Fruit drinks and juices: methods of preparation

Almost everyone at any age wants tolook young and beautiful. But this requires a lot of effort. One of the most important components of health and youth is proper nutrition. It plays a big role in human life. But in order to achieve maximum effect, you need not only to eat properly, but also to drink fruit drinks. They have a lot of vitamins. Perhaps, no dish can help to achieve the effect that fruit drinks are capable of.


Every child, and even an adult, also lovesto drink juices. Fruit drinks are very useful, so parents often teach children to use them from the youngest age. But are those juices that are sold in the store useful?
On this issue, a smallthe number of people, the rest go without thinking and buy the most expensive and, in their opinion, quality juice. It is not right. In those juices that are sold in stores, there is only one name left. In fact, they are nectars. They have a very large number of food additives and colorants that harm the human body. Therefore, the best option is to make juice at home.

Method of making a fruit drink

How to prepare a fruit drinkThere are so many different tasty and useful drink recipes. All of them are prepared according to one similar principle, regardless of the components, but some elements sometimes require special processing.

First you need to take a glass and the fruit itself. They need to be finely chopped, but in such a way that all the juice does not flow out of them. Next, all the sliced ​​fruit should be put in a cup and thoroughly beaten with a mixer or crushed in a blender until this mixture becomes homogeneous.

There are different models of blenders with a ready-made plastic bowl for fruit. It remains to cut and fall asleep there, and after a few minutes the drink will be ready.

Very tasty and healthy fruit drinksare obtained from a mixture of strawberries, cowberries, banana and mint. They do not need to be fresh - you can use frozen foods for juice.

Fruit and berry drinks

fruit berry drinksThe berries are also very useful and tasty. They can be included in a fruit drink, because they also have a lot of vitamins.

To make a fruit and berry drink, you will not need anything extra - just fruits, berries and a blender.

The principle of action is still as simple: you only need to cut finely the fruit and berries and grind them in the appliance. You can beat the mixer with a mixer. If the kitchen does not have an electrical appliance, you can use a regular fork and try to grind it and beat up fruits and berries, but it will take a lot longer. Large and firm fruits (for example, apples) can be grated.

Drinks from fruit and vegetables

juices fruit drinksA mixture of fruits and vegetables in one cocktail isquite common. Such drinks are popular with raw food and vegetarians. They use them to maintain health, as well as to replenish the necessary supply of nutrients.

All fruit drinks with vegetables are prepared very simply. Here is the recipe for one of them.

To prepare such a drink from vegetables andfruits, you need to take an apple, lemon and cucumber. It may seem that the cucumber is superfluous, but it is not. It's not for nothing that women use these vegetables to rejuvenate the skin of the face!

To prepare a cocktail you need one juicea large lemon, one apple and two cucumbers. The main thing is not to overdo it. All these components are enough to mix in a blender. This drink helps to lose weight, and still strengthens the immune system to various colds.

Juices and fruit drinks are an integral part of the diet of all people who care for their health.

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