Floor stand for flower by own hands

Everything that surrounds a person in his home shouldradiate warmth and peace. All the things that fill the room, most often carry a certain information. It is necessary to strive for this information to be only positive. Indoor plants not only have a wonderful effect on a person, but are also useful for his health. And the original stand for the plant, made by own hands, will help to give the house additional comfort and harmony.

Flower stand with own hands

The role of indoor plants in human life

Many people use indoor flowers in the decorpremises. Plants, like nothing else, can revitalize even the most gray interior. But, speaking of indoor flowers, we can not say about their beneficial effect on the human body. It has long been believed that some plants have healing properties and have a beneficial effect on the health and psychological condition of a person. Most indoor flowers safely used in folk medicine. And also there is an opinion that they are able to clean the house of troubles and troubles. In addition, it is proved that plants in pots, even in small quantities, perfectly clean oxygen in the premises. In nature, there are many kinds of indoor flowers. Each plant has its own unique qualities. But most people, as is customary, choose flowers in appearance. When using colors in the decor of the room, it is important not to forget that these living beings require special attention. The most important thing is lighting and watering. And to ensure harmony in the interior, you should use the original jardiniere (from the French Jardiniere - stand, basket, shelf) for flowers. It is not necessary to buy this decor element. Stand for a flower, made by yourself, can exceed all expectations.

Interior style and stand

In order to select the material for the stand,You need to carefully study the style of the interior in the room. In principle, a flower stand is made by your own hands, it can be anything, most importantly, it should look good indoors. It is important to correctly calculate the area it will occupy, as well as the number of colors that will be on it. If there are many plants, it is better to choose a multi-level option. And if the flower is one, then in this case, the pedestal must choose a sufficiently elegant form. Stands have a variety of types. Most often, plastic, iron, wire, vine, wood, threads and unusual objects are used for their manufacture. The jardiniere can be floor, suspended, placed on the windowsills and be built into the wall. They are often decorated with decoupage, mosaics or paints. And also combine several manufacturing options at once, for example, combine wood and metal. It is not necessary to have special talents to make the original stand yourself. It is important to approach this matter with a soul.

Floor Stand

Floor stands have a variety of differentspecies. They can be in the form of ladders, multi-level shelves, in the form of a residential flowerbed, high and low, wide and narrow. Such zardinierki - the most common option for any room. They are quite practical, most often these racks are made of strong materials, such as wood, metal, plastic. They successfully look in any interior and perfectly complement any design. In order to get an original flower stand, the floor structure can be made from an unexpected object. In the design of floor jardinierok use a variety of directions. Of course, in any flower shop, as well as specialized networks, you can find many options. The advantages of such designs are that they are very practical and convenient. And in order to favorably look the stand for the flower, the floor structure should be framed in the general style of the room. The simplest design of the floor stand is a small round piece on the foot. It's very simple to do on your own. To do this, you need any compliant material for work (particleboard, wood, plastic). It is important that the stand is stable, for this purpose the diameter of the base should be approximately 20 cm. The length of the leg can be any, depending on the desired height of the jardiniere. With the help of tools, you need to cut the grooves to connect the parts. At their fastening it is necessary to use special glue.

Stand for flower outdoor

Stands made of wood

If the interior is dominated by elements of wood,then the best option is a stand for flowers from wood. Although such models jardinierek bring in any design naturalness and naturalness. They are perfectly combined with plant compositions. Wooden flower stands can be floor or suspended, they can be placed on the windowsill, and also partially built into the walls. In specialized stores often offer supports made of untreated natural wood. Thanks to this natural form, it is felt that a real living tree is growing in the house. The most common wooden stands are made of boards or special parts. They have the most diverse forms: shelves, stairs, multifunctional tables. The only place where it is undesirable to have this kind of decor is the balcony window sills. Excess moisture has a bad effect on the structure of the tree, which can lead to a short period of operation. One of the simplest variants of making such a jardiniere is a ladder. To create it, you need wooden slats, some glue or nails. All the parts need to be properly bonded. All work takes a maximum of an hour. When the main structure is ready, it must be opened with a varnish or painted in the desired color. Very interesting are the colorful staircases.

Wooden flower stands

Stands on the windowsill

Very often houseplants are located on thewindow sill. In order to clean the house - it's not very practical. Therefore, there are several types of supports on the windowsill. Most often use flat structures made of plastic or wood, varnished. But forged products look much more original. They look very unusual. They can be performed for each flower individually, as well as for several pots at once. Stands for flowers on the windowsillare made of metal and have the formlong, rectangular box. The advantages of such a jardiniere is that it is suitable even for the narrowest window sill. First of all, it's saving space. A large number of pots with flowers guarantees the appearance of a paradise flower garden. In general, it is not necessary to use special decorative stands on the windowsill. The fashion trend is a wide window sill with flowers, decorated with different trifles: books, records, toys. Absolutely any objects that are associated with the house and coziness will do. Perhaps, to think up a stand on the windowsill alone will not be very difficult. For small pots, a jardiniere, woven from a vine, is perfect. The basic construction consists of a rod or a dense wire. The rod will be the basis of the product, it must be well attached to the heavy bottom (you can use a round wooden bar). Further to it it is necessary to attach separate "branches" in a chaotic order and to decorate everything with a vine. Each pot must be braided from the bottom. The very first coil should be fixed with a wire. It remains only to assemble the structure.

