Fix Price: feedback from employees about the company

Fix Price is an international chain of stores that are suitable for the whole family. Department stores offer a wide range of all kinds of household goods at the lowest possible, and most importantly - fixed prices. We will learn more about this department store, as well as get acquainted with the reviews of its employees and find out what can be said about Fix Price as an employer.Fix Price Employee Reviews

Fixed Price Shop

What does this promotional call mean? Is it really possible to buy everything at one price? More on this below.

The first store of the international network “Fix Price” was opened in 2007. At the moment, 2,454 points of Fix Price are already operating in more than 600 cities and towns of sixty-four regions of Russia. From the very beginning and to this day, the main idea of ​​this project is to offer customers a wide range of products necessary for everyday life for the whole family and only at the lowest prices.

"Fix Price" is proud of its opportunity to sell products at the most favorable prices, which is very much appreciated among customers who can find almost all the most necessary goods in these department stores, for which in other stores you have to pay several times more. Employees of the "Fix Price" sometimes gets the most flattering.

Visiting the "Fix Price", people get unique impressions of shopping. The territory of the Fix Price department stores is primarily a place where every week any family can enjoy the search for something special, necessary and at the same time useful for themselves.

Assortment and location

A wide range of "Fix Price" is represented by a variety of products, ranging from products, beverages, cosmetics and household chemicals, to dishes, clothing, toys, souvenirs, books, goods for the holidays and so on. Thus, there is absolutely everything in retail outlets, without which every day, holiday or unexpected occasion cannot do without. This is confirmed by the feedback of the Fix Price employees.

Fix Price is a territory of unique offers.One of the features of the network is always a convenient location: wherever one or another family resides, the Fix Price store will always be literally next door. The presented network is distinguished by such an attractive cost of goods due to low purchase prices. The company itself imports one hundred percent of the range. Due to this, unnecessary links are excluded from the pricing chain. In addition, deliveries are made due to low operating costs due to the use of discounter in fix price staff reviews

Popular idea

Thus, the Fix Price stores are a completely new and unique format in the domestic retail market. However, in the world this project is very popular, and most importantly - in demand for a long time. The main idea of ​​the project is to offer customers a wide range of necessary household products for the whole family at the lowest and most competitive prices.

As a successful retail chain in our country for the past ten years, Fix Price also acts as an employer for thousands of citizens. While applying for a job in this company, people can choose between such areas as activities in a warehouse or in the field of logistics, employment in the office or in the sales areas of the network.About what working conditions the company offers will be discussed further.

Work in the "Fix Price"

“Fix Price” declares itself as a reliable employer and provides the following advantages of employment in the ranks of its company:

  • Nice atmosphere. In “Fix Price” work good teams, and, moreover, experienced and friendly employees, along with fair management. Employee feedback on Fix Price confirms that the information is true.
  • Flexible schedule. Together with the opportunity to earn the company provides employees with a flexible schedule.
  • Benefit. The salary of the company's employees is higher compared to other retail chains. The work is carried out in full compliance with the law. Employees are drawn up under the Labor Code, paying vacation and sick leave. Guaranteed no fines or wage delays. Employee reviews about the "Fix Price" confirm the accuracy of this information.
  • Stability. The age of employees labor policy at Fix Price does not consider it a hindrance. The main thing that is appreciated in workers is cheerfulness and energy.The company guarantees its employees confidence and stability in the future.
  • Convenience. Every year, the network is growing rapidly, literally capturing all new cities and towns. Therefore, the location of retail outlets is convenient not only for customers, but also for employees who go to work at the Fix Price department stores every day.
  • Perspectivity. “Fix Price” positions itself as an international chain of stores with a wide range of products and believes that this is why it can and should develop rapidly. Thus, Fix Price provides its employees with the opportunity to quickly climb the career ladder. Employee reviews about the work in the "Fix Price" are available and that this corresponds to reality.

So, at first glance, the conditions seem comfortable and meet the basic requirements of modern applicants, but is this really the case? We learn from the reviews of the company's employees.Fix price staff reviews Moscow

Positive feedback from staff on work in the trading network "Fix Price"

Studying the feedback of the Fix Price company employees on the World Wide Web, one can say that there are a variety of opinions about work in the ranks of this retail network.But at once it would be desirable to note that large verbose texts expressing discontent are striking. But let's start with positive comments.

So, people working at Fix Price enjoy the fact that their daily work consists of regular communication, thanks to which new and useful contacts are constantly made. Employee reviews about Fix Price in Moscow also confirm that they find their work interesting.

Many report that their work proceeds in a pleasant atmosphere in a company with a good team. It is noted that colleagues and employees, as a rule, behave affably and friendly. Employee feedback on the Fix Price in Saratov is that colleagues are found not only friendly, but also responsive, so they help each other out of necessity. People write that in the Fix Price stores it is always very clean and tidy, which, of course, adds a positive energy to the working atmosphere.

There are no complaints about delayed wages among comments, it is actually paid on time. In addition, employees are drawn up in strict accordance with the law, providing a full social package. Salary, judging by the reviews of employees, in the "Fix Price" is paid white. What can not but rejoice.

