Film "Black Sea": viewers reviews

In 2014, the world was presented the film "Black Sea". In the reviews about the tape, viewers admitted that they expected much less from the plot of the film. The project was able to acquire fans and is still popular.

actor Jude Law

The crisis in the life of the protagonist

In the reviews of the film "Black Sea" is repeatedly mentioned the main character. The fate of Captain Robinson from the first frame excited the audience.

At the beginning of the tape, Robinson is introduced as a guy experiencing a series of setbacks. The captain devoted his whole life to the career of a sailor. But he was unjustly fired from the British fleet. Return to the previous position is not possible, and the hero makes a living by all available means. However, this is not enough. Wife left Robinson and took her son, so now the guy is completely alone.

One day the captain gets an interesting offer. Profits from the execution of the work should be enough for the guy to the end of life. An entrepreneur found out the whereabouts of a sunken German submarine carrying tons of gold.According to the contract, Robinson will receive 40% of the lost treasure, if he gets bars of 40 million dollars. If it is possible to raise more, the captain received from them 20%.

Film making

A tempting offer turned out ...

Viewers of the movie "Black Sea", mostly positive. Fans liked that at the beginning the tape seems to be a story about adventures, a treasure hunt. However, it soon becomes clear that something else is happening around the main character. Something dangerous.

The captain quickly agrees to work and begins to assemble a team. In it are both his friends and complete strangers. Moreover, some of them are Russians who do not speak English at all.

During the execution of the job between the Russians and the British are constantly clashes. Distrust and resentment are growing, and soon the situation gets out of control. In addition, Robinson notes that one of the sailors uses the radio, although the captain strictly forbade it because of the threat of being noticed.

When the main character is almost close to his wealth, he learns that his task from the very beginning was a trap. Someone chose him to substitute.For what purpose?

Film actors

What did the audience like?

Critics' reviews of the film "Black Sea" largely agree with the comments of the audience. Thanks to this, the tape ratings are very high. On popular sites for the film project of positive reviews about 80%. On "Imhotepe" reviews of the movie "Black Sea" are also mostly good.

Russian viewers have repeatedly praised the creators of the tape, who did not show in their project a variety of stereotypes about the country where the main events took place. Moreover, the landscapes of this Sevastopol pleased.

Fans also celebrate the good work of the sound engineers. Music, voices well emphasize the dramatic moments, so the film looks at one go.

Many were impressed by the ending of the film. According to the audience, the final was very dramatic and caused a lot of emotion. Moreover, the plot seems very real, close to people. Most of the picture liked the male audience. Fans were also flattered that the role of Russian in the project took really Russian actors. Of course, they looked very organic in their roles.

The plot of the movie

Negative criticism

Negative feedback from viewers and critics about the film "Black Sea" is much less than positive. Dissatisfaction with the tape was due to the fact that the picture came out a little dragged out because of the language barrier between the main characters. They had to communicate through an interpreter, so the conversations lasted a long time, and the phrases were repeated several times.

Also, many did not like the overall atmosphere of the project. The mood of what is happening on the screen, according to the audience, was very depressing. In addition, the scene in the picture was limited, most of the time the heroes spent it in a submarine. This did not play into the hands of the creators, but only limited, which was very noticeable.

It was also noted that there are many contradictions and mistakes in the tape. It also did not like the audience. More on this is written below.

About the film

Producer errors

In the reviews about the film "Black Sea" it is often said that the directors made enough mistakes in the script. For example:

  • At the beginning, the main character says that he wants to take on the team of Russians with whom he previously worked and whom he can trust. Soon it turns out that the Russian part of the crew does not speak English at all, and there are constant skirmishes between the heroes, and many people die because of the lack of confidence. The discrepancy is obvious.
  • It is rather improbable that the captain agrees to take a mentally ill person on such a risky journey. Why does a submarine need a madman?
  • Rochester was not at all worried about the mood on the ship. He saw all the quarrels, as well as an increase in their strength and quantity, but did nothing to stop conflicts. Any captain in his place would quickly reassure his team.
    Reviews of the picture

There were also errors related to the treasure itself and life on the submarine:

  • According to the plot, the ship plunged 350 meters. However, the main characters used lightweight diving suits that would not withstand a dive of more than 180 meters.
  • It is impossible to work at such a depth without decompression of the vessel, which lasts several hours. This is a well-known fact. Therefore, it is not clear how the heroes coped when the plot had much less time for the entire operation.
  • Each ingot, according to the captain, weighs about 12 kilograms. This is too much to take it to the surface, and the main character himself tells one of the crew members about it. However, at the end of the tape, it is shown how a suit clogged with ingots, the total mass of which is measured in centners, swings freely on the surface.

Leading roles

In reviews of the movie "Black Sea" fans repeatedly praise the cast. The leading actors could make the audience believe in what was happening and continuously follow the plot.

The main role went to Jude Law. The Russians in the film presented: Grigori Dobrygin, Konstantin Khabensky, Sergey Veksler, Sergey Kolesnikov, Sergey Puskepalis.

Also in the picture you can see the actors: Skut McNairy, Ben Mendelssohn, Tobias Menzies. Other roles have been played by Michael Smiley, David Trelfell, Jody Whitaker and Carl Davis.

Who worked on the creation of the tape?

Viewers in the reviews of the film "Black Sea" also often recall the creators of the tape. According to them, directors, directors, screenwriters and others have done a great job, which eventually became quite successful. Who was involved in the project?

In 2012, director Kevin MacDonald announced the beginning of work on the film "Black Sea". The director began to develop the project together with screenwriter Dennis Kelly. In the spring of 2013, the creators approved the role of Jude Law, and by the end of the year the entire main team was approved.

In addition to McDonald, Charles Steele and Jim Cochrane were producing tape.The film was produced under the direction of Focus Features.

Frame from the film

Interesting Facts

Among the interesting facts are the following:

  • In preparation for the role of captain Robinson, Jude Law completed a special training course. The actor spent 3 days on board the Royal Navy submarine.
  • For his role, Lowe learned to speak English with a special Scottish accent. To be more precise, he learned the Aberdeen dialect, typical of the inhabitants of northeastern Scotland.
  • Frames of Sevastopol, which are so eulogized by the audience, were shot by chance. But there was practically no complete shooting of money. When the director, together with the operator, came to Sevastopol as tourists, they filmed the city with a hand-held camera right from the bus window.

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