Fiat 600 - a monopoly with an Italian flavor

The modern car market can hardly be called monopolized, because an abundance of manufacturers creates a competitive environment. But such a situation is not everywhere, for example, in Italy the Fiat car brand is still “ruling”. Since its inception, the company has sought to dominate the market, which it eventually succeeded.

fiat 600

A bit of history

The Italian company Fiat was registered in 1899 by a group of ambitious investors. In 1902, Giovanni Agnelli became the manager of an industrial enterprise. There harsh order and discipline reigned. The automobile plant of the brand used the experience of Henry Ford - we are talking about the car assembly line. World War I forced to switch to the production of tanks and aircraft. The permanent leader Agielli continues to work until the fall of the Mussolini regime, and in 1945 he was removed from office as an accomplice of fascism.

In 1966, the Lend-Lease was provided to the Soviet side in the form of commissioning by the Fiat 124 (VAZ 2101). Three years later, the shareholder group gains control of the Lancia brand,and by 1980, Fiat became the sole owner of the Italian market, absorbs Autobianchi, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo.

In the 2000s, the brand is experiencing ups and downs, the pace of development is reduced, the investment boom is also somewhat reduced. Losses concern for 2009 amounted to more than 800 million euros.

Fiat 600 - compact old school

Fiat 600

The three-door hatchback has become one of the most successful in the history of the Italian automotive industry. Small cars are mentioned in popular songs as the unspoken symbol of Italy in those years.

From 1955 to 1969, more than 2,600,000 units were released, which diverged through the territory of the Old World and Latin America, especially Argentina.
The secret of success is quite simple: a good design, a powerful technical base and an acceptable pricing policy.

small cars

In the new millennium, the model received several restylings, the latter is dated 2006, and a couple of years the car was discontinued.

To verify the popularity of the Fiat 600, you need to more carefully examine its interior, exterior and specifications.


The compact had a typical appearance for cars of its era: a sloping roof, “wedged” headlamp elements, windshield angles.It was the first car with rear engine. Such a feature left an imprint on the four-wheel design. The manufacturer Fiat 600 offered an additional option in the form of a unique body color, wheels, changes in the interior.

fiat 600 seicento

Interior cabin

Inside the driver is waiting for a concise design, wicker chairs and protection from the scorching rays of the sun. The dashboard looks unpretentious, the quality of the structural components is beyond doubt. "Fiat 600" was subjected to repeated transformations that affected the interior decoration:

  • replaced the cargo wheel;
  • changed upholstery material;
  • for the front panel used plastic of poor quality.

fiat 600 features


The 1955 model had a wide motor range. Small cars of that time had a slight weight, so the dynamics were “on par”: 0.9 liter - the power of the unit was 39 liters. from. with 65 newtons of torque. The first “hundred” hatch overcame in 18 seconds. The top speed is 140 km / h. Average fuel consumption - 6 liters per 100 km.

1.1 SPI - the presence of 54 horses and 5,500 rpm made this option one of the best.The maximum speed increased to 150, and to the “hundred”, the Fiat 600 accelerated in 14.8 seconds. This engine provides the best dynamic performance with low fuel consumption.

1.1 MPI - identical to the previous instance, slightly winning in torque.

All engines operated under the control of 5-speed mechanics. Sport equipment had a lower gear ratio.

The suspension consisted of MacPherson strut struts and screw-type rear springs. The cost of repairing these components did not exceed in the present money and 5,000 rubles. Interestingly, Fiat 600 engineers managed to develop the most technologically advanced car of its time.

Popular picking

Fiat 600 Seicento (later name) is characterized by a variety of equipment options:

  • S - standard option, bumper painted in body colors;
  • SX - added power windows and central locking to the above;
  • Hobby - 1,1 SPI engine, driver airbag;
  • Citymatic - automatic coupling and processing of a standard motor;
  • Brush - two-tone coloring of body parts;
  • Go! - Added audio system and panoramic roof.

fiat 600

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The above-described characteristics of the Fiat 600 give the right to highlight both the positive and negative sides of the car:

  • The CD is great for the stone jungle due to its low fuel consumption.
  • small dimensions are compensated by the dynamics of the driving units;
  • free space in the cabin is enough for 4 people of average build;
  • luggage compartment is not suitable for massive things, but for warehousing purchases - quite;
  • the body is rather fragile, in an emergency you should not hope for its integrity;
  • anti-corrosion coating ensures durability of body parts;
  • Cheap repair and maintenance - the distinctive features of the car.

Instead of conclusion

Interestingly, the brainchild of the Italian brand served as the development of the sport, since the racing models were built on the basis of Seicento. Engineers from Abarth developed a small 750 coupe, the dynamic features of which brought dozens of victories in various racing competitions, and the Italian team became the winner of the European championship in its class.

The Italians managed to create a unique car Fiat 600. Its characteristics speak about high technology and model reliability.Further development of the automotive industry of the Old World was carried out with an eye on the legendary result of a monopolistic machine.

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