Employee reviews about the "Fix Price" in Moscow confirm that the advantage is the proximity of stores that are almost within walking distance. In this regard, employees say that due to the proximity of their work, many do not have to get up too early to within an hour, or even more to get to the place. It also provides an opportunity to save on transport.Fix Price Saratov Employee Reviews

Employee feedback on the work at Fix Price in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) confirms that the company has a well-established work process, each employee knows his duties and what he should do. Many sales assistants working at Fix Price write that they consider their work uncomplicated. And they report that they don’t have any processing, and they don’t complain about wild tiredness at the end of the day. Employee reviews about the Fix Price company confirm that, in general, it is also easy to work because the store always has a favorable atmosphere thanks to customers who are always satisfied and come in a good mood, which can be explained by low prices for goods. Some admit that in the mornings they literally gladly go to work - they like their work so much.

In addition, in the feedback from the staff about the "Fix Price" in Bryansk, it is reported that in reality everyone has the opportunity to quickly become an administrator, and after the manager, and so on. Of course, for this to happen, the diligence and diligence of employees must be seen by management. And in that case, if all this is available, then achieving career growth in “Fix Price” is not so difficult.

Negative feedback from employees on work in the trading network "Fix Price"

We now turn to negative opinions that are literally striking.

So, the most frequent negative comments are about low wages. At the same time, it is reported that people seem to be promised much better prospects at the interview than it turns out to be in fact. In this regard, also the feedback from employees about the Fix Price in Novosibirsk confirms that the salary simply does not correspond to the work itself, as people have to work at night or travel around on business trips, during which no material compensation is paid for mobile communications, or travel.

Some employees also complain about the unpleasant and musty smell that sometimes occurs at retail outlets. Immediately in the feedback from employees about working at Fix Price in Moscow, there are complaints that sales assistants are often forced to clean the floors in the hall or to somehow still clean the premises. Of course, ideally, for such purposes should be hired a separate employee in the face of the cleaner, who will perform these duties. But, judging by the reviews, in the "Fix Price" save on such service in fix price reviews of employees of St. Petersburg

Judging by the feedback from employees about the Fix Price in St. Petersburg, there is another injustice in which employees are forced to buy savings cards at their own expense if they fail to sell at least one such customer during the day. Forcing, judging by the stories, and buying expired goods at their own expense. People also complain that the authorities do not care about them, so if someone suddenly gets sick, he will still have to go to work. They write that in such situations the question becomes an edge: either dismissal, or going to work in a diseased state.And talking about sending an employee to the hospital is not even going.

In contrast to reviews of easy employment, among disgruntled comments there are complaints about work for wear and continuous processing, which exhaust employees. Employee reviews about the "Fix Price" in Voronezh say that a large flow of customers goes to the stores every day, which is why sellers do not even have time to arrange the goods and clean up the store shelves, which, of course, is also very exhausting. They also write that in many stores there are no split-systems, and the room itself may not be ventilated.

The reviews of the Fix Price employees about the auditor report that the so-called position only sounds good. In fact, business trips without reimbursement of expenses and the desire to hang the shortage on the auditor himself.

There are examples of free exploitation of this or that person, which states that people underwent a three-day internship, which they were not paid for in any way, and there was no response regarding further employment.

There are many complaints about the fact that there are no normal working conditions for employees, within the framework of which, as a rule, it is not possible to have a normal dinner, as there are no refrigerators or microwaves at work sites.Not less complaints can be found about the authorities, whose incompetence and lack of professionalism are discussed in every second dissatisfied recall.

Employee Reviews: the advantages of working in the "Fix Price"

So, we highlight the main advantages of working in the "Fix Price" according to the employees of this company:

  • Official employment and full benefits package.
  • Stable and timely payment of wages, which is completely official.
  • Interesting job.
  • Communication along with making new and useful contacts.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Bright and beautiful trading rooms in which it is pleasant to work.
  • For many employees, the proximity of work, saving money on public transport.
  • Well-established work process.
  • Lack of processing, feasible load (but not all).
  • Satisfied customers.
  • Healthy working atmosphere.
  • The opportunity and prospects for rapid career from employees about the company fixed price

Employee reviews: cons of "Fix Price"

Among the great dissatisfaction on the part of employees, the following disadvantages of Fix Price as an employer can be identified:

  • A small salary.
  • Lack of material compensation during business trips. Operating expenses at your own expense.
  • Uncomfortable working conditions: the absence of a refrigerator, a microwave split systems, and so on.
  • Unpleasant smell in the rooms.
  • The need to clean the floors in the sales areas (the responsibility is on sales assistants and cashiers).
  • Forcible acquisition of savings cards at your own expense.
  • Forced acquisition of expired products.
  • Inability to go to the hospital.
  • Labor to wear, frequent processing.
  • Free exploitation of human labor under the guise of a three-day internship.
  • Incompetence and lack of professionalism of the authorities.
  • The rude attitude of management to their employees.
  • It is reported that not all make out officially.
  • No employment contract for the period of probation.
  • Frequent shortages. Compensation of shortages at the expense of employees.
  • No payment for processing.
  • Cashiers are often substituted, forcing to pay the missing money.fix price auditor employee reviews

Where is the truth?

Thus, the Fix Price trading company as an employer has a lot of complaints from its employees.Of course, a large number of dissatisfied reviews that can be found about this employer can have a weighty basis or is dictated because of the resentment of former employees or an unpleasant set of circumstances, as a result of which the working relationship simply did not work out. In contrast, in turn, there are a large number of positive comments, reading which one might think that working at Fix Price is great and promising.


But be that as it may, with regard to both positive and negative reviews, the following should be said: there is no smoke without fire, therefore, it will never be more than to strengthen one’s weaknesses, and to bring the strong to perfection.

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