Fish dish with mayonnaise: recipe

with mayonnaise will allow you to easily and quickly make a very tasty snack that you can safely present to any dining table. It should be noted that this dough has many cooking options. Someone adds eggs to it, someone - fragrant spices, while others do without the mentioned dish with mayonnaise

By the way, the recipes of batter with mayonnaise are actively used by hostesses not only to make a delicious fish snack. After all, this universal dough can be used for pork chops, and even for chicken breasts. But first things first.

How to make fish for mayonnaise?

We have already said above that such a base can be mixed with the use of various products. In this article, we will consider the classic recipe and other ways to prepare such a test.

So, to make a batter for fish with mayonnaise, we need:

  • low fat mayonnaise - about 130 g;
  • white flour - a full 250 g glass;
  • Fresh chicken eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • filtered water at room temperature - ½ cup;
  • salt, as well as other spices - to use at the discretion.

klyara recipes with mayonnaise

Cooking method

A batter for pollock with mayonnaise should make a thick sour consistency, and also not have lumps. To carry out the started, chicken eggs must be broken into a deep bowl, and then beat with a mixer until a light foam is formed. After that, they need to add mayonnaise a little fat and all the spices. Beat these products preferably at high speed. Next, you should gradually pour in filtered water and pour flour. The last component should be added gradually so that no lumps form in the dough. If the fish batter with mayonnaise has acquired the desired consistency, then the flour is required to be stopped immediately.

How to use?

Now you know how to make a batter with mayonnaise. Once it is ready, it can be safely used for its intended purpose. To do this, you need to dip the prepared pollock fillet in the dough and put it into deep-fat frying. It is advisable to fry such a snack for about 3-6 minutes until it is completely red.

At the end of the fish in batter must be removed and put in a colander. Keeping the product in such a dish and depriving it of oil, the product must be placed in a large plate and presented to guests in a warm condition. In addition to such a tasty snack, you can serve ketchup or some other to make a batter with mayonnaise

Make a batter for chops with mayonnaise (can be used for fish)

Pork chops in batter are always very tasty. This dish is considered to be purely masculine. After all, it is very high in calories, and it is quite easy for them to get enough.

There are many options for cooking batter for chops. In this section of the article we will present you the easiest and fastest option. For him we need:

  • low fat mayonnaise - about 150 g;
  • white flour - a pair of large spoons;
  • garlic cloves - 4 pcs .;
  • fresh milk - ½ cup;
  • bread crumbs - a full glass;
  • salt, as well as other spices - to use at the discretion.

Cooking process

A knife without eggs with mayonnaise is well suited for a product like pork. After all, such meat is a very satisfying and high-calorie product. And with the use of eggs, it will become even more nutritious.In this regard, most cooks do not recommend cooking it with the above ingredient.

So, to cook the batter without using eggs, you need to lay out a mayonnaise of a small fat content in a deep dish, and then add spices and mix well. Next to the ingredients you want to add grated chives and pour fresh milk. In this composition, you should again beat the products at high speed and gradually pour a little flour to them. As a result, you should get a thick mass of not very viscous consistency.batter without eggs with mayonnaise

How to apply during frying?

After the batter is prepared, you should dip a piece of broken pork in it and immediately roll it in breadcrumbs. This is necessary so that the product is well roasted and at the same time does not burn and does not stick to the dishes.

When you cook the meat in boiling oil, you should have very tasty and nourishing chops with reddish and crispy crust.

You can use the presented kind of batter not only for pork chops, but also for fish.

Making fish or chicken fillet in batter

The chicken batter with mayonnaise is as simple and easy as a similar dough for fish or pork chops. For it, we need the following components:

  • small fat mayonnaise - 3 large spoons;
  • white flour - 4 large spoons;
  • Fresh chicken eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • salt, as well as other spices - to use at the discretion.

Cooking batter

As you can see, the submitted recipe for batter requires a minimum of inexpensive ingredients. Moreover, it will take you only a few minutes of free time to prepare such a base. That is why this dough is very popular with those who love nourishing and nutritious snacks in the form of fried chicken breasts in batter.batter for pollack with mayonnaise

So, to prepare such a foundation, you should break the eggs into a bowl, and then whisk them with a whisk until smooth and a small foam appears. After that, they need to put mayonnaise a little fat, as well as salt and any other spices. After repeating the mixing procedure, you need to add flour to the ingredients. This should be done gradually, so that the batter turned out not very thick, but acquired the consistency of store-sour cream.

Cooking Snacks

After the simple batter on the basis of mayonnaise is ready, you should dip the pieces of chicken or fish fillet in it and immediately place them in a saucepan with boiling oil.It is necessary to fry these ingredients until they turn reddish and cook inside.

In conclusion, the entire snack is required to put in a large common plate and present to the guests along with the store or self-made sauce.

By the way, you can cook in such batter not only chicken or fish fillets, but also, for example, meaty wings of a bird. But in this case, they are recommended to additionally roll in large bread crumbs. So your snack will be more tasty and crispy.

Making delicious mayonnaise batter for zucchini

How to prepare breading dough for fish fillet and chicken, as well as pork chops, we described in detail just above. But what if you stick to a vegetarian style of food, but really want to eat products in batter? To do this, we recommend frying young squash.

batter for chops with mayonnaise

So, for the preparation of batter we need:

  • garlic cloves - 3 pcs .;
  • fresh chicken egg - 1 pc .;
  • mayonnaise is not very high fat content - about 100 ml;
  • white flour - 2 large spoons;
  • any spices, including table salt - use to taste;
  • Any fresh greens - add to taste.

Cooking garlic batter on mayonnaise

Thanks to this batter, zucchini, cooked in butter, are very tender, tasty and juicy. Such a snack can be safely put even on the holiday table.

So, to prepare the batter you need to whip one egg hard, then add not very greasy mayonnaise to it and repeat the intensive mixing procedure. After that, the ingredients must pour any spices and salt, as well as add crushed or grated chives and finely chopped fresh greens. After mixing the products, white flour should be gradually added to them. As a result, you should get a viscous and rather thick mass.

Fry zucchini in batter

Preparing the dough in mayonnaise, you should dip young squash sliced ​​into ringlets or sticks and put them in a hot frying pan with butter. Frying such products is recommended until they turn red. However, they must be turned over regularly with a fork.batter for chicken with mayonnaise

Having completed roasting zucchini, they should be laid out in a deep bowl and served to the dinner table along with some sauce. By the way, low-calorie mayonnaise mixed with grated garlic and chopped greens is perfect as it. Enjoy your meal!

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