Flea vacuum cleaner: how to choose? What kind of vacuum cleaner is better to buy - sack or bezmeshkovy?

Want to spend less time cleaning andThis is to achieve the most effective result - get a fanless vacuum cleaner. Why you need to give your preference to this particular system of dust collection, we will consider with you in the framework of this article. An informative review will help you to objectively understand all the subtleties and expediency of the choice.

What you need to provide for before you buy

Flea vacuum cleaner

Before you run to the store and part withtheir "blood", ask the question: "How to choose a fanless vacuum cleaner, so that the result of the acquisition expresses the correctness of the decision?" Of course, the answer will depend on some, in general, important nuances:

  • First, it is necessary to take into account the spatialfactor. In the case where your apartment or house has a sufficiently large-scale dimensions, the unit must correspond to its powerful capabilities. The complexity of the layout also has an impact on the choice of vacuum cleaner.
  • Secondly, the type of floor covering should becausally influence the outcome of the choice. The vacuum cleaner should be equipped with a suitable cleaning process with nozzles, brushes and special appliances. Technical maintenance of the vacuum cleaner should be at an altitude.
  • Thirdly, is anyone from home allergic? The air purification system must be thoroughly thought out and, of course, effective.
  • Fourth, do you keep pets? Engine power and suction capacity are simply required to reflect the optimum productivity of the harvesting machine.
  • Fifth, economical energy consumption must meet modern requirements.
  • Sixthly, the versatility of a household appliance to restore order can be a strong argument in favor of the appropriateness of the acquisition.

This, so to speak, the basic selection criteria. It is not difficult to buy a fanless vacuum cleaner, it is much more difficult to choose the "assistant" model that is necessary for your needs.

What products does the manufacturer offer us?

The Best Funless Vacuum Cleaner

Let's look at the basic modifications of vacuum cleanersand try to take into account all the useful moments of choice. As a result, you will have a general idea of ​​the product and, objectively weighing all the pros and cons, stop at a more acceptable model for you.

Container vacuum cleaner

How to choose a fanless vacuum cleaner?

This is the most pronounced groupdust-collecting goods, distinguished by a distinctive feature - the breadth of the design range. In this class of home appliances there are several fundamentally different technologies, through which the highest efficiency in using a vacuum cleaner is achieved, and it is possible to see completely opposite instances, the existence of which can sometimes lead a person to complete bewilderment about the feasibility of their production, not to mention the acquisition. To date, this type of "electric cleaners" can be represented in three main versions:

  • Container type.
  • Flea vacuum cleaner with water filter.
  • Washing units equipped with a removable reservoir (dust collector).

So, let's take a closer look at each item of the list.

When to save

Flea vacuum cleaners prices

Sometimes a person has enough power and,despite the outrageous noise, it may well suit such omissions in the configuration, as the lack of nozzles, not quite high-quality filters for air purification. A short suction corrugated pipe and a two-piece prefabricated holder that clearly does not justify the hopes because of its "not always stickiness" and friability of the structure. No control, only the "On / Off" button. Such a flaky vacuum cleaner does not require constant replacement of the dust bag and is a fairly miniature case, light and incredibly maneuverable. Usually the lifetime of such a "cleaner" is short and often involves repairs. Unconditional plus can be considered unless the price of such an economical miracle.

Inexpensive budget option

Fleece vacuum cleaners, reviews

This type of vacuum cleaner is equipped with a groupcleaning filters, which in the process of operation are required to be cleaned and washed. Otherwise, critical fouling is inevitable, significantly affecting the suction power, of course, reflecting the performance of the device. It should be noted that in most of the container vacuum cleaners, cyclone technology is used, which often causes the absence of adjustment elements and engine power control. Budget modifications are equipped with rather convenient containers-dust collectors. The set includes several nozzles, including turbo, slotted and other types of brushes. Engine power varies from 1400 to 2000 watts. In principle, this capacity is quite enough for cleaning carpets with an average length of pile. In newer models, interesting solutions are applied in the form of a system for compacting dust particles, which creates certain comfort when dumping garbage from a container.

Units with water filter

Fleece vacuum cleaners

In models equipped with a special systemair purification, implemented technology Aquafilter. For simplicity of understanding of the principle of the operation of such a filter, one can resort to comparison with a hookah. That is, the intake air flow, passing through the water column, precipitates in the form of dust particles and becomes moistened at the outlet. Along with the advantages of cleaning, a number of shortcomings are seen when using such a technology. If the bezmeshkovye vacuum cleaners work without the participation of water, then models with Aquafilter fully interact with the liquid. Another inconvenient moment of exploitation can be considered the imposed conditions of service. The unit must be stored in disassembled form, which is fraught with cluttering up considerable space. The vacuum cleaner must be constantly washed and dried, collected and disassembled. As you understand, this process takes a considerable amount of time. So the expediency of using such devices is a contentious issue.

