The Maldives has firmly held the status of one of the most exotic, romantic and expensive resorts. But neither the expensive flight, nor the cost of living in comfortable spa hotels can not stop tourists seeking to the Maldives. Last-minute tours to this country are very difficult to catch, but if you prepare in advance, plan a trip and book a tour, a tour to the Maldives can be bought much cheaper.
Having obtained the desired ticket, do not rush to relax in anticipation of a paradise holiday. Holidays in the Maldives has several features that are better known in advance and properly prepared.
1. The unique nature and coral atolls in the Maldives are unique. In order to preserve these unique coral gardens, breaking live and even collecting dead corals in the ocean and near the coast is strictly prohibited. Local authorities may well bring you to administrative responsibility and the payment of a considerable amount for raising shells and sea stars from the bottom. Underwater hunting and fishing off the coast in the coral reef area is a felony.
2For a forgotten on the beach a bottle of soda or a discarded tube of sunblock you may require a rather large fine. Maldivians are anxious about the cleanness of their snow-white beaches and believe that the order is the responsibility of the guests, and not the service of the hotel.
3. It is not recommended to dive yourself at night. Diving at night can be dangerous, and because of the strong currents and the various sea creatures who used to feel like the masters of the islands.
4. Sunbathing topless and completely “a la naturel” in the country is prohibited by law.
5. On the resort islands you will not find pharmacies, with the exception of spa salons with cosmetics. Therefore, if you do not plan to visit the capital of Maldives, Malé, you should take all the necessary medications with you in advance.
6. Visiting the capital during excursion programs or independent travel implies a certain dress code. In indigenous areas, remote from tourist centers, and wherever local people live, beachwear is irrelevant. During a visit to the capital, it is recommended to wear clothes that cover the knees and arms to the shoulders. This applies to both men and women.
7Import and export of any foreign currency in the Maldives is not limited. But all luggage is subject to a rather strict customs inspection. The importation of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited, so refrain from visiting dutyfree before departure. It is prohibited to import pork products and products of pornographic content. Banned export of black coral. You can offer to buy souvenirs from this rare plant, but even if you have a check at customs, it will be withdrawn.

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