Stands for flowers on the windowsill

Forged jardiniere

Stand for room colors can bemade with wrought iron. This option, perhaps, is one of the most beautiful and unusual. I want to say at once that such supports are the most durable and undemanding in care. Such models easily combine strength and delicate lightness. In addition, the forms of execution are very different: consoles, racks, slides, towers, spirals and others. Among all the products, I'd like to highlight the forged balconies. This chic part of the interior is able to turn any loggia or balcony into a real paradise flower garden. Forged products can also be used in the design of windows, placed on the walls, originally looked like a flower pot. Often, these jardiniere combine with other materials. Most often, forged stands are made to order. Variants of products can be very different: from simple abstraction and ending with figurative images and inscriptions. The only drawback of such supports is high cost. It can not be said that such zhardiniereki are easy to make by themselves. After all, to create such a design you need a special, twisting metal, device. To start, you need a sketch. For consideration, let's take a simple design consisting of three legs, fastened together in the middle. All three parts must be exactly the same, so you need to carefully take all the measurements. For manufacturing it is best to use metal of small thickness. The elegance of the whole product depends on the diameter of the rods.

Stand for room colors

High Stands

If pots with flowers in the room are enoughmany, the best option is a multi-level stand. A high stand for flowers not only can save a huge amount of space, but also put a maximum of pots at the same time. High jardiniere often come in the floor. For such a product, stability and an advantageous placement are important. Usually these stands are located in the corner of the room. Width used is the most diverse. Very forged look forged high jardiniere. They complement any interior with elegance and tenderness. Very unusual look wooden multi-level high racks. Most often they are located on balconies and loggias. Their advantage in a large number of bowls for indoor plants. If the flowers are in the same kind of house, for example, multi-colored violets, then the variant of the high jardiniere is the most suitable. To make such a stand with your own hands, the most successful option is a suspended jardiniere. To make it, you will need: a rope, a wooden shelf, metal rings, ceramic pots and some tools. A shelf must be cut into several square parts. For each part, apply the diameter of the bottom of the pot (plus a few mm is mandatory) and, using a jig saw, cut it out. In every corner of the square you need to make a hole for the rope. The next stage is the assembly of the structure. Initially, it is necessary to determine the length of the entire jardiniere, as well as the distance between the pots. The lace, on which the whole structure will be fixed, can be decorated in the tone of the interior. With the help of nodules, it is necessary to fix all the details on the rope, and the jardiniere is ready.

High stand for flowers

Glass stands

If the room is maximally furnished,there is simply no better option than glass flower stands. Transparent design is able to withstand large pots, while absolutely do not burden the interior with massiveness. Glasses for such zhardineurok have many colors. Transparent glasses make the stand weightless, and, for example, black glass emphasizes the geometry of the product itself. Such racks are always made in combination with other materials: plastic, wood, forging. Good looking designs located in the opening of the window. It is best to use small pots with flowering plants. But for the manufacture of such a jardiniere with their own hands, the simplest design is a shelf. For work, several sheets of construction glass (preferably 6 mm), guides and supports are required. In the slopes it is necessary to make several holes and fix the structure. It takes a little more than an hour for the whole work, and the effect is simply stunning!

Glass stands for flowers

Stands for flowers on the street

Increasingly, indoor plants are used fordecorating summer cafes or just streets. This is done for several reasons: the impossibility of planting the plant in the soil, the method of decorating the interior and aesthetic value. Unfortunately, not all stores can find such an accessory. But it can easily be made to order. The most practical material for manufacturing is iron. He is most durable in such conditions of stay as a street. But other materials are also used for manufacturing. Very original look stone jardiniere. Flower vendors for streets are divided into two categories: stationary and portable. Such decorations of the landscape will not leave anyone indifferent.

Stands with your own hands

Jardiniere under flowers - a detail of the interior withwhich you can safely experiment with. To give the room an unusual look will help stand, made by own hands. It is not necessary to be a master to make such a construction, the most important thing is to go to work with imagination. What the rack will be made of depends only on its owner. The more unexpected the base of the product will be, the more likely that the flower stand, made with your own hands, will turn out to be original and unrepeatable. The jardinier should carry the character not only of the room, but also of its owner. Then the result will be simply stunning.

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