High level of practicalityWhat is the best off-the-shelf vacuum cleaner?

A high-quality vacuum cleaner is not only effectiveperform its primary duty - to flawlessly clean any surface, but also not to pollute the air with dust, otherwise the consumer will have to pay for his own health for the purity of carpets and floors. Therefore, the best bezmeshkovy vacuum cleaner - a modern unit, equipped with a perfect electronic control system, which in its arsenal of a huge number of functions and able to work at maximum "low tones." Several levels of purification are combined into a common integrated protection against dust emissions, moreover, the air at the outlet is moistened, which definitely contributes to a healthy environment in the house or apartment. The bay in a special compartment of flavored liquid, you will fill your home with a pleasant aroma of herbs, flowers or sea breeze. The telescopic design of the suction tube, the sufficiently flexible corrugated hose and the handle, provided with the buttons of the control system, represent a complete comfort when using an extra-class vacuum cleaner. Such units are effective in cleaning almost all known floor coverings, including the possibility of cleaning surfaces from animal wool.

Revolutionary technologies for container-type units

LG Fleet Vacuum Cleaners todayare among the top 10 of the best vacuum cleaners. Virtually any model of this brand expresses ergonomic design, easy management, reliable operation, and most importantly, security of use. For example, vacuum cleaners LG for dry cleaning are equipped with sufficiently powerful and at the same time relatively silent motors. Container-dust collector can have a different volume, it all depends on your preferences and technical requirements for the device. To date, many companies that produce container-type vacuum cleaners have made significant progress in solving technical problems associated with cleaning the premises. In shops there were such sort of household monsters. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with an advanced cyclone cleaning system. A somewhat cumbersome design, but incredibly productive. The principle of operation is to inject air into the dust collector, in which the tubes are located. Due to the centrifugal force, particles under the influence of a huge rotational speed remain on the walls of the container. And the filter elements are able to hold back dust of 0.5 microns. This modification of the bezmeshkovye vacuum cleaners, reviews of which the most positive, are not a budget option. But the build quality and universal technical parameters, as well as the energy-saving factor, will significantly reduce the time and money spent on maintenance.

Simple solution with big consequences

Along with all the known modifications"Electric cleaners" in the consumer goods market are also present with vacuum cleaners with bag sludge collection. The most, perhaps, inefficient air purification system is present in this configuration of harvesting machines. Absorbed garbage accumulates in a special bag, which is often reusable, which inevitably leads to the release of a huge amount of dust mass into the air and practically reduces all the efforts of the unit to "no" to restore order in the area allocated to it. In addition, the principle of operation of such a vacuum cleaner is fraught with a lot of inconvenience:

  • Constant contact with dust.
  • If disposable bags are used - unavoidable costs.
  • Often you can not find consumables on the model you are looking for.
  • Low efficiency.

Non-detergent washing vacuum cleaners

Prices for container aggregates have a propertyexpress the efficiency of the device for cleaning, and also reflect the level of complexity of the applied technologies. If the budget modification of a conventional cyclone device will cost the customer 2,500 rubles, then in the case of purchasing a vacuum cleaner the buyer will have to pay an amount 2-3 times the cost of a standard analog for dry cleaning. The variety of the range of household cleaning equipment is supplemented by another fundamentally different unit. The washing vacuum cleaner not only absorbs debris and dust, it also cleans contaminated surfaces. Carpeting or linoleum will always reflect the purity of the pristine species if your choice is to stop at this "purity cleaner".

All you need is pour warm water,in order to enjoy the effective ability of the apparatus to "cover up traces" of the vital activity of a person and his environment. By the way, some models have a heating function. The availability of a variety of cleaning filters is always on the level. Comfortable control of the liquid to be distributed and the power regulator are usually located on the handle of the holder. The incredible functionality not only allows a high-quality standard cleaning, but also with additional attachments provides the user with a wonderful opportunity to wash windows, tiles or clean the sink-nozzle draining the sink or bath.


Now you know which jolly vacuum cleaner is bestbuy? Of course, the one that best meets your requirements and opportunities. Because in the home appliances market there are enough "heaped" units, the functionality of which is sometimes frightening, the breadth of their capabilities.

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