Figure skater Liza Tuktamysheva: biography, sport achievements, awards

When you look at the performance very young, but suchalready famous figure skater Liza Tuktamysheva, with a sinking heart you follow the incredible ease and grace of performing dizzying jumps, involuntarily there is a desire to learn more about it. Who is she? What is the phenomenon of its success?

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: biography

Was born in December 1994 in the cityGlazov, that in Udmurtia, in the family of Tuktamyshevs. The girl was given a beautiful name - Elizabeth. Inexperienced young parents immediately reread all the literature on education and began to introduce. We started with diving in the bath, hardening, a variety of massages and gymnastics. As Mom remembers, little Liza even liked these procedures, reacted calmly - did not cry. Dad installed a children's sports complex for his daughter. We can say that from the first days in her life there was sport. Liza Tuktamysheva, to the great joy of her father, quickly learned how to wring out and perform various exercises, with pleasure, cleverly climbed the stairs.

The girl grew mobile, restless, fullenergy. By the age of five it became clear that it had to be occupied with something, but there was not much choice in the city: they tried to get carried away by swimming, playing the piano. Has helped, as often happens, the case! Sergei worked in the summer camp, always took Lisa with him. There she became friends with small skaters. Later it turned out that one of the girls - the daughter of the coach of the children's sports school, is studying in the class of Elena, the teacher of mathematics and Mama Lisa. Sports parents (mother was fond of volleyball, her father - skis and football) took her daughter to Svetlana Veretennikova, who led the figure skating section. So the future prima of Russian sport Elizaveta Tuktamysheva got into the world of one of the most beautiful and at the same time the most difficult kinds of sports.

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Little Skater

Difficult everyday life began. The indoor ice rink was one for the whole city. They remember that the baby first got up on skates and immediately went. Training began very early, in any weather Lisa had to get up at six, got used only after six months, but went with joy. In a short time I caught up with and overtook the skaters who had been engaged for several years. Coach Svetlana Mikhailovna Veretennikova even then considered the girl's talent. Most of all Lisa liked jumping. She immediately seized technique, quickly memorized and performed easily, gracefully, and most importantly - for sure! Although her daughter made great strides on the ice, Mom did not attach much importance to this, she considered it an ordinary hobby, like many children. Sometimes she even threatened Lisa not to be allowed to work out because of her grades. And then the coach intervened: she convinced that figure skating is her destiny, her life. Veretennikova's words turned out to be prophetic!

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Meeting with the trainer

No matter how talented the athlete is,Only the talented coach will help you. But it must also be met. Figurist Tuktamysheva was lucky twice. Svetlana Mihaylovna Veretennikova - the first tutor and friend, opened a gift, became a close person for years. A meeting with Alexei Mishin, one of the best in the world of figure skating coaches, has become a turning point in life. It is believed that getting into his school is to win the first victory. In 2006, at the competitions "Mishina Cup" in Belgorod, the famous master saw for the first time the performance of nine-year-old Liza Tuktamysheva, who took first place. The girl fluttered on the ice like a moth, and from breathtaking jumps breathtaking. At first an invitation was received for training, and immediately - to St. Petersburg, to the school of figure skating! It was a great success!

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Life lessons

Biography of Liza Tuktamysheva is full and interesting. Many lessons taught her life. Glazov is located in a thousand kilometers from the northern capital, it takes a day. Outside the window is the nineties. Parents are not millionaires. Every two weeks, Svetlana Veretennikova with his team was wound up in Peter for training. It was necessary to live in a room of a boarding school, often there was not enough money and forces. Long and long journeys exhausted. But she understood - this is a chance for the girl. After all, the best skaters dreamed about the opportunity to get to Mishin himself. Strong training began, in the morning and in the evening, every day. Liza Tuktamysheva became more confident with herself every day, honing her skills. Alexei Mishin became not only a coach, but also a philanthropist and friend. Sending skaters to international competitions, he always paid for tickets, hotels, suits. I supported him in everything, I believed in future victories.

First success

The first results did not make you wait long. In 2009, at the Russian Championship, twelve-year-old Elizabeth becomes the second and receives her first silver medal, losing very little to the rival. Complex rules of participation in foreign competitions, related to age, allowed to start only in the 2010-2011 season. When I first went to foreign performances in Romania, I was very worried. Although there were falls during the performance, Liza Tuktamysheva won. The victories were followed by defeats, ups and downs - the figure skater was tempered. At the World Junior Championships, she won silver.

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Loss of the father

In 2011, the Tuktamashevs suffered a grief -death of a beloved father. Alexei Mishin again came to the rescue. The family was left without a breadwinner, in a complex moral and material situation. The coach helped to move to St. Petersburg, persuaded his mother to concentrate on the fate and career of her daughter, to settle in a new place. Svetlana Mihailovna did not leave her ward, she also moved: Liza had two coaches. Interestingly, Mishin and Veretennikova got along very well.

The youngest champion

A new stage in the sports career of steelcompetition in Japan, where Liza Tuktamysheva performed flawlessly, beautifully bypassed eminent rivals. She won her first adult competition in Canada, two Grand Prix competitions. Tuktamysheva became famous as the youngest champion. For high achievements in sports, the figure skater is accepted into the Russian national team. She will go to Innsbruck, will perform at the Youth Olympics. And it happened - it was a brilliant performance! With tears in her eyes, the young winner dedicated her victory to her father, who always supported her and taught him to be strong. In the next season, Tuktamyshev Elizaveta won the gold medal at the Russian Championship and the bronze medal in Europe.

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The other side of the medal

But not only the ups were in the sports biographyfigure skaters. The chain of failures is pursued for the next two years. Liza Tuktamysheva is unsuccessful, does not get to the main tournaments (Olympics and World Cup), even a spare. Trainers do not recognize their pupil: she became sharp, makes mistakes on the ice. In February 2014, he suffers an ankle injury. It took time to realize everything, collect all the will into a fist and move on to become the first again.


Often Lisa is compared with the mythical bird Phoenix,which was reborn from the ashes and became even more beautiful. After recovering from her, it really looks like wings have grown. On the ice, he simply performs miracles, performing the most complicated elements of figure skating. Winning the victory, reward for the reward! At the most famous tournaments in Germany, Finland, France, China, Poland, the Russian woman receives the highest marks, along with them - the delight and love of millions of fans. In Portugal, Elizabeth Tuktamysheva with brilliance demonstrates the highest technique, receives record points. The last World Cup was held in China. Excellent performance brings victory, title and a gold medal! It was in Shanghai that she performed her famous triple jumps. She does not have only an Olympic award in her arsenal.

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Lisa today

This season Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, a figure skater,the biography of which is presented to your attention in the article, started in Nice, won and won the cup. I managed to conquer Canada, Poland and Croatia - a complete success. Successfully began speaking at one of the stages of the Grand Prix, but because of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the competitions were postponed. All Lisa's speeches pass under a stormy ovation, they will recognize her everywhere. But the championship at home was only the eighth, and therefore did not get into the team. Of course, it's a pity that we can not see her at the most important competitions in the world.

Today the girl again has a difficult period, but shefull of hopes for the future. Smiling, modest, open, sociable and benevolent. She has no idols and enemies, loves good literature, painting and music, appreciates true friendship and dreams of love. In short, at first glance - an ordinary Russian girl, only with skates in her hands, with which she does not part. And all of it should turn out well, because it wants a huge army of fans.

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