypertension, bradycardia;

  • uremia, sometimes puffiness, hematuria.


Always attached to the drug "Fulflex" instructions for use. Its price is affordable and amounts to about 200 rubles for a cream and about 400 rubles for capsules.It is the most harmless and easy to use drug, but do not forget: the analogues described at the end of the article are certified pharmacological medicines, which are prescribed mainly for clinical treatment, while Fulflex can be used without prior consultation with a doctor, home conditions. However, a visit to a specialist should not be neglected. Be healthy